Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Get Free Shipping from Contour Living

Shop now and save with Contour Living! Just in time for the holidays, we're lining up all types of deals. Not only ones that can help you save money, but those the provide you with more products for all of your gifting needs. Including lowered free shipping on every single order. New and repeat customers alike can take advantage of this ongoing holiday sale. 

Just in time to knock out your holiday gifts, you can order from Contour Living and receive free shipping when you purchase $50 worth of goods. Buy a few pillows, sleeping accessories, seat cushions, stack on a colored pillow case so your loved ones can have a clean sleeping surface at all times, and so on. Then have it all delivered to your door without paying for convenience. Who needs to go brave the crowds when shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home? Affordable, quick, convenient, and now with another added incentive! 

Best of all is that you don't need a coupon code to get this incredible deal. (We've all been faced with checkout when we're trying to type in the right letters that will let us get dollars off, only to have to backtrack or choose one perk over another.) With our lowered minimum free shipping, however, customers can check out as normal and we'll take care of the difference! No mess or hassle involved. 

Because this is the time of year where we do more shopping than any other, take advantage of these incredible savings opportunities on all your favorite gift giving items. Head to for access to all the latest sales – we're even on standby with answers to all of your real-time questions via live chat. Stop in and check it out today. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

New Product! The Stomach Sleeper Pillow

Ergonomic pillow designed for stomach sleepers
It's one of the best days of the year – when we get to share a new product that's available at Contour Living. Today, with our Stomach Sleeper Pillow, the handy device that makes it comfortable and easy to rest facedown. As its name implies, the Stomach Sleeper Pillow is designed for those who love sleeping on their bellies. Providing them some much needed comfort and support in the process.

With its specialized design, users can rest with their head to the left or right, or simply lay face-first. Because there are custom cut-outs, there is plenty of cradling head space, without over tilting the neck and creating strain. And let's face it, sleeping on our stomachs, before now, meant craning, or going without a prop altogether.

Stomach Sleeper Pillow Perks

  • The pillow is ergonomically designed to provide support, without taking away cushion. That means longer bouts of sleep, in the way that you feel most comfortable getting it. 
  • Groundbreaking chin rest design adds neck support while reducing neck and upper back strain.
  • Pillow setup creates "pressure-free zones" as it holds the face. 
  • Center is elevated to support and pull weight from the chest.
  • Cover is ultra-soft and silky, while center is mesh to offer ample breathability. 

The pillow also comes with a one-year Contour Care warranty when purchased through Contour Living. As well as the 90-day Comfort Guarantee – if you don't love it, return it within 90 days and get your money back. That's how confident we are you'll love this product. 

Ready to learn more about this incredible offer? (Yes, it's on sale too! And eligible for our holiday shipping deals.) Whether shopping for yourself or for the stomach sleepers in your life, this unique pillow will had a level of bodily health virtually unrecognizable for front sleepers. Click to learn more today.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to Avoid Fall's Biggest Allergy Triggers

Unless you suffer from fall allergies, it can be hard to remember there's an entire cold weather season that makes you sneeze. In the spring, it's expected, but somehow fall allergies tend to fall off our radar. That is, unless you suffer from them, in which case you're trying everything in your power to do away with the once and for all.

Within your epic quest to remove such allergens, remember these triggers, what might cause symptoms, and how you can best avoid each of these hay-fever nightmares.

Warm Fall Weather

It might sound like a blessing, especially for those who hate the cold. But warm weather that continues into the fall can actually create allergy havoc. Humidity and warm temps bring allergens out of their hiding places, and into your breathing air at a much higher rate.  


When paired with warm temperatures, wind can be the allergy sufferer's biggest enemy. Though you can't exactly avoid the wind, when it's in the forecast, be sure and keep your windows closed, turn on air purifiers, and change out filters (including heater filters) to eliminate as many allergens as possible.


