Thursday, August 14, 2014

Customers on the Contour Cloud Pillow

As one of our longest best sellers, it’s hard to beat the Contour Cloud Pillow. Specifically designed to cradle the neck and support the head, this pillow has helped get a good night’s rest for years. On a continual basis, it’s helped those with neck pain, those who just couldn’t get comfortable, and those who were looking for a reliable way to keep their spine aligned throughout the night. 

In fact, it helped them out so much that they took the opportunity to share their thoughts with us. Check out what some of our repeat and first-time customers had to say about this proven product. 

“I broke my c-1 my junior year of college and have struggled with pain for years. A little over a year ago I finally came across this product and decided to give it a try because nothing else was helping me deal with the pain. This pillow is amazing. I am back to order a new one because mine is starting to wear out (1 yr and 3 mo. Later). Totally affordable too! This pillow is a life saver.” – Kristin, August, 2014

I've used the Cloud Pillow for over ten years and it's exceptional. If you've got a neck problem then it's a must for you to have so don't delay in ordering one now.”  – Patrick, July, 2014

“Feel totally aligned for support, keeps me from snoring. Great comfort for either back and side sleeping. Now will order one for my husband to keep him from snoring.” – May, 2014

“We've been using these pillows for almost 20 years now, swapping out for new ones about every 4-5 years. After only a few nights, I would have fought anyone, tooth and dagger, who tried to take my pillow away!! My husband was almost a Guinness Book of Records snorer, and I'd had spinal surgery in the neck area. These pillows almost stopped his snoring problem (thank you, Lord!), and kept me from getting up each morning with a feeling of ‘crick neck’ for the first couple of hours. They are just the best, and I am so thankful to God for having discovered them.” – Josie, February, 2014

“Have bought this particular pillow for years. Originally, bought it because of shoulder and neck problems. From day one ... no more pain. Now I use it because it provides support and comfort. Love it!!” – Mary, January, 2014

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