Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolutions That Add Comfort

Without a proper night of sleep, it can be difficult to get through the day. Without a few nights of proper sleep, daily functions seem almost impossible. And that's putting it lightly. Because the more rest that's missed out on, the more difficult it can be to enjoy life, and the more we want to be curled up in bed – whether or not it provides us with relaxation. 

That's also why ensuring yourself comfort is a great way to step into 2016. With a bed that's restful and supportive, you can be sure to get as much sleep as necessary throughout the entire year. 

In order to stay relaxed each night, evaluate your current setup. How old is your mattress? How supportive is your pillow? Have you been warned about snoring or waking throughout the night but never been to see a doctor? Whatever comfort moves you've been putting off, now is the time to move forward. With getting a foam mattress cover, a new head cradling pillow, or finally booking your appointment to get looked at for sleep apnea. Each of which can provide years of personalized support.

In contrast, you're left to rest as-is, waking with the same aches and pains, and suffering from the same sleep-related issues. Instead, look to the above, or talk with your doctor about implementing even further solutions.

With these few simple changes, you can become better rested, have more support, and be more comfortable throughout the entire year. And if you're still on the fence about making such a change, look no further than our Comfort Guarantee. Choose an item that qualifies and you're able to return your product – for any reason – for up to 90 days. We're that confident you'll love it. 

Head to the Contour store to get started with your new sleep habits today.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wedges and Elevations for Different Conditions: High-Level Inclines

In the past two weeks, we've discussed different types of wedges and what they can be used to treat. It's a step that's helped us define our products, highlight some of their best features, and share important healing information with readers. Now we take this series one step further by talking about high-level wedges – what they can do and what conditions they're best outfitted to prevent.  

Those suffering from all-over back pains can gain ongoing relief with the steepest of wedges. Because they offer the most support and weight displacement of any style of wedge, these cushions can help relieve the most pains. Especially when a patient is suffering from aches throughout different areas in the back, like upper and lower, mid and upper, and so on. Such wedges are also great for dealing with throat and lung conditions, including surgery or treatment recovery. 

Because few sleep on high wedges (due to the angle), they're most often used to provide back alignment. This can include anything from resting sore muscles, helping bones settle in their proper place, reducing weight tension, and more. When paired with a full body support, high wedges can also be ideal for relieving all over aches. Such as reducing knee swelling or pains and gaining support in the legs. Or, simply use these full-body wedges to relax. When angled properly (for instance, with the BackMax Plus), patients can reduce the gravity's pull on their back, legs, and joints. Seeing as these generally cause the most pain, high wedges can also offer much needed relief. Whether after an especially achy day, or as a preventative measure. 

Whether you're nursing an injury or are just looking for some added comfort, a steep wedge can offer help with all of the above. Start browsing today and learn more from our product page

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Heartburn

Sleep on an incline to reduce heartburn
Out of all the great things about the holiday, food is absolutely one of them. The side effects that come from eating these rich foods, however, not so much. With all of the cream cheeses, the candies, heavy meats (and whatever else your family craves come December), it can be rough on the digestive system. Not only in the stomach, but in your esophagus. The combination of eating heavy and eating often – sometimes there are too many fun parties to say no to – causes the body to retaliate. 

Rather than suffering through the goodies, follow these guidelines to gain relief … while still eating your favorite dishes.

Eat Lighter – We know, it can be tough not to stuff your face with Grandma's best meals, but going easy will help the digestion process later. You can always go for a second plate, just allow your body to have a break first.

Eat Healthy Too – The best-tasting foods are the worst for you. But that doesn't mean you can't sprinkle in some vegetables now and there. Healthier dishