Thursday, January 16, 2014

Improve your Posture With This Expensive Shirt

We all know that good posture promotes good health. Whether you’ve read a Contour blog on the subject, did personal research, or just know your body tends to function correctly when you sit up straight. Proper spinal posture, whether we are aware of how we’re sitting/standing or not, helps the body on a daily basis. But even with this information in tow, it can be difficult to keep the spine in its preferred and upright position at all times. Just short of a nagging mother or a teacher slapping a ruler in our direction at all hours, constant good posture is almost impossible.

While we can catch ourselves when necessary, a new invention brings a new, more constant solution. One that keeps our backs in place even when we aren’t paying attention. The invention, a specially made garment called the Up shirt, comes with specially-placed elastic bands that makes it easier for wearers to adjust shoulders toward good posture. Devices that perform similar functions can be purchased and strapped to the back and arms. The Up shirt’s manufacturers argue, however, that such devices are uncomfortable and can’t be discretely worn in public. In contrast, the shirt’s posture abilities go unnoticed as they’re built right into the material. It can even be worn under outer layers for those who still want to sport their own sense of style.

So what’s the catch? The shirt costs $175-$200 – a lot of dough for one shirt. And assuming you don’t want to wear the same garment every day, the price tag goes up considerably. Part of the costs come from high-quality ingredients, such as organic cotton and specialized elastic bands, which are made to withstand washes and multiple wears.

Though it seems like a hefty price for a shirt, it’s also fairly cheap on the span of spinal health treatments.

Find more about the Up shirt here.