Thursday, December 29, 2011

CPAP Replacement Pillow Cover

Protect your Investment

“Congratulations!” you body is chanting to you, as you have made the wise decision to invest in the ultimate comfort in CPAP therapy. The CPAPMax Pillow,Contour CPAP Pillow, or any product from Contour Living, rather is certainly going to not only enhance your nightly rest and relaxation experience, but your overall health in general. This sounds wonderful, right? Right.

Now let’s take that extra step to protect your new investment with the new Replacement Pillow Cases specifically designed for the CPAP Pillows by Contour Living. These cases are available in both standard and high profile sizes, allowing them to accommodate any of the specialty pillow you have purchased. They are custom designed to fit perfectly to your CPAP pillow and will protect your investment, generating the utmost comfort and support each and every night.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pillow Praise: Raving Reviews for the CPAP Max Pillow!

The foundation here at ContourLiving is about seeking the utmost comfort and support through our specialty products.  Certainly not one to toot its own horn, but when credit is due to a job well done, well, we’ll take it! We have received some wonderful reviews from customers both near and far online from one of our most popular specialty pillows, the CPAPMax Pillow. These CPAPmax Pillow Reviews are from our own valued ContourLiving customers as well as those who have purchased our products from various other online sites. Take a read below and see how our products have benefited so many!  
Cheryl on 8/28/2011, said: 

"I didn't notice it." That's what my husband said after the first night, and that's the highest possible praise for someone with a CPAP mask. After the second night, he continues to sleep more soundly, more solidly, than in years. THANK YOU for this pillow--it's made a huge difference in his comfort and his wellbeing.

Tom on 5/17/2011, said:
I started using this pillow about 3 weeks ago - I have had the best nights of sleep since I have been using a c-pap machine for the last 5 years . It will be going with me on trips etc.
FRED on 4/25/2011, said:
Made sleeping all night much easier
Debbie on 3/16/2011, said:
"With this pillow, I am able to lay in more positions without the number of air leaks that I had with a standard pillow design."
ContourLiving Customer on 3/5/2011, said:
Just slept my first night with this pillow. Absolutely wonderful! I haven't slept that well since I've been using CPAP! The foam stinks, however, my experience with any memory foam is that it stinks when you first get it. I highly recommend.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Contour Bio Pillow - Indulge in a Luxurious Bed Pillow

Just released - our brand new Contour Bio Pillow!  This pillow combines a special memory foam infused with Green Tea with a dual-sided cover! The result is a supportive pillow surrounded by an absolutely luxurious high-tech cover. Designed for both back and side sleepers, the ergonomic shape of this bed pillow supports your head, neck and spine so that muscles can relax, rest and rejuvenate - the way nature intended during sleep.
  • Enjoy comfort through all four seasons with the pillow's dual-sided cover:
    • Top layer of 3-D Mesh covered by soft jersey material produces a virtual layer of air is between your head and the pillow's foam core for coll sleeping, especially during warmer months.
    • Turn pillow for a plush microfiber cover, with soft fiber-fill for luxurious comfort
  • Sleep the way nature intended with the Contour Bio Pillow support core
    • Enjoy a fresh, invigorating sleep on the memory foam core infused with green tea foam
    • Green tea helps neutralize odors for long lasting freshness
    • Includes soy-based foam for added durability, quality and support
    • Pillow core is injection molded, and includes:
      • Crescent shaped curve for shoulder comfort, helps position head in center of pillow for maximum support
      • Breathe easily while side sleeping with the pillow's tapered pillow edges
      • Center depression offers superior head and neck accomodation when sleeping on back.
      • More layer is ventilated throughout to help minimize heat build-up

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Better Back Max

You've finally reached that wonderful time of the day; post five o’ clock. The proverbial work day has come to an end, and home is on the horizon. You've looked forward to relaxing your aching body from the stress of endless e-mails, “Yes ‘Mams” and ‘Right away, Sirs”.  Unwinding in front of mindless television sounds more like paradise, and the cherry-on-top of this relaxation sundae comes in the form of pillow; the Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Body Wedge Pillow, that is.  Still just as sweet.
Contour Living has created such a product that is able to offer the entire body total comfort and support with the added benefit of massage. The Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Body Wedge Pillow Cushion set features an ergonomic cushion design matches the natural curvature of the spine. The torso wedge flips for use in a full upright or reclining position. It features the zero-gravity position, placing your body at a 120-degree angle, one of the most relaxed positions for your heart, body and nervous system. Delivering eight different ways to offer you total body comfort, this system is perfect for reading, watching TV, or relaxing anywhere. It not only supports your head and upper body, but your knees, feet and legs are also comforted in any position as the dual massage in the torso and leg wedges soothes and relaxes. Our customers favor this pillow especially post-recovery from surgery or an accident, as it elevates to help increase circulation or assists with medical ailments.
Treat yourself to a relaxing night after work, every night. The Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Bed Wedge system is able to provide the ultimate in rest and relaxation. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Funny As Seen On TV Infomercial for Contour Cloud Pillows

See how the Contour Cloud Pillow can improve almost every aspect of your life - It's not just for sleeping anymore!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pillow Fight!

