Monday, May 12, 2008

Comparison of Popular back Support Belts

Differences Between the LumboLoc, LumboTrain and LordoLoc Back Supports by Bauerfeind

The LumboLoc, LumboTrain and LordoLoc Back Supports from Bauerfeind all address some of the same indications but with different features. This presents customers with a more complete "system" including a wider variety of choices.

Visco-elastic Insert
Of these three back supports, LumboTrain is the only one that comes with a triangular shaped visco-elastic insert. This insert includes 26 massaging nodules which provide additional support plus a massaging effect to the lumbar spine.

The LordoLoc back support and the LumboLoc back support each have four anatomically contoured spring steel stays which facilitate correct posture in the lumbar spine. The LordoLoc features longer, thinner stays (two on each side of the spinal column). The LumboLoc has shorter and wider stays that are uniquely placed for optimal posture. The LumboTrain includes two flexible plastic stays, one on each side which prevent migration and rolling.

Active versus Degree of Stabilization
The LumboTrain is an active back support intended to be worn while the patient is engaged in day to day activities and/or while playing sports. The self-adjustable, visco-elastic insert, along with compression, provides an intermittent massage to relieve pain and give an additional sense of support to the lower back.

The LordoLoc and LumboLoc back supports are meant to be worn strictly as stabilizing orthoses. Both orthoses are to be worn as a static brace or with moderate to light movement intended. The LumboLoc has a thicker, more compressible material that feels tighter than the LordoLoc, at least on initial fitting. This is meant for younger, stronger patients who have low back pain. On the other hand, the LordoLoc has a less "compressible" feeling. this is more ideal for older and frail patients that have the option of additional compression with the two additional straps.

Strap System
All three of these back supports have hand pockets that make dressing easy and painless, for even the weakest patients. The LordoLoc is unique in that it also has two additional elastic tension straps to permit individually adjustable compression and thus variable adjustment of the stabilization.

Low Profile
All three back supports are lightweight and streamlined to fit against the body to create a low-profile therapy.

All three of the back supports by Bauerfeind are available in 6 sizes based on a loose measurement of the waist.

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