Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Mattress Products from Contour Living

We've added several great new products for your bed and mattress at our Contour Living store. New this week are Feather Beds and Comforters from Pacific Coast Feather Company and Mattress Pads from Restful Nights. These are luxorious items designed to improve your sleep experience.

Check out the new Feather beds, Comforters and Mattress Pads Here

Some of the new products include:

  • Four different Down Comforters - A variety of weights, sizes and designs so you can find the absolute perfect down comforter for your needs.
  • A Down Alternative comforter - just incase you're allergic to the down feathers.
  • A down feather bed - Super soft, super comfortable!
  • Two cotton mattress pads from restful Nights.