Go beyond comfort and support and see all of the benefits of the Contour Cloud Pillows.  Parody commercial spot for Contour Cloud Pillows.

Friday, November 4, 2011

BackMax Wedge Cushions Now Extra-Wide!

The three-cushion, total body support wedge cushion system Now comes in an "Extra-Wide" version!

You asked for a wider version of our BackMax cushions and we listened! We now offer the same great cushion set in a 28" "extra-wide" version. Almost anyone can rest comfortably on these wider cushions. You will have space to rest your arms, and can relax in total support, even when using the BackMax on top of a higher bed or mattress.

We have improved our standard BackMax cushion set to offer a truly deluxe version! This set features the same ergonomic cushion design as our regular BackMax, plus the zippered design which allows the cushions to be used in multiple positions, together or individually. Now we've added a deluxe fleece cover to all surfaces of the cushions, so no matter how you position each cushion, you feel the plush comfort of this great cover. We've added a vibrating massage motor to the two largest cushions and included a convenient vinyl carry and storage bag.

  • Wider cushions are 10 inches wider than our standard deluxe version!
  • Wider design allows users to easily find total support, including space for arms on each side
  • Wider design also allows more room for all users (not just larger people) so that sleeping higher up (like on top of a mattress) feels more comfortable and stable.
  • Perfect for recovery after surgery or accidents, for elevation to help increase circulation or help with certain medical ailments, or for "power naps"
  • Constructed of high quality support foam, ergonomically contoured to comfortably support your entire body, including room for arms!
  • Unique zippered sections allows cushions to be used in multiple configurations together, or individually
  • Supports your entire body!  Elevate your head and upper body, knees, feet and/or legs in almost any recommended position for elevation
  • Use on the floor, couch or bed
  • Dual massage in torso and leg wedges soothes and relaxes
  • Super-Soft Fleece cover enhances comfort on all surfaces - looks and feels great
  • Half-roll pillow compliments wedge system by providing neck support. Can be used separately.
  • Convenient nylon carry bag for storage and travel
Note:  In use photos depict model using standard 18" wide version, NOT the larger 28" wide cushions now available.

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Recommendations for body positions post tummy-tuck surgery

    Among the various trends in our ever-changing society, plastic surgery is certainly one of them. Abdominoplasty, better known as the tummy-tuck, has held one of the top 5 most popular surgeries title since 2010, as 116,352 patients underwent the knife, according to the Report of the 2010 Plastic Surgery Statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Just as this invasive procedure is a cosmetic investment, proper care and recuperation must also accompany.
    Starting with proper body elevation and positioning, from laying down to sleeping, there are certain precautions that need to be considered for optimal healing and comfort after tummy-tuck surgery. Supportive pillows come highly recommended for comfortable rest. The BackMax back and body wedge support system is ideal for this type of post-operative healing. The benefits of this product are countless, as it can be used in bed or on the floor and making it a perfect accessory for watching television, napping or reading. The Multi-functional full body support system helps creates positions recommended for elevating all parts of the body, including upper body, legs and feet.
    However, Contour Living has highlighted the top eight most comfortable and supportive positions using the BackMax Back and Body wedge cushion.
    Comfort can be found in:
    Position 1:  An upright seated position
    Position 2: Elevated knee and calf support
    Position 3: Elevated head position
    Position 4: Reclined with leg and calf support
    Position 5: Arched position
    Position 6: Elevated knee support position
    Position 7: Reclined position with bent knees
    Position 8: Supporting head, neck, knees and calves simultaneously
    Offering your body this type of comfort and support will only enhance your results. We’ve taken the time to invest in the care of our bodies through extensive surgery, so it is just as important to invest in  top-of-the-line quality and care.

    Thursday, October 27, 2011

    New Folding Wedge Bed Cushion

    Add gradual , inclined support to your bed, and sleep comfortably at an incline! Our new folding bed wedge cushion  provides a fast and easy way to support your head and chest in an upright position.  Adds a slight incline to your upper body during sleep.  This position is recommended for help in reducing digestive related symptoms from acid reflux, GERD and heartburn.   The folding design allows for compact storage.  Comes with a super-soft velour cover which is easily removed for machine washing!
    • Adds gradual angled support
    • Helps ease breathing and sinus pressure during sleep
    • Helps reduce GERD and acid reflux symptoms during sleep
    • Helps muscle tension and support the spine
    • Folds in half for fast, compact storage
    • Includes a soft velour cover - remove and machine wash!

    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Halloween Photo Contest for CPAP Users

    Anyone who has invested in CPAP therapy understands the countless benefits and better quality of life. As if improved sleep habits werent enough of a reason to love your CPAP mask, Contour Living is giving you one more; starting October 16, ContourLiving is launching it's first Halloween Photo Contest! 

    But not just any photo will do; the contestants must tap into their inner "monster" by gearing themselves or an object up into their CPAP mask and photograph their creation. Have you ever had that funny thought of what Halloween monster you most resemble with your CPAP mask on? Think "Frankenstein," "Dracula" or even an evil Zombie. Creativity is key here as the winner will receive a brand new CPAPmax Pillow! A "must" for the ultimate relaxation. The photo that generates the most face book "likes" at the close of the contest on November 4 will be declared as the winner. Any and all are encouraged to enter. Good luck to all of the contestants!

    Please visit and submit your photo, or email a scanned image to  Remember to include your name and email address so we can contact you if you win!

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Leg Pillow's "Secret" to a Good Night's Rest

    What may be the solution to the start of a long night ahead is properly aligning the neck, back and hips. With the right tool, this can be a quick and easy fix. Simply placing a quality crafted pillow in between the inner legs or thighs is the adequate support needed for proper alignment. Contour Products created a line of leg pillows as a solution.  Try the Contour Leg Memory Foam Pillow, the Original Contour Leg Pillow - a slightly more supportive version with standard foam, or the Contour Secret Leg Pillow which combines a foam core surrounded by a fiber fill layer.

    Do you ever find yourself settling in for a nice, relaxing night of rest, laying comfortably in between soft, warm blankets, ready to release the stress of the day but just can't seem to find that perfect "spot?" The pillow isn't fluffy enough so your neck aches. The mattress feels firm laying on your side so your knees and back ache. Tossing and turning seems to be the theme.

    Regardless of the leg pillow model, the patented contour design supports and aligns the lower body, relieving uncomfortable pressure from the hips and back, keeping the knees elevated from rubbing one another. These Contour Leg Pillows fit the contour of your legs perfectly, allowing for optimal support and comfort, maintaining the same shape all night.

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    The Neck Pillow with a “Twist”

    The Contour Twist Neck Pillow is the Perfect Multi-Purpose Pillow
    You might not necessarily think of a pillow as being “one size fits all” but in the age of orthopedic therapy solutions, such a product does exist.  Contour Living has created the Contour Twist Neck Pillow, the most versatile and useful pillow you will ever buy. Bend it, twist it, shape it is the name; Multi-purpose function is the game. Made from soft poly-foam fibers, the pillow is bendable into almost any shape and position, allowing a perfect custom-fit  anywhere on your body.
                This innovative roll pillow is perfect for not only providing the ultimate comfort and support to any part of the body, but most specifically the tender muscles and joints of the neck. The secret to the versatility is the internal plastic spine that bends and twists, conforming and holding the pillow in any position.

    You may also:
    “Twist” the pillow into any comfortable shape while traveling in-flight, as a passenger in a car or simply watching television on the couch.
    “Bend” the Twist pillow into the perfect leg support, as it fits to the shape of your legs. Bend it to cradle and comfort your newborn in a snug, secure position.
    “Shape” it to the perfect bedtime head pillow and rest soundly throughout the entire night. Bend it to become the perfect custom back support suitable for any chair.
    There are so many ways to the Contour Neck Twist Pillow can provide ease for everyday living. As one of the top-sellers on, the Twist Neck Pillow will satisfy the needs of anyone whether working, sleeping or even playing!

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    5 Raving Reviews of the Contour CPAP Pillow from Users

    One of the wonderful aspects of the Internet is just how accessible any product can be. Customers can shop on multiple websites to find the exact product they’re searching for, purchase, and even post comments and reviews helpful for other potential buyers looking to make the same investment. Here’s what customers had to say about their Contour CPAP Pillows purchased from
    1.       This Thing Actually Works
    “As a user of a CPAP machine, I have spend my evenings trying to adjust and configure pillows so that I can wear the face mask with some semblance of comfort, with little success. I took a chance on this sleep pillow and I have to say it works great! Not only does it nicely accommodate the shape of the mask, the neck support is a real added value”. – Stephen
    2.       Ahhhh, Sweet Slumber!
    I have been a CPAP user for about 12 years now, and all that time I’ve been trying to find a pillow that didn’t dislodge my mask. At long last, the answer has arrived! This pillow is supportive and comfortable for the head and neck, and the cuts for the mask make it so the mask doesn’t get moved and start leaking! Amazing! No more stiff neck from craning upward to keep the mask off the pillow! No more air being blasted into my eyes or (worse yet) onto my husband! It is wonderful to sleep deeply and without interruption. I can’t say enough good things about it”. – Kathryn Hartsell
    3.       Excellent CPAP Pillow
    “I’ve been using this pillow for 3 weeks and it is fabulous! I highly recommend it for anyone sleeping with a CPAP mask”. – Deb T.
    4.       Love This New Pillow!
    “I recently purchased this pillow, as I needed a new pillow and decided to try one to use with my CPAP machine. It works great! Very comfortable and a great size to take with me when I am traveling. Recommend trying out this moderately priced pillow for CPAP users! – P.F. Innis
    5.       Changed Everything
    “I spend three weeks trying to sleep with a mask and never made it through one night without multiple interruptions, air leaks and mask readjustments. Then this pillow arrived two weeks ago. I’ve slept with the mask on all night ever since. So-total failure without it, and total success with it”. – Andrew Muir

    Thursday, September 29, 2011

    The Leg and Knee Pillow for a Better Balanced Body

    The Top Five Reasons the Leg Pillow is the Way to Go!

    When we think of settling in for a full nights rest, "proper alignment of the knees, back, hips and spine" usually aren't at the forefront of the mind after a hectic day.  As much as we look toward those precious nighttime hours of rest and relaxation to recharge our mind and bodies, the slumber should be of quality, not quantity.  In order to ensure the most out of our time lying down, it is essential that our bodies are correctly aligned. Ensuring unnecessary pressure and tension are alleviated from the lower body during sleep is just as important as not slouching during the day.

    The Contour Leg Pillow is the ideal solution to providing the upmost comfort to the lower part of your body, relieving tension and pressure from the knees, hips and back.

    1. The Leg Pillow is made of 100% memory foam, with a super-soft velour cover making it a comfortable addition to align your body properly
    2. The pillow fits to the curves of your legs, maintaining the shape throughout the night
    3. The Contour Leg Pillow is ideal for “side Sleepers” and those that suffer from Sciatica, as it restores the body’s natural alignment, leaving the sleeper pain free and well-rested.
    4. The Contour Leg Pillow is also a very easy and affordable way to aide in any leg muscle cramps, uncomfortable varicose veins as it acts as a cradle, improving overall circulation.
    5. Over 7 million Contour Leg Pillows have been sold! Experience the comfort and quality rest that so many others enjoy each night!

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Invest in Good Rest

    When is the RIGHT time to invest in a new mattress?

    It is simply in our human nature to “invest.” Certainly from a monetary perspective, “investing” in our everyday lives is inevitable; from choosing to pump the Supreme Unleaded gasoline versus Regular into our already high-priced and motorized “investment” ensuring it drives to optimal performance, to investing in copious amounts of department store cosmetics and skin care products to ensure that natural, radiant glowing face shines brightly each morning, down to the simple investment in our daily cup of exorbitantly trendy coffee we so rely on to start the morning off right. So why should investing in a quality night’s sleep be any different?

    In terms of following in the (Americanized) investment footsteps: it shouldn’t. A good mattress is certainly a worthy venture to invest upon. The act of replacing a worn mattress with a new quality-crafted mattress can work mere wonders Not only is it the key to a quality night’s sleep, but crucial to a healthy neck, back and spine. The bottom line: a well-produced mattress can mean the difference of waking up feeling energized or leave you stiff as a board.

    So when is the time for an upgrade? Experts suggest to upgrade about every ten years or so. However, superior comfort and overall support take precedence. The main objective in the investment of a new mattress is to be able to fully relax the body as you slumber the night away, with little to no tossing or turning, and with enough support underneath the body to avoid any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

    It is also a good idea to check your old mattress for any obvious imperfections. Rips, tears, lumps or sagging in the pad or pillow itself could signal the need for a new investment. Aside from the more obvious indications of a need exist some less obvious; tuning into your body and assessing your needs of the present day as opposed to the needs that your body may have called for year prior will guide you through the mattress-shopping experience. Bodies change and so do our nightly necessities. Certain areas of the back or neck may require a bit more padding now than at one time. Certain sleep positions may cause the onset of snoring or sleep apnea if not supported correctly. Take a moment to reassess your personal needs at the present moment to truly reap the benefits of a quality mattress.

    Friday, July 29, 2011

    Free Shipping on Pillows and Back Support

    Get Free Shipping on your purchase of pillows, wedge and sleep cushion and back support products at Contour Living.  This weekend only!

    Buy $50 or more and enter coupon "FREE50" during checkout.  We'll remove your shipping charges and still ship your order the next business day!

    Save on our new CPAPmax pillow for sleep apnea - our next generation CPAP bed pillow ships free!

    Try our new Flip Pillow - It combines a bed pillow and wedge pillow in one.  Simply arrange this unique cushion in one of four positions to get the support you need.

    Order a set of our Contour brand bed pillows - you'll save $10 off the single price of two pillows, plus, you'll get free shipping!

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    5 Star Review for CPAP Pillow

    Here is a five star review from actual Contour CPAP Pillow customer, submitted May 18, 2011:

    I received mine (Contour CPAP pillow) in the mail yesterday. Despite the reviews of it being too thin for proper support or too thick at the top I went to the web site and selected the medium model. Having read some of the negative comments prepared me for creative solutions. About the pillow being too thin, I put another older pillow underneath, it was at a perfect height and allowed me to put my arm underneath; bonus since I sleep on my side and stomach. About the top being too thick, I found that it rolled chin downward and almost forced my face to the point where the mask fit exactly in the cutout. It did it's job. I didn't spend the night with the mask shifting and breaking it's seal. Thank you Contour, for a good nights sleep.

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Contour CPAP Pillow Reviews

    A recent survey of sleep medicine professionals were surveyed in February, 2011 - Overwhelmingly, CPAP Patients sleep better with the Contour CPAP Pillow!

    Survey results show:
    • 98% (of surveyed sleep medicine professionals) say [Sleep Apnea] patients experience reduced mask shifting and leaks
    • 97% say pillow improves patient comfort while using CPAP equipment
    • 95% say pillow increases number hours CPAP Therapy is used nightly
    • 95% say patient compliance rates improve with CPAP pillow use
    • 95% say pillow improves patient acceptance of CPAP therapy

    Here are some CPAPMax Pillow specific reviews from customers:

    • "I bought the pillow for my husband. Since he has been using it he has been sleeping much more comfortably which has made his CPAP use much greater. So his health is better. And since he is sleeping better so am I. I recommended this to anyone who is a CPAP user."...7/9/13
    • "With this pillow, I am able to lay in more positions without the number of air leaks that I had with a standard pillow design." ...8/25/12
    • "Dont know how I did without thia pillow. Best nights sleep I have had in a very long time and worth every penny I paid for it!"...5/19/12
    • "I didnt notice it. Thats what my husband said after the first night, and thats the highest possible praise for someone with a CPAP mask. After the second night, he continues to sleep more soundly, more solidly, than in years. THANK YOU for this pillow--it"...6/18/2011

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    New Features for Sleep Apnea Pillow

    The Contour CPAPmax Pillow has already received a facelift! - This pillow is designed to help sleep apnea patients sleep comfortably and in the proper position when using CPAP therapy.   It has been extremely well received and comments from users and respiratory therapists have been very complimentary.

    The new version now has an extra foam layer in the inside of the pillow adding 3/4" of an inch to the height.  Best of all, users can remove this layer to create a smaller profile pillow.  This innovative design addition compliments the two sided pillow surface design:  one side is memory foam with a cool layers of 3-D mesh fabric designed to keep the patient cooler and reduce humidity and perspiration during sleep.  Flip the pillow over and there is a fiber filled layer that feels more like a tradition polyester-filled pillow.

    See the CPAPmax Pillow video and learn more about CPAP Therapy

    Here is a new image detailing the new design enhancements:

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    New CPAPmax Next Generation Sleep Apnea Pillow

    See the brand new CPAPmax support pillow for sleep apnea patients using CPAP, BiPAP, or APAP therapy.
    This pillow uses the latest technologies designed to keep the user cooler and more comfortable, regardless of mask type.  The pillow has two surfaces and can be flipped over for your choice.  One side is a luxurious memory foam with a 3-D Mesh technology layer designed to provide the comfort of memory foam but with a surface that promotes air flow and keeps the user much cooler.  The other side has a fiberfill layer designed to simulate the feel of a traditional fill pillow.  Both side feature numerous features for improving CPAP comfort and support.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    BackMax Customer Review Video on YouTube

    See this review of our BackMax wedge system - posted by a customer on youtube.  As stated, the BackMax is perfect for improving comfort during recovery from surgery or injury: