Monday, April 27, 2009

New 15-Minute Better Back Workout Book and DVD

Many of our readers experience back pain and discomfort issues. Studies show that nearly 80 percent of all people will suffer some type of back problem in their lifetime. We're pleased to introduce a new combination book and DVD with four 15-minute workouts, designed to improve and maintain your back.

The 15-Minute Better Back Workout is designed to provide proven beneficial exercises, for your back and body, in just 15 minutes a day, three times per week. Strengthen your back, reduce back pain, and prevent future back problems with this book and DVD. It provides:

  • Clear step-by-step photos show you the details of each exercise

  • Live-action DVD demonstrates all four exercise sequences provided in the book

  • Written by Suzanne Martin, an experienced Pilates teacher and lead physical therapist and lead physical therapist for the Smuin Ballet in San Francisco

15-Minute Better Back Workout Book and DVD

Simple Exercises to help strengthen and maintain back

The 15-Minute Better Back Workout book and DVD is $16.99 - Buy your copy today!

Excerpt from book:

"Revitalizing the Back:

We are living longer lives and we all want the best of health. Regularly revitalizing and renewing the cells of the body by eating well and staying mobile is key. Working on revitalizing the back is one of the cornerstones of health. It enables us to remain active for as long as possible.

This revitalizing program uses many quick repetitions to stimulate the body from different angles. The structure of the exercises forms the basis of the rhythms, which will regulate your breath as you exercise. Notice how the Arm Swing and the Leg Swing both have a waltz-like quality.

Tips for revitalizing the back:

  • Each exercise has a natural rhythm - As you exercise, accentuate this rhythm, as if you were showing a friend how to do it.

  • Notice how you breath subtly changes from exercise to exercise. Let your body go with the rhythm. Sometimes it even helps to hum along as you go.

  • Inhale through the nose. Direct air into the back of your throat. Open the lips and gently exhale through the mouth

  • Modify When Needed. You can hold the Prone Rocker position still and simply hold the Plank Balance for a couple of breaths. "

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