Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why Do You Need a Wedge Cushion?

Sleeping with a wedge pillow
If you've never heard or a wedge cushion, or never experienced its magic, it can be hard to get hyped up about this little miracle. Sure it's a pillow, so it's obviously comfortable, but why does it need to be in a wedge shape? And what's so great about sleeping on an incline, anyway?

The wedge design, however, is actually a structural dream come true. Because the slope is gradual, it allows for as much comfort as possible. Yet without causing you to lounge on an extreme angle. This comes especially handy when you need to sleep on a wedge after surgery, with breathing issues, acid reflux, etc. Those who snore have found relief (or rather their sleeping partners have found relief) with a wedge pillow, as have folks suffering from a cold or allergies. Doctors often recommend this type of sleeping arrangement, allowing gravity to work with the body, yet many patients find it so comfortable that they never look back. 

Incline pillows can also be paired with additional head support when reading or watching TV. Or simply sleep on your incline for a comfortable way to rest each night. 

So why do you need one? 

They're versatile, help add cushion and alignment to the bed, and more. They help alleviate a number of symptoms, such as heartburn or discomfort that's associated with GERD or acid reflux. Wedge pillows can also aid in sinus drainage and clearing your throat when sick, as well as helping to reduce snoring. Besides, they're just plain comfortable. 

Convinced yet? Head to our wedge pillow page for our large selection of wedge solutions.. Or check out the reviews and see what praises others have for this cure-all pillow. It will revolutionize the way you're able to sleep and gain comfort, no matter what your resting needs might be. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

4 Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Please Even the Most Difficult of Relatives

It's that time of year when we start making our holiday gift lists. Writing down who we need to shop for, and what items we'd like to provide. Yet no matter how many people or gifts might be on our list, it seems to be easier with a guide. Tips from which you can use to help you shop, and pointers for keeping everyone on your list happy. Even those who have "everything" and who are downright hard to please.

Made the most out of your shopping efforts – with both your time and money – by sticking to these crowd favorites.

Seat Cushions

Anymore, it's normal for folks to sit through a majority of the day. Make those hours more enjoyable with a quality cushion that will add comfort, and help eliminate ongoing pains that can come from muscles that sit.  That;s why a cushion like the Kabooti makes a gift everyone would appreciate.


If you don't understand the importance of a good pillow, it's likely because you've never had one. Help your loved ones sleep better and better every single night with a new quality pillow.

Mattress Pads

Just like pillows, the comfort level of one's bed is of huge importance. Add a lot of cushion (with a small price tag) for a gift that's sure to be appreciated.

Desk Accessories

With just a few upgrades, a desk can add functionality while eliminating pains. Consider a thoughtful present like wrist cushions or a natural keyboard that works with the body rather than against it for a unique gift that's perfect for any office worker on your list. 

A Body Pillow

An often-underrated bedroom feature sits with the body pillow, an accessory that adds full-body support when sleeping or just looking to get comfortable. Consider adding one or several to your list for some seriously satisfied giftees. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Are These Underrated Behaviors Causing You Back Pain?

Alleviate back pain with a positioning cushion
Throughout the course of a lifetime, almost everyone will experience back pain. Oftentimes it's minimal and for a very short amount of time, but others aren't so lucky. Their back pain is chronic, and quite possibly severe. What's even worse, however, are cases that can't be strictly diagnosed. Rather living with ongoing pain and attempting to solve what can't be pinpointed. 

To avoid ongoing back pain, or to diagnose current intermittent aches and their potential causes, take note of these common habits. Everyday activities such as:

Laying on the Couch

Every once an a while, this is a welcome treat, but being too much of a couch potato can mess up your entire back alignment. If you can't limit your time on the sofa, look to special cushions or wedges that will help hold everything in place. And that help to keep it pain free. 


We all know smoking is unhealthy, but few of us know that it can cause back pain in addition to other health risks. Nicotine can affect blood flow, cutting off circulation throughout the body. Over time, this can cause pain and inflammation throughout the body, while often focusing on the back.

Too Much Exercise

Yes, there can be too much. Overdoing it with the weights, having poor foot insulations, etc. can all affect the back and cause pain. As well as robbing the body of too many calories.

If you're suffering from back pain,or minor aches and pains, the culprit might just be one of the above. Whether it's affecting the body all on its own, or adding to a previous condition, these underrated and often sneaky factors can cause far more harm than we realize. Look to adjusting simple steps, or work toward a daily routine that is not only healthier, but that works to reduce back pain. And eliminates your ongoing triggers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The MiniMax Multi-Purpose Wedge, Now in Grey!

Great news for all of our MiniMax Wedge users out there. One of your favorite cushions now comes in grey! It's a move that's as fashion-forward as it is productive. Whether you have a wedge cushion version in the traditional tan, or are just looking to lounge in comfort … on a pillow that also matches your d├ęcor, this is an upgrade you can count on. It still provides all of your favorite MiniMax classics, just in a new and updated hue. 

Use your MiniMax to alleviate pain or add support to various sections of the body. Prop, adjust, elevate, and more with one single wedge cushion. All of which can be done throughout the neck, lower back, knees and legs, and even into the torso. Or use it in the car for added rear comfort when driving (or tagging along as a passenger). With its wide range of versatility, you can fold and adjust your way to all different types of relief with one versatile product. Purchase more than one and gain dual relief at the same time, or stock up on savings and hand out as a unique (and extremely sought after) gift. There's even the full-sized Multi-Purpose Wedge available if you're looking for a larger surface area.

However, because of its mobility, many enjoy the MiniMax, especially when using in bed or in the vehicle. But no matter your wedge of choice, because it's a Contour Living product, you're sure to get some much-needed comfort. As well as the ability to adjust and conquer your individual needs. Even if they change over time – or for some long-term sufferers, by the day. 

To learn more about the MiniMax Multi-Purpose Wedge (now in grey!), head to our product page. Or start stocking up on your holiday gifts!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Product! Introducing the Warm Cool Lumbar Support Cushion

Use warm and cool ice pack for back pain
It's one of favorite times of the year, where we get to announce new products! Today we celebrate our latest event with the Warm Cool Lumbar Support Cushion, a transformable product that can be taken from hot to cold (or left at room temperature). All while providing ample lower back support. 

The product can be used with any type of chair – set it up at the office, place in your car, or even on the couch. Better yet, with adjustable temperatures, you can ice away pain or heat an injury until your heart's content. And with a built-in pocket and reusable gel pack, you can find the best temperature possible, as often as you like. Simply adjust as necessary.

Additional features:
  • Offers therapeutic relief
  • Supports the lower back and lumbar area
  • Specifically designed to bring on comfort and support
  • Soothes aches and pains while adjusting toward proper alignment
  • Offers dual temperatures so users can find the best solution to their specific back needs.

The Warm Cool Lumbar Support Cushion is a product that can help many gain much-needed comfort. By utilizing seated support in a number of different scenarios, back aches and pains can all be treated. Additionally, with the help of heat and cold added in, patients can bring additional relief to the lower back, no matter what type of trauma it's seen.

In order to start learning more about the specialized pillow, or to order yours today, head to our product page. Here, you can check out photos and links, or ask questions through our live chat feature. An overall scenario that helps provide our shoppers with the best possible user experience.

Order your new seat cushion now, and start giving your lower back the comfort and support that it deserves. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Honey

It's known as nature's candy. Sweet, flavorful, and as natural as foods can come. And perhaps most surprisingly, considering all of its benefits, honey is also delicious. A substance made entirely by insects, we can't get enough of it. It can be eaten as a spread, in salad dressings, mixed within baked goods, as a tea or coffee flavor. (Yes, we hear honey in coffee is delicious.) Or, its comb can be munched on for a dessert with crunch, as well as flavor. 

Yet there's plenty more that honey has to offer. If the taste alone isn't enough incentive, here are five additional reasons you should be eating honey.

5. It's Healthy

As in, natural sugar and low in calories. With no chemicals or outside preservatives. Honey can seriously last forever. Just be sure that you're eating natural honey, not a flavored spread. 

4. It Helps With Allergies

Eating local honey can help those with all types of outdoor allergies. By ingesting the very triggers that cause them (in small doses), you can work to build up immunities against these allergens.

3. It's a Healthy Sweet Alternative

Consider using honey in a number of different scenarios for added health benefits. It's great in hot beverages, iced tea, on desserts, etc. If you would normally use a sweetener (even when baking), replace with honey for a new take on sweeter dishes.

2. They Can Help Provide Energy

Honey has natural energy boosting properties, but with very few carbs or additional calories. (In comparison to its counterparts.) Try a teaspoon with your meal or snack the next time you're low on energy.

1. Sore Throat Miracle

In cold season, it's best to keep a steady supply of honey on hand. Because it's thick and coats the throat, honey can settle in and soothe aches. It can also keep you from coughing and combat that dry feeling that's often associated with colds. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Save Your Back! Halloween Costumes to Avoid

One of the holiday greats will soon be upon us, and that means candy and costumes for miles around. As well as some serious pumpkin carving. Events that, like many others, suggest a magical time of year. However, if suffering from back pain (and even if you aren't), there are certain things you should avoid. For instance, heavy lifting, sleeping on a non-supportive mattress, and so on. One more thing to add to that list – which is not considered as often – is wearing the wrong type of Halloween costume. 

