Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tips for Enjoying a Safe Fourth of July

This holiday is a time to celebrate America's freedom in all its glory. Which generally means a colorful and bright display. Perhaps a barbecue or swimming in the nearest body of water. In the presence of high heat and fireworks, however, there's bound to be an accident or two. Rather than falling victim on such a beloved holiday, remember a few simple safety precautions that can help save the day.

Aside from the obvious, like not getting too close to fireworks and ensuring all fire-lighting is far enough away from buildings and crowds, there are additional safety tips that can be taken. And by planning for your specific needs, you can ensure a much more enjoyable holiday.

For instance: staying hydrated. For Fourth is generally one of the hottest holidays of the year, don't let your day end badly because you didn't pack an extra water bottle. If you are prone to heat reactions, stay near an AC or bring a fan. (And bring plenty of sunscreen!) Wading in a pool every so often can also help cool you down.

Or if you suffer from lower back pain, bring along a quality lawn chair, and be sure to stand only as your back allows. Then again, if plenty of standing is required, wear supportive shoes that can help ease your pains. 

You should also remember that a "traditional" Fourth celebration isn't required. If you'd rather enjoy some indoor time, head to the movies, or order Chinese food with your neighbor, so be it. You'll likely even get a free fireworks show with minimal traveling. 

Because it's a holiday that's all about celebrating freedom, what better day to do as you please? So long as you're safe about it and respectful of your body's needs, you can be on your way to celebrating America's birthday the best way you know how. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Beat the Heat with These Cooling Products

We're nearing the dog days of summer. Those long, scorching months where you're essentially miserable. No matter how high the AC is cranked up or how many glasses of iced tea you manage to drink. It's just that hot. Add in humidity and there's basically no way to win. All that's left to do it make yourself as comfortable as possible and to hunker down until the summer warmth decided it's time to be over. 

However, there are plenty of products that can help you along your quest to cool off. Such as:

The Cool Leg Pillow

Just like the original, but with the ability to stay cool – even during hot summer nights. Its supportive center helps keep legs in place and the spine aligned, but without sweating in the process. Stick to this leg pillow – figuratively, but not literally – for better support without overheating.

Dual Comfort Temperature Control Pillow

We all know just how hard it can be to get a good night's rest when you're warm. Help cool yourself off from the top down with this temperature controlled pillow. It's also reversible, meaning you can stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. A perfect combination for anyone sensitive to their surroundings.

PolarMat Cooling Pad

This mat does it all – it actually absorbs your body heat and removes it from your sleeping space. Whether that be on top of the entire mattress, or just from your pillow. Great for hot sleepers, or those suffering from menopause. Simply sleep on top of this comfortable mat for a way to gain cooler rest each night.

Stop sweating in your sleep and cool off with these practical Contour products instead. Click the above links to learn more about summer sleeping tips or to start shopping today. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

The warmer it gets, the more difficult it can be to keep yourself hydrated. The temperatures goes up and you're left sweating and thirsty for a majority of the day. It's a pattern, that, after time can become tired and cumbersome, leading you to not drink as much as you should. Or to try and avoid outdoor activities rather than to keep a glass full of cold water. 

But by ensuring that your body is consuming the right liquids you can help make that task much easier.

First off, drink plenty of water – generally half of your body weight in ounces is a good amount. This will help flush the body while still making sure it has enough water to perform its daily duties in a healthy manner. If water plain doesn't do it for you, look to natural additives, such as honey and lemon, cucumbers, or other fruits that can flavor your daily drinks. (Be on the look out for sugary mixes or concentrates as they can come with dehydrating sugars and chemicals.)

Sports drinks, healthy teas, juices, and more can also be considered, just be sure and read labels thoroughly so you're not ingesting unwanted substances. 

Next, check for drinks that rob you of that water content. Sodas, high caffeine counts, etc. can all work to dehydrate you. Even though they're liquid (and oftentimes based with water.) Keep caffeine to a minimum, and read labels for sugar contents or any other "draining" ingredients. 

Finally, it's time to listen to your body. It knows when it needs more liquid, when it needs to eat, and so on. The key is to not only learn to listen, but more importantly, understand what each cue means. Rather than mistaking hunger or a sweet tooth, you can know when water is needed – a sure-fire way to avoid dehydration. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Travel with the Inflatable BackMax

Traveling is generally something we love – it’s a chance to see new things or visit with old friends. To get out of the house and have a break from work, or life, or whatever else might be wearing you down. 

But that doesn’t mean that getting to your destination is always a picnic. More often than not, travel calls for rides in multiple vehicles and lots and lots of sitting. And just when you think it’s almost over, yes there’s even more sitting. However, for those suffering from medical problems, traveling logistics are even more unpleasant. 

But thanks to the inflatable BackMax, those of all ailments can gain relief on the go. Because air can be added (and then removed) as needed, patients have easy access to comfort, support, and extreme pain relief. Without having to transfer a bulky or heavy pillow on their trip. 

How it Works

The inflatable BackMax comes with the same setup as the original. Multiple wedges that can be moved and rearranged as needed to account for some of the worst pains or conditions. Including acid reflux, surgery recovery, chronic back pains, aches, and more. And because most of these ailments are put on high alert when traveling (whether from sleeping in a different bed or eating foods your body isn’t accustomed to), it’s also the time when you need relief the most. Especially for those who might be on the road for a big surgery – extra recovery time, and plenty of resting afterwards. Even when in the car.

To make the most out of your traveling logistics, the inflatable BackMax can help make the trip. Cutting out pains and lowering symptoms along every step of the way. Consider ordering yours today – and in plenty of time for your next big trip. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Work From Home With These Helpful Products

When certain things take place, sometimes it’s just better to work from home. To get a few things done out of the office, rather than risking to infect the entire place. Whether your contagious, have just suffered a family tragedy, or even just have a last-minute deadline you don’t want to wait around at work to finish up. Maybe you even work from home every day as a norm.

Whatever your circumstances, however, there are plenty of products to help you along the way. That can improve posture and circulation … all from the comfort of your own home. But while still getting plenty of work done! 

To gain the most of your home-working experience, try: 

The Flip Pillow

This Contour favorite is adjustable and perfect for typing in bed. Or while on the couch. It helps keep you upright and comfortable through a number of positions, with plenty of support along the way. Use it for the back, to prop your laptop, to elevate the feet and keep blood flowing. No matter how long the work session.

Click here to find out more.

Fleece Wedge

Another great work-from-home product comes in the form of the Fleece Wedge. With it, workers can perch and lean in comfortable fashion. Its ergonomic design offers a gentle incline without taking away from function. Turn on its massage feature to add to your relaxation!

Head to our website to keep reading. 

In addition to these wedge pillows, Contour shoppers can gain access to seat cushions, head supports, wrist relaxation, etc. All of which can work together (or separately, depending on each worker’s needs) in order to gain the biggest bout of support. Whether working from home every day or just when certain circumstances take place. Either way, Contour helps add function to any at-home work environment; consider expanding yours today. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Is Back “Popping” Helping or Hurting?

Back poppers know just how satisfying it can be to “crack” their bones after a long day. Maybe it’s first-thing in the morning, or maybe you let the neck pop on the fly – whenever it feels comfortable. It’s just a way to relieve stress. Those who don’t follow this practice, however, just don’t get the appeal. It might even make them cringe to hear others try and put their own bones back into alignment.

But who’s right? Is this practice helpful? Or is it potentially dangerous?

According to the experts, it might be the latter. Unless you know what you’re doing, spinal manipulation (where bones are adjusted, whether it’s by force or from the weight of your own head) can cause injury or nerve damage. Because the spine is so closely connected with the brain, it can bring issues later on in life. Therefore, adjusting should only be done by a medical professional. You can also choose a doctor that uses a tapping or thumping method, too, to avoid craning or increased pressure. 

It’s also noted that less damage is likely when popping joints or other bones in the body. Though there are common myths that say doing so can lead to pain or arthritis (the actual results of which are still controversial), there is not a direct link to the brain or neurological system. 

However, for many, popping is more than a habit, it’s a way to relieve pain. It also might naturally occur. Some joints move more freely than others, and a simple turn of the head might cause the neck or back to crack all on its own.

No matter your stance on cracking, it’s a good idea to become well informed on how it could potentially affect your health. Perform some research of your own, or reach out to your doctor about the pros and cons to popping joints. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yoga Poses to Help Ease Neck Pain

A crick in the neck – whether recurring or a one-time thing – is downright uncomfortable. The pinching and pressure makes it hard to enjoy the day, let alone get through it without the assistance of a pain reliever. But luckily, there are a number of stretches and poses that can help ease your burden. Look to these simple yoga moves the next time you’re feeling down in the neck.

Cow Face Arms

Yogies will know just how to achieve this move. And for the rest of us, it’s done by kneeling all the way down on one’s mat. Then taking the hands and holding them together just below the nape of the neck so that one elbow is pointed toward the ceiling and the other the floor. Hold for several deep breaths to get the best results.

8-Point Shoulder Opener

This pose is done with the help of a block. Place your head on top of your rectangle while laying on your back with the knees up and feet on the floor. Next join your hands behind the back and place to one side of the body. Just remember this is a deep stretch, so ease in with caution!

Shoulder Opener on Blocks

Another pose with a block, this time take your prop and place it on its tall end. Kneel all the way down and place your elbows on top of the block. Slowly start to lower the head as deep as feels comfortable. This one can be held slightly longer, especially as it allows you to stretch deeper the longer you relax.

Other yoga moves that help the neck include shoulder openers, fish or supported fish pose, thread the needle, spinal twists, and other gentle variations that allow the neck to stretch, but without applying too much pressure in the process. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Survive your Next Road Trip with These 5 Items

Summer months are prime time for traveling. The weather is cooperating, seasonal events are taking place in your area, and it’s also likely that you’ve caught the bug. The one that makes you want to get out and see things and experience all types of culture … or your same old favorites, just at new venues. No matter your summer plans, however, chances are you have to travel to get to them. Even if it’s just slightly. 

No matter how far your next trip, these items will make sure you get there with plenty of comfort and support to spare.

5. The Twist Neck Pillow

Adjustable and the perfect size to keep your head upright – especially for sleeping in the car – try the Twist Neck Pillow for all your car sleeping needs. Bend as needed to create the exact shape and style you prefer.

4. Comfort Travel Cushion

Sitting for hours on end can be rough on the rear. But with the Comfort Travel Cushion, you can add plush layers right where they’re needed the most. Roll it up for extra neck leverage, or place behind the back for an added lumbar prop.

3. Inflatable Neck Cushion

This device is the ultimate travel companion. Not only does the Inflatable Neck Cushion provide some much needed neck reinforcements, it can be deflated for easy suitcase storage. Just inflate when needed, and press out the air when it’s not! 

2. Headache Ice Pillow

Driving (or riding) is known to make even the strongest headache-prone. Rather than fighting them off, relax with this made-for-pain pillow. Pack in an ice pouch and relax the aches away with the convenient Headache Ice Pillow

1. CPAP Pillow

Traveling with a CPAP machine can be a pain, but with this pillow, complete with strategic cutouts, life just got easier. Pack along this CPAP accessory for easy travel and even better sleep. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

(Even More) Tips for Beating the Summer Sleeping Heat

Scorching temperatures are just around the corner. Depending on where you live, they might already be upon you. Which means longer, sweatier days, and even warmer and damper nights. With all of the growing humidity it can be impossible to remove all of the moisture from your home, even with a new and efficient AC unit. But instead of fighting the inevitable, why not take a few tricks that will help cool your home on its own … without jacking up the electricity bill?

Start by getting a dehumidifier. These things can do wonders, especially in upper levels of your home, where ACs have a harder time to reach. And because heat rises, there’s even higher temps lurking in those upper corners. Pick up a few dehumidifiers at the local department store and let them give your electricity bill a break. 

You should also make sure your AC unit is clean and working as efficiently as possible. Hose off any debris from the outside of your model and clear out air vents so that your cool breeze can easily flow into the house. Fans, dehumidifiers, and more should also be dusted every few weeks as well to keep air flowing as freely as possible.

Another little-thought-of tip is to keep pets off the bed. Though you can be thankful for their added heat come winter, summer will have you kicking them to the floor. It might be nice to cuddle, but just think how much extra heat their bodies are bringing to the bed. Make them a spot on the floor instead to help cool down instantly. 

Finally, remember to cool yourself off as much as possible before bed. Take a cold shower or drink a glass of ice water for a quick, yet efficient, way to drop your body temperature and get it ready for a restful night.