Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why it's Medically Important to Put your Feet Up

The term “Put your feet up” has long since been a slang for relaxation. Used when someone’s had a long day, a rough go at work, or simply when they’ve done too much walking. Once referring to literally placing one’s feet on an ottoman or other raised surface, it now can mean virtually any form of resting. A blanket definition of sorts.

Jokes and pleas for sitting aside, however, there’s actually much more behind the idea of raised feet. Taking weight off the dogs on a regular basis can actually work to improve your health. Feet, toes, legs, skin, and beyond. Over time, you can even see an ongoing improvement in body feel and function.

Raising your legs and feet for 20 minutes every day can help reduce side effects of diabetes, foot pain, and other specifically located issues. Swollen ankles can benefit from the extra blood flow, while stubbed toes can earn a much deserved break. A routine leg lift can also contribute to leg health and overall body circulation, which we know can improve everyday functions.

Other Foot Health Tactics

To add to your healthy foot habits, there are other steps that can be taken on. Consider regular massages, foot detoxes, or health-promoting substances. Many of these can even be done at home – give yourself a regular foot rub with your favorite lotion, or look to OTC pads that can remove toxins through the skin. However, you should talk with your doctor before considering any new supplements, or before making changes in your foot treatment regimen.

Whether looking for some actual rest or a way to incorporate everyday health into a foot-centered routine, consider resting on a daily basis. Not only does it provide ample health benefits, it allows you to relax in the process.