As unimportant as that might sound, how you dress for All Hallows Eve can greatly affect your back health. This upcoming October 31st (and for every showing after), remember to avoid these specific types of costumes.

Anything heavy, obviously. When possible, don't dress up as any character who has a large backpack or important gear that might weigh a little too much. The same goes for wearing anything heavy, such as a thick full-body costume or transformation of sorts. It's likely uncomfortable and won't be doing your back any favors, either.

Blinders – as in a mask that takes away your peripheral vision. Who wants to be spinning on their heels all night? Rotating your entire body is likely to strain your neck, back, as well as your eyes. Choose a costume that has a more open range of motion instead. 

Uncomfortable shoes – something about Halloween almost compels folks to wear the most painful shoes around. Whether high heels, hard platforms, wooden or plastic versions – chances are they aren't going to make your feet feel good. But beware, a lack of support or weight displacement could also take the pain further up and into the spine.  

Anything too tight – this, too, might sound arbitrary, but cutting off circulation (or slowing it down) in any portion of the body will have negative effects. Rather than suffering through pain, go up a size and enlist the help of comfort. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Non-Beachy Ways to Utilize Your LA Wedge Headrest Pillow

A few months ago Contour Living came out with a brand new summer-friendly product. A foamy wedge that could support the head (even in the sand or water), keep drinks cold, and tote around belongings – in whatever order the user saw fit. We call it the LA Wedge Headrest Pillow. Now that it's not exactly pool season, however, those same uses have been put on hold. But that doesn't mean you can't still find some great functions from your pillow.

Whether you already have one (or more) or are considering buying, check out these top five off-season tasks it's ready to take on. 

5. Road Trip Companions

Load 'em up and pack 'em in the car. Your LA Wedge can double as both a place to store belongings, and as a comfortable trip pillow. Use for yourself, or grab one for each of the kids – they can bring whatever activities can fit inside. And because the Wedge comes in six neon colors, it's always easy to tell whose is whose.

4. Hot Tub Head Support

Sitting in a bath of hot swirling water can be relaxing, but the facilities don't usually count for individual heights. Pack along your LA Headrest and gain access to some serious head support that you can adjust as you soak. The same goes for the bathtub too! You can even pack its pouch full of belongings to keep them nearby (though it's best to remove anything that isn't waterproof before getting in.) 

3. Stargazing

Traditional pillows obstruct your view, and can get bogged down with some of Mother Nature's finest, like leaves or dirt. Opt for your foam headrest instead for a comfortable way to take in the sights. 

2. Carryon Item

Much like in the car, the wedge offers great head support on a plane. And because you can store things inside it, the LA Headrest helps combine luggage, streamlining the travel process.

1. Tailgating Gear

Walking to your favorite sporting event, or even just navigating the pre-game parties, often means lots of outdoors time. Stock your LA Wedge with some beverages to keep cold (maybe a snack or two), and get ready to enjoy the game.

Learn more about the LA Wedge Headrest Pillow here

Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Easy Ways to Care for Your Coccyx

Hydrate for better health
Out of all the sections of one's back, it can be broken down into a few sections. Upper, mid, lower/coccyx, etc. Generalized areas that help describe pain, what's causing it, and how you can make it better. And one of the most important, and often described sections, falls under the coccyx, or lower back. The portion of the spine that meets the rear. When not properly cared for, it can be achy and acting up. But when coddled, and planned toward more effectively, the coccyx can serve as a healthy, pain-free section of the body. Which, in turn, encourages other areas to also be pain free. 

When taking care of the coccyx:

5. Sit Up Straight

As simple as that might sound, few actually do it. Sitting up straight keeps your back aligned, and therefore, weighted in all the right areas. In contrast, slouching can displace muscles and put strain on areas that aren't developed to perform certain tasks. 

4. Stretch

In the same light, developing muscles within the back with add strength. Meaning there is less strain when weight is offset, and the entire area will be better prepared for unusual movement.

3. Lift With Your Legs

Legs are meant to go upward – backs with heavy objects, not so much. Use your body the way it was meant to be used to prevent injuries and to discourage aches or pains.

2. Hydrate

Muscles without water are more likely to cramp, which can lead to further injuries. Rather than risk it, ensure you're drinking plenty of fluids. 

1. Get a Seat Cushion

If you sit for a good portion of the day, it's a good idea to invest in a supportive seat cushion. One that will line up the back, while also removing pressure from the coccyx. It's a step that's affordable, yet extremely effective, as well as a go-to source for those who suffer from lower back pains of all kinds.