Friday, October 24, 2014

Is Candy Affecting your Sleep?

With Halloween around the corner, those of all ages will soon be consuming large amounts of candy. Whether they earned it from trick-or-treating, or from the grocery store’s sale aisle – the population is about to get a whole lot sweeter. And while we know that eating too much sugar generally isn’t good for our health, that doesn’t stop us from doing it from time to time, especially on the best candy-based holidays. Especially when looking forward to seasonal favorites. 

However, weight gain and blood sugar aren’t the only things at risk when taking in too many sweetened items. Those who consume more than their fair share of candies can also lose sleep. When sugar overtakes our daily diet, it can actually lessen the quality of sleep you’re able to achieve while digesting it. Especially if running low on water or other healthy substances, such as specific nutrients. 

How Much is Too Much Sugar?

Depending on your weight and size, only a few pieces could put you over the edge. This intake level can also be changed with the time of day desserts have been ingested. For instance, eating refined sugars before bed can stress your organs (especially those that deal with digesting), and affect your body’s ability to produce hormones. Each of these symptoms can cause you to wake throughout the night, simply from interrupting the body’s normal sleeping schedule. 

To avoid such negative effects associated with sweet tooth overload, take it easy on the candy. Or, if you’re a dessert lover, consider eating smaller portions, earlier in the day, so they can’t affect your nighttime bodily functions. 

Over time, planning for better digestion can lead to deeper, more relaxed forms of sleep while eliminating any sugar-based side effects. Start adjusting your diet today to gain better sleeping results.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Praise for The Contour Leg Pillow

The Contour Leg Pillow can do wonders, a fact we’ve been spreading for years. But don’t just take it from us. Hear from this real-life leg pillow user, Donnie, and how its unique shape and sturdy design was able to revolutionize the way she sleeps. Having used it for more than a year, she said it has not only helped cure her Restless Leg Syndrome, but allowed for comfortable nights of sleep since day one. According to Donnie, the Contour Leg Pillow was able to remove pressure within her legs that caused strains and pains. Additionally, the pillow was able to remove pressure on her lower back. All around, it added up for a win-win situation, she said.   

But what is it that makes this pillow so special? By shaping directly to the legs and/or knees, users are able to gain some much needed support by keeping their spine (and hips and lower back) in place. Even through various sleeping positions caused by tossing and turning throughout the night. The added cushion can also provide comfort while allowing the legs to receive proper circulation. 

Luckily, Donnie isn’t the only one with access to the crowd-favorite Contour Leg Pillow (or the only one gaining better sleep because of it). Order yours to receive the same types of pain relief and sleep comfort each and every day. Whether you too suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, or are just looking for a better, easier way to rest comfortably each night. 

You can even receive a discount when buying two or more Contour Leg Pillows. A great excuse to buy them for the whole family – pass them out as birthday gifts or keep extras on hand for your next vacation.  

Ready to start shopping? Have a question or comment about our best-selling leg pillow? Head to our product page today and get started. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Improve Mattress Quality on a Budget

We know it’s important to sleep on a quality mattress. Failing to do so can cause all types of back issues, especially pains. However, when sleeping on a quality mattress, one that cradles and supports, we can work to improve muscle and bone alignment. Just from sleeping. 

But what creates a “quality” mattress? Sure, you could go out and purchase a new one, but beds are expense and difficult to get into place. In fact, unless yours is more than 10 years old, you can stick with your current model. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved. Rather than purchasing an entire new mattress, consider a pad or foam topper. These models not only create an added layer of comfort, they can increase the lifespan of your bed. Or, if you’re ready for a softer or firmer feel, change out your bed accessories for an instant way to adjust the mattress’s surface. 

Other add-ons come in the form of specialty pillows, whether for the head and neck, legs, or back. Many wedge options (such as those offered by Contour Living) even come with versatile needs so users can move or rearrange as needed. A simple way to reduce pains without requiring multiple or expensive pillows. 

Finally, once you’ve explored all your pillow and cushion options, it’s time to consider additional esthetics. Such as sheets. Sleeping on quality materials can add an even more relaxing feel to the comfiest of beds. They’ll fit your bed better, holding mattress accessories properly in place, while adding a silky, warm, cozy, or whatever type of feel you prefer. In contrast, cheaply made sheets can make you itch throughout the night. 

Nighttime rest can be greatly affected by a few factors. Look to pillows, sheets, and more when improving your sleep quality in an effective, yet budget-friendly manner. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Costumes to Incorporate your CPAP Mask

In just a few short weeks, Halloween parties will be thrown all across the country. Kids will trick-or-treat, and those of all ages, even the adults, will dress up in their favorite costumes. And whether you like to go all out or keep it simple (so simply you just add ears to your daily attire), there are plenty of costume ideas to explore. 

One way to save on accessories, while still creating a unique costume, is by incorporating a CPAP mask. The very same pieces of medical equipment that are used to help cure sleep apnea. Especially if you’re looking for a costume that’s more elaborate; these masks add an entire new layer of intricacy, but without hiking up the price. 

To incorporate your CPAP mask, consider dressing up as one of the following. 

A Bedtime-Ready Adult

Sure this might not be the most creative idea there ever was, but it just might be the most comfy. Just put on some PJs, add the mask, preferably with an air tank on wheels, and head to your favorite party destination. 

Surgery Patient 

The mask will let you look like you’re seconds from going under at all times. Just make sure your robe is pinned in the back.

Darth Vader

The proven CPAP-mask favorite.

Scooby Do, or Another Cartoon Dog

Certain CPAP masks look oddly snout-like. Paint your face before putting on the mask, or simply dress in Scooby fur to achieve this costume concept. 

Other animal ideas, such as an elephant, ant eater, and more can also be easily recreated with the help of a CPAP mask. 

Bane (From The Dark Night Rises)

Branch out into the villainous side by turning your mask into one that releases pain-killing gasses. (At least in your imagination.) Bonus: there’s no need for a wig! 

For even more CPAP costume ideas, check out this list.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eliminate Allergies with Contour’s De-Mite Laundry Additive

Sleep with ease thanks to Contour Living’s latest product addition. A product that gets rid of some of your worse allergy triggers through everyday chores. The De-Mite Laundry Additive, an add-in laundry substance, can be used on any load of clothes (or bedding, etc.), to help eliminate some of your worst allergens. Just add it to your regular laundry day routine for peace of mind and bedding that’s sure to provide some much needed breathing relief. 

It even comes with a special introductory price! Add it to your favorite pillow for free shipping, or stock up for spring!

What is De-Mite?

It’s an at-home laundry additive that kills most airborne allergies, such as dust mites. With just a half-tablespoon of detergent (mixed with your favorite traditional detergent, of course), users can eliminate mites and more from an entire laundry load. It even works in all temperatures, so there’s no need to worry about ruining delicate bedding or pieces of clothing. De-Mite is non-toxic and does not contain dyes or fragrances, which is perfect for those with sensitive skin. And because it’s concentrated, only a small amount is needed, allowing the entire bottle to last multiple loads. 

De-Mite is perfect for long-time allergy suffers, and eliminates the smallest of triggers that can embed directly within our sheets and blankets. Namely the dust mite, which is responsible for the largest number of spring and fall allergies, including asthma attacks had by non-allergy sufferers. Other symptoms kept at bay include: sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, a running nose, scratchy throat, and more. 

To start making the most out of your laundry loads, look to De-Mite to reduce allergy symptoms each time you wash your bedding. Not only is it effective, it’s and easy, affordable way to reduce allergy symptoms. 

Click to start shopping today. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Habits That Will Increase Acid Reflux Symptoms

Acid reflux is an issue that affects thousands of Americans. Whether conditional or an ongoing medical concern, patients are dealing with this uncomfortable scenario most nights of the week. However, there are also certain behaviors that work to increase (or decrease) acid reflux’s symptoms. To make the most out of your acid reflux treatment, remember to avoid the following.

5. Alcohol Before Bed

Drinking too much before bed, or too close before bedtime, can greatly increase the effects of acid reflux. Because alcohol relaxes our muscles, drinking can create a scenario where one’s throat is far more susceptible to acid or other stomach side effects. Instead, try and curb your drinking habits, or consider drinking earlier in the night to avoid this painful outcome.

4. Spicy Foods

The spicier the meal, the greater risk one has at gaining acid reflux. Even when eating less or earlier in the evening. To avoid stomach and chest pain altogether, consider an antacid or opting for a milder meal. 

3. Flat Pillows

Because acid reflux essentially takes place with a lack of incline, sleeping on flat pillows can greatly increase its abilities. Sleep on a wedge or with additional pillows to keep acid at bay, or rather, where it belongs, deep within the stomach.

2. Overeating

Feeling full is generally uncomfortable. But when eating far too much (and too close to bedtime), that “too-full” feeling becomes even worse. Allow your food to settle \for better digestion and fewer nighttime pains. 

1. Ignoring the Signs

Generally, long-time acid reflux patients know when a severe bout of pain is about to arise. When these early warning signs take place, take medicine, drink a glass of milk, or just lay off the booze. Ignoring these signs will only work for a more painful bout of acid reflux later on. While, instead, precautionary measures can help reduce the condition for the long haul. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Are you at Risk for Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have become an ever-growing threat across the U.S. And nothing sounds less pleasant than an infestation of bugs that bite and crawl through our resting places each night. Not only does it make it impossible to sleep, there is an entire round of critters that must be dealt with. Making all the more important to ensure that you haven’t been exposed – or won’t be exposed – to these living nuisances. 

If you’ve stayed in a hotel or traveled within recent weeks, it’s a good idea to check your bed for signs of bugs. You’ll also gain bites or rashes once coming in contact with these pesky creatures. After checking for bites, look in your sheets, and in nooks and crannies on the mattress, including seams, bed skirts, box springs, etc. Though small, each bed bug is about the size and color of an apple seed, meaning they can easily be tracked down if you know what to look for. If no signs are found, you’re likely safe! When locating bug feces, exoskeletons, or bugs themselves, however, will call for an at-home treatment or the help of an exterminator. 

How to Avoid Bed Bugs

In the future, be sure to check for signs of infestations when traveling. Check mattress corners when checking in, while strong musty scents can also be a warning sign. Finally, keep your luggage off the bed and floor. Instead, opt for a hard surface (such as provided dressers), or suitcase stands. These surfaces will be harder for bugs to climb, and ensure an extra level of protection, no matter how long your stay.

When traveling, there’s always an added fear of bringing critters home, especially with growing numbers of bed bugs taking over our vacation plans. But by being aware of what to look for, and taking precautionary measures, you can greatly reduce the chances of bed bugs taking hold. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Try the MiniMax Multi-Position Wedge

Great news! There’s now a mini version of your favorite wedge pillow. Meet the MiniMax, a small but mighty way to stay comfortable and supported throughout the night. It’s compact size makes it perfect for traveling or storing, though many prefer to keep this cozy model ready for use at all times. It’s versatility makes it perfect for lounging, watching TV, reading, playing video games, or all of the above.

Each model comes with two separate pieces that can be combined and rearranged to create a number of positions. Its wedge creates the perfect leaning surface while reading, while folding and readjusting can help support the torso or legs. You can even use a single cushion to add rear support wherever you may be sitting. Overall, the MiniMax can adjust into five different positions. It’s the perfect pillow for addressing all your comfort and joint pain needs all in one, portable package. 

The MiniMax is great for

  • Elevating legs, especially when the back or legs are sore and tired
  • Elevating knees – each MiniMax offers a 30-degree incline, the doctor recommended height
  • Cushioning the rear – whether sitting on a hard or sagging surface, the MiniMax offers its much-needed support
  • Supporting the back when sitting or lounging. Opt for its wedged position to lean when reading, watching TV, or playing video games.
  • Reducing acid reflux. Relax on the steeper incline to reduce acid reflux symptoms, or sleep on its gradual rise to keep pains away on a long-term basis.

When shopping for a new pillow, or nighttime support system, there are several types of options. However, the MiniMax combines five different treatment pillows into one, affordable wedge. And it’s comfortable!

Start shopping for access to ongoing joint support and paid reduction. Order today to earn free shipping – available for a limited time! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Natural Ways to Stay Pain Free This Fall

Now that the first day of fall has officially taken place, it’s time to think about everything fall. Cooler temps are already upon us, and the changing weather can mean any number of upcoming changes. Whether that be recipes, clothing, or how you deal with pain management – dropping temps and an increase in moisture can lead to some serious joint pain. 

By taking preventative measures and being aware of this upcoming pain, patients can greatly reduce the effects brought on by changing weather. Tactics such as supportive pillows and eating healthier can help the body to eliminate its own pain-inducing symptoms. Patients can also keep an eye on the weather so they’ll have a better idea as to when the most significant changes might take place. And when barometric drops are predicted, stretching or exercises can help reduce tension by strengthening muscles. 

Natural substances, such as teas or herbal remedies can also soothe joints by offering anti-inflammatory capabilities. (And let’s face it, sometimes they just make us feel better on cold and rainy days.) Certain diet changes can also work to strengthen joints and muscles, while plenty of water can increase circulation and blood flow, which is a proven method to reduce aches and pains. As for days when the body is aching as a whole, it might just be time for a hot bath, which is also a good way to heat up on cold nights. (You can also talk to your doctor to explore available medical options.)

Changing weather is an inevitability, especially in regions that receive all four seasons. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer during the transition from hot to cold and dry to wet. 

Test out these natural tactics to keep your body feeling its best through even the most severe of weather changes. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sciatica Sufferers: Have you Fell to These Common Myths?

Those with sciatica know just how much the condition affects everyday life. From sitting and standing, to lying down, to just walking from place to place, your lower back can flare up at any minute. Which is why folks look to every possible solution to heal it sooner rather than later. But did you know there are several common myths surrounding the condition? New patients often look online to find advice, while long-term sciatica victims might find old wives tales – anything new fangled that might help ease their pain.

No matter your situation, however, avoid these common myths. And, to get the facts straight, talk to your doctor about sciatica and how you can best treat your back pain any time of day.

The myths:

Sciatica is Only Caused by Certain Conditions

While this can be true, it’s not the only cause of the sickness. There can be any number of muscle, spinal, even organ-based conditions that can lead to sciatica. Unfortunately, this is why it’s so hard to treat. As a secondary side effect, first treating the original cause is the only way to stay pain free on a long-term basis. 

Leg Pain without Back Pain Can’t be Sciatica

Depending on how the nerve is affected, sciatica can manifest in the legs rather than the back (or the rear). Though this is rare, it still takes place in various sciatica patients. However, it’s important to have your leg pain examined by a doctor as sciatica can be mistaken for a leg injury and vice versa. 

Sciatica Patients Should Rest

While it might be the first thought that comes to mind, especially on a day when pain is worse than others, this generally isn’t the case. Stretching and moving can work to reduce pain over time, even if just by strengthening or loosening one’s muscles. 

Surgery is the Only Treatment Option

Wrong. There are multiple ways to address sciatica rather than going under the knife. Physical therapy, lifestyle changes, exercise regimens, and more can all work to reduce sciatica symptoms.

To better understand your sciatica, talk with your doctor today.