Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Helpful C-PAP Accessory Provides Improved Comfort for Sleep Apnea Patients

If you use a C-PAP machine at night, we have a sleep apnea pillow that you will love! The new CPAP Sleep Aid rescues C-PAP users from mask discomfort and provides the support your expect from a contour pillow. The CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid’s patented design features hollowed out areas that accommodate the C-PAP mask, alleviating pressure and dramatically improving comfort. Improved comfort translates into improved compliance, fewer mask leaks and a higher quality of sleep.

New C-Pap Pillow for Sleep Apnea

According to the Sleep Apnea Association, the compliance rate among C-Pap users is poor, around just 60%. While there are several factors that account for that low rate, mask discomfort is one of the most common issues. Aside from mask discomfort, C-PAP users often complain that they feel restricted to a certain sleeping position, and that the hose is constantly getting in the way. Our unique pillow design will accommodate any mask and hose regardless of sleeping position. The hollowed out areas on either side of the pillow, allow a person to roll from the right to left side, or even sleep on the stomach without compromising comfort or compliance. Additionally, the hose conveniently hangs over the hollowed out area, making it much more accessible.

The C-PAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid is made of high quality, medical grade foam. It’s well thought out design provides improved head support, neck support and spinal alignment. It comes with a plush velour/quilted cover that can be removed for washing. Additionally, this sleep apnea pillow will accommodate any type of C-PAP mask.

Of all the C-PAP Accessories, this may be the most important that you will ever buy, because it improves the user experience literally overnight! C-PAP users take heart, this sleep apnea pillow is the real deal! For more information on the C-PAP Sleep Apnea Pillow or to place an order, click here.