Rake them! Sure you "don’t want to have to do it twice," and are waiting for all of the leaves to fall, but letting them sit can mean more allergies that you and your family is breathing in every day. Pay a pro to get rid of them, or use a mulching lawn mower that collects leaves in a bag for ample cleanup abilities. 


A good hard freeze is one of the best cures for fall allergies. Until that day, however, keep in mind that there will be far more pollen, dander, and ragweed within your home. (Among other triggers.) This information can help dictate how often you vacuum or wash your sheets in order to remove the cause of hay fever as thoroughly as possible. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What is GERD? And How You Can Prevent It

There are hundreds of Americans who suffer from GERD each day. Some of who might not even know what it is that they're dealing with. GERD, which stands for gastro esophageal reflux disease, and takes place when stomach acid and digesting foods are not properly held in place by the lower esophageal sphincter (or LES). It's a trait that can lead to heartburn, acid reflux/indigestion, or even a stomachache. Oftentimes symptoms can depend on outside factors, such as what one ate, their position at the time, or their weight. 

Many suffer only after eating spicy food, when lying down after eating, or when pregnant. While others can feel the side effects even when eating mild, well-timed meals. 

So what gives? Like most illnesses, GERD is also affected by genes. Genetics can affect how severely your symptoms are felt, as well as how easily you're able to do away with them. 

Anyone suffering from GERD should talk to a doctor about a specific plan of action. Then, with doctor approval, can start working on reducing side effects from home. This can be done by losing weight, exercising, avoiding spicy or heavy foods, and eating at least three hours before bedtime. You should also avoid lying down, or even reclining too far, right after a meal. Sleeping on an inclined pillow and avoiding alcohol can also help keep GERD symptoms at bay. 

However, if you're still suffering from esophagus pain and discomfort, it might be time to have a second conversation with your doctor. In severe cases, medicines or even surgeries can work to eliminate GERD. They can also help point you in the right direction as to what lifestyle adjustments will work best with your GERD attacks. 

If you suffer from GERD, consider implementing some of these changes today. Or schedule an appointment with your doctor to learn more.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Perks Behind a Travel-Friendly Seat Cushion

Sitting in a vehicle for hours at a time is no chore. No matter what type of health situation(s) you've got going on. Those with neck cramps will certainly see their pains magnified. While those who are in perfect health will simply become uncomfortable. Our bodies were made to stand, stretch, and walk, not stay plopped in the same position for hours on end. Yet when traveling, especially around the holiday season, said long-term sitting is often a necessity. 

For those end-of-the-year travel sessions, consider giving your seat an upgrade. It's a simple change (and inexpensive), but will give your rear a whole new life for the entirety of the trip. Back pain will be out the window, and your car ride will fly by faster than ever before.

Travel seat cushions work to keep the rear cushioned and supported, this often eliminates pain associated with displaced weight, especially when sitting for hours on end. They also align the spine, which leaves your lower and upper back steadily in place, often eliminating discomfort all on its own. Additional features, such as coccyx cutouts relief pressure (great for anyone with an aching tailbone). Foam or memory cushions will shape to your body over time, creating an even more comfortable surface. 

Sitting atop one of these specialized cushions can also increase blood flow to the rear. This means circulation throughout the entire body will be improved, even though you're seated for long periods at a time. All of the above can make for a more enjoyable road trip, and one that goes much quicker.

To stock up on all your travel rear/back related needs, head to Contour Living's product page. Here you can learn more about each cushion, and find the one that will best suit your sitting needs. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

5 Reasons Online Shopping is Better for Your Physical Health

When compared against holiday shopping, the existence of the Internet is one that's fairly new. In only the past few years have we been able to browse and shop online, then have all our of items delivered conveniently to our front door. It's also a process we're embracing whole-heartedly. Not only is online shopping convenient (who doesn't want to window shop in their PJs?), it's often cheaper. Coming with free shipping and allowing us to have as low of prices possible. 

Other perks include your physical and mental health. Without the need to push your way through a crowd, many health risks are greatly diminished. Including:

5. The Risk For Cold

There's no denying that it's cold season, but eliminating the amount of interaction you have with crowds can lower your chance at getting sick. By coming in contact with fewer public surfaces (and fewer crowds), you can help keep yourself well by avoiding germs.

4. Tall Shelves and Heavy Boxes

It's not a combination we like, but it's often one that exists. And even though it's better to ask for help, when there's a great sale, there isn't always time. However, by sticking to your couch instead of attempting to lift these boxes, you can save yourself a whole lot of back pain.

3.  Anxiety

Crowds can be seriously stressful, especially when you have a specific goal. Why put yourself through all that stress when you can shop at home in an environment that's as relaxed as you make it?

2. Pushing a Cart

Let's face it, how often do you get lucky with a "good" cart? Instead, you're usually forced to push a squeaking, hard-to-steer carriage throughout the store. Besides, even the best of carts can't always hold up with heavy weight. Save yourself the backache and shop from home instead.

1. Keeping Strange Hours

Some of the best sales are held in the most inconvenient hours. Rather than getting up in the middle of the night to deal with all of the above, consider sleeping on your normal schedule, all while still cashing in on holiday deals. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Best Sleeping Positions for Expecting Mothers

Almost every birth mom on the block had a rough time sleeping during pregnancy. With all the changes that took place within their bodies, and with an added issue of size (especially in the second and third trimesters), it's not hard to see why, either. Growing babies simply make it hard to get comfortable. Let alone comfortable enough to actually sleep. Then there's the added issue of frequent restroom visits, a baby that's on its own schedule, and more.

When possible, however, it's best for these moms-to-be to get as much rest as possible. It's a step that allows their bodies to prep for their upcoming arrival, as well as one that increases their level of health.

To get as much sleep as possible – no matter what trimester you're in, remember to look toward these sleeping positions.

Anything That Involves an Oversized Pillow

A cozy cushion can help offset your weight, while still placing cushion where it's needed most. Right under the belly. Expecting moms can also gain comfort by reducing tension from the back, neck, or legs. Really, the bigger the pillow and easier it is to adapt to the body's current position, the better. 

On Your Side

This way your belly still gets a resting surface (the bed), which helps alleviate some of your stomach's weight. Sleeping on your side also gives you two options, with plenty more variations. While reducing tension on the lower back. Place pillows along the back or between the legs for additional support.

On Your Stomach

This might sound unheard of, but there are actual contraptions that allow pregnant ladies to lie on their stomachs. Generally by offering a well-placed hole. However, you can also stack pillows or remove a couch cushion to get the same results. This might not be great in the long-term, but can provide much-needed relief during naps or resting time. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Take Advantage of Savings at Contour Living!

Who doesn't love a sale? And when it's a sale on something practical – or that we've had our eye on – the savings become just that much better. Icing on the cake that is an incredible shopping experience. Which is exactly why Contour Living wants to provide access to all of our greatest deals. No matter the time of day, or season of the year. They're tips that are available to new and repeat shoppers alike, and easily accessible from our home page.  

Gain access to these great deals by heading to our offers page. Here there's an updated list with each product that's on sale. Scroll through and find the biggest savings, or find a product you've had your eye on and add it to the cart. There are even pop-up coupons that work in tandem with these deals. Which means you can save even more! This is a great way to ease your wallet while doing holiday shopping, and just in time to help you mark loved ones off your list. While still providing a thoughtful, useful gift that will last them for years to come. And since you are saving in the process you can really go all out!  

For instance, right now you can get a free Contour Cervical Pillow (with purchase of the same), gain $5 off your next Warm/Cool Lumbar Support Cushion, or get a free Comfort Travel Cushion when you purchase a Kabooti Seat Cushion. Then, use the coupon code CART at checkout to earn an additional 5% off your entire order. The only requirement is a minimum $35 purchase. Act now to gain access to these limited-time sales. 

Our page is updated frequently, meaning you can gain access to the latest and greatest savings. Start shopping today, and don't forget to check back in for even more savings.