Thursday, July 31, 2014

Low Impact Workout Alternatives

Working out can be a great way to stay in shape. For those who don’t have physical jobs or outdoor activities, it’s often the only way to ensure the body gets the proper movements it needs. But when running or jogging becomes too intense, there are plenty of alternatives. Ones that will still allow you to lose weight and tone the body, but without the pain that comes with it.

Why Exercise Becomes Painful

As our bodies age, bones not only become more fragile, but lose some of their cushion, such as joint fluids or muscle elasticity. While certain exercises can be done to reduce those side effects (as well as diet change), sometimes genetics simply take over and leave us no choice. Individual injuries can also affect one’s joints. Talk to your doctor either way to see what movements should be avoided, and which ones can help strengthen the body.

Low Impact Moves

When experiencing muscle pain, look toward various types of low-impact exercises, such as aerobics or intense stretches. These styles of movement will allow you to still get in plenty of cardio time, but without putting too much pressure on the knees or joints in the process. Classes at the gym will provide full descriptions, and even explain levels of intensity. That way you can avoid those that are higher intensity, and opt for classes that won’t be too hard on your specific bodily needs. (Though similar results can be found with DVD sets or TV programs.) Teachers will also explain what movements might flare up certain injuries so you can avoid them or create a safe replacement. 

Rather than suffering through joint pain, a small exercise adjustment can create a pattern that works to cure. Talk to your doctor or an exercise professional to reevaluate your routine today.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stay More Alert by Eating Healthy

Throughout the day, it’s easy to become tired or lethargic. Especially after a weekend full of activities, or even a single long night. Our bodies simply need an energy boost, and after hours of working (especially when sitting), a change of pace is needed to keep our energy level up. Oftentimes that means a cup of coffee – or another cup of coffee – tea, soda, or whatever drink of choice containing caffeine. And while this has proven to be a solid cure for afternoon sleepiness, it can also leave us reaching for a pick-me-up every hour. Even creating that post-caffeine crash once the side effects have run their course. 

However, there’s an easier and more effective alternative. One that’s actually healthy. By eating foods that are packed with vitamins, such as fruits and veggies, you can create a natural source of energy. Because the body’s taking in plenty of good-for-you stuff, it automatically stays alert. (In contrast, sugary or fatty snacks will call for heavy digestion and make you more tired, sometimes instantly.) Research even suggests that “crunching” into fruits and veggies also helps the body stay awake. Whether from the amount of chewing that’s required, or simply the sounds and flavors that come from taking louder bites. 

The next time you feel a bout of afternoon sleepiness coming along, consider a healthy meal or snack to help get you through the day. Apples, oranges, salads, carrot sticks, and more all have the ability to boost our alert-ness, while leaving you with some much-needed nutrients. Remember to pack these along when leaving the house, or look toward healthy vending machine choices rather than those that might sound the most satisfying. 

It’s a simple change that can lead toward more energy and a more efficient workday, even throughout the longest of afternoons. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Briny Fluids Help Combat Muscle Pains

Bodies were meant for movement. They were meant to exercise, to bend, and to expel energy in healthy, yet enjoyable forms of mobility. But even though muscles were meant to move, doesn’t mean they don’t hurt or become sore after doing so. Especially after strenuous workouts, or for those who are more genetically inclined for spasms. But by taking precautions, such as drinking briny fluids, muscle cramps of all kinds can be combatted. 

Recent studies have shown pickle juice, which has been consumed for years to reduce pains, especially for athletes, is not the only vinegar-based cure. Scientists are now saying virtually any briny liquid can also do the trick, including flavored vinegars, salted substances, and more. Leaving you the choice to pick your favorite flavor while still receiving the same results. However, you should also talk with your doctor before choosing a long-term favorite, especially those that are mixed at home. 

The Study

After performing a college-based experiment at Brigham Young University, in which athletes worked out and were then given pickle juice, results showed that the liquid was salty enough to help replenish muscles. (While the initial cramping is caused by salt and hydration levels being secreted into sweat.) The brine “trick,” though, has been used by athletic trainers for decades. 

In the study, athletes were forced into cramping situations through computers and/or minor shocks, then fed the pickle juice to see if, and how quickly, the brine would reduce their symptoms. Athletes who drank pickle juice experienced timely relief, while those who stuck to water still complained of pains. 

With the results in tow, however, there is now actual scientific proof behind the long-running theory. Proving that athletes should ingest pickle juice – or other briny substances, including sports drinks (for those who dislike the taste of pickles) – in order to prevent or eliminate cramping. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dr. Explains Back Pain in YouTube Video

Anymore, there’s a YouTube video for virtually anything and everything. From learning a new skill to simply being entertained, it’s likely that someone has created a video out of it. (Along with tens of other online users.) Including what causes back pain – and how to reduce its symptoms. Whether caused by muscle spams with age or a specific injury, it’s outlined in this comprehensive and free-to-watch video.

Dr. Mike Evans, who is known for his educational, yet easy-to-follow videos, has helped create white board outlines on any number of medical issues. However, one of his latest releases, on back pain, has received widespread acclaim. It was even mentioned on NPR for helping other doctors explain medical ailments to their patients. Including one specific case, where the patient had done her own research but still hadn’t come to terms with the outcome. One YouTube viewing later, and her doctor was able to make a believer out of her in terms of the lower back.

The video goes into the ins and outs of the lower back from a medical standpoint. Including what causes pain, how muscles work in tandem with one another, and more. Especially what happens in the event of an injury, or rather what types of movements cause said injuries. Best of all, there are visual aids to help even the least medically inclined of folks understand just what’s happening beneath the skin. Patients love that it offers an entertaining way to learn about their bodies, while doctors say it’s a great aid for explaining treatment options and symptoms. And in the process, it can help eliminate ongoing pains through user education and participation.

To better understand your own back’s intricacies, or to learn more about the body as a whole, check out Dr. Evans’s back-related video today.   For back support and comfort ideas - click here.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Adjust your Summer Diet

Summer is the perfect time of year for a barbeque. Or a nice healthy salad to offset those burgers and steaks. Even plenty of freshly grown veggies that seem to taste way more delicious than in any other season. It’s the summertime diet that so many of us have come to love throughout these warmer months. Many have even found that, during the summer, they tend to eat more of certain foods while avoiding others altogether. Whether due to availability or preference, this can work to greatly change the way you intake vitamins each summer.

For veggie lovers, be sure you are consuming enough protein, whether through meats, beans, or an alternative source. While salads and other homegrown veggies are certainly healthy, they also can’t account for 100% of your daily nutritional value. It’s also a good idea to account for grains and sugars, which can be put into overdrive from potlucks and outdoor get-togethers. And while it’s fun and tasty to try each new dish, it can also cause havoc for your body. You can even ask each cook (in a friendly manner) what type of ingredients he or she used. Oftentimes the healthiest of dishes look far more incriminating than they actually are, and vice versa.

Look at your Liquid Intake

Because it’s hot out, consider opting for additional water consumption to offset any sweating or exertion. Even the smallest amount of movement can work to leave you dehydrated, simply because of the climate. Substances with alcohol or caffeine can also dehydrate the body more quickly, and should be paired with water or another healthy beverage.

These remaining summer months, don’t be discouraged about an upcoming change in your diet. Instead, look toward healthy practices that can be repeated later in the year … no matter what the temperature may be.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rave Reviews for the Flip Pillow … and it’s on Sale!

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Here’s what some of our past customers have had to say about the product. 

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And this is just a scratch on the surface! Plenty more satisfied customers have shared their experiences with the Flip Pillow as well. To read more reviews, or to take advantage of this incredible sale today, head to the Flip Pillow product page

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jetlag-induced Stress Measured to Reduce Side Effects

Anyone who has ever traveled knows just how difficult it can be to adjust to a new time zone. The body just wasn't meant to switch gears so quickly. Meal times change, as do sleeping schedules. Not to mention the tired, rundown feeling we get from sitting on a plane (or in a car, or in an airport) for hours on end. And the combination of it all can lead to some serious jet lag. Jet lag that affects our moods, behavior, and our ability to fight off germs. Which is why people often become sick after traveling. That and the exposure to so many people and their respective germs.

Compiling all of these variables, however, undoubtedly leads to stress. Even the threat of jet lag is enough to cause many some seriously uneasy tendencies. Which is why one airline took it upon themselves to measure each of these stress causing factors. But what's even more interesting is how they did it. Through blankets called “happiness blankets.” 

For the experiment, British Airways compiled a plane of willing participants, and covered them each with a blanket that measured various bodily functions with nodules. Such as heart rate, temperature, etc., all of which were able to determine just how jet lagged or stressed a person had become. That data was then paired against outside causes, like length of flight, lighting, position of seats, mealtimes, and more. Then, by seeing which areas cause the most stress, they hope to adjust in order to make flights as comfortable as possible. One of the biggest finds is that it’s important to let passengers sleep for as long as possible. British Airways has been able to accomplish this by allowing seats to further recline, allowing for darker cabins, and avoiding multiple service routes through nighttime hours. 

Though flying is still likely to cause ongoing stress, airlines are looking into lowering those factors by the very way that we fly. Hopefully, by better adjusting toward jet lag-free routines, flyers of all lengths will have better experiences both before and after their traveling routine. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What Is Your Lawn Chair Doing For Your Health?

When setting out to take in the nice weather, amenities can make all the difference. Bug spray, sunscreen, and additional items are what make outdoor time enjoyable. Especially for those of us who are less outdoorsy than others. Additionally, picnic tables make a great place to plop and eat a snack, blankets can help keep the grass at bay, and chairs, they’re likely the best amenity of them all. Who wants to sit on the ground – near gravel or sand – when you can sit up elevated and with support? Even the most outdoorsy of us all prefer a chair. But it’s also important to consider the quality of said chair. Even more so when dealing with back pain or needing a little extra spinal strength.

Which is why, when purchasing a lawn chair, it’s important to consider how it will affect your back health. “Bag” chairs are easier for travel, but also sink and don’t provide any support for the spine or coccyx areas. In contrast, metal or plastic chairs that are too hard can create a surface that’s painful over time. In either scenario, a seat cushion can help create a softer, more back-friendly surface. Many options are made for easy travel, and can help transform any portable chair into one that will sit upright, not sink and/or deteriorate. 

More expensive chairs will also offer these types of perks on their own. Often heavier, these versions are made to withstand weight without dipping, while still holding up the back into place. Talk to your doctor about what positions you should and should not be sitting in, and ask their recommendation for choosing a proper lawn chair. That way, each time you set out to enjoy Mother Nature, you can be sure that your sitting surface is there to provide extra spinal strength, not aches and pains. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Can you multi task while napping?

The art of napping has long since been seen as a way to catch back up on the day. A proven way to kick back and relax. Whether tired from a poor night’s sleep or just from a full morning of work responsibilities, napping can allow you to get the boost of energy that’s needed to check off the rest of your to-do list. No matter the length of time, napping can provide more energy and just enough rest to give you a second wind. 

But is that all there is to napping? What if you could actually multi task while laying down for rest?

According to a new study, it’s not only possible, it’s regularly being practiced. When dozing, students – of all ages – are learning a new language by listening to pre-recorded tapes. And, according to the scientists, napping actually helps boost their brain activity to learn even faster. The research also shows that listening to these new words while sleeping can help you to better associate them with your native language. Essentially, it’s letting the brain relax its way into learning a new language. A more efficient, more enjoyable process. 

The students also agreed to a more enjoyable language learning process, having studied a language before in a classroom setting. (Though they were either tested on a different language or had their progress measured throughout the study.)

While the research was performed strictly for academic purposes, it’s the scientists’ thoughts that language learning while napping will soon be a common trait. And considering it doesn’t hurt to nap, it’s likely the trend might catch on. Not only can naps offer a quick – and enjoyable – way to recharge one’s energy level, they can now be used as a great way to multitask. Especially for the most tedious of academic tasks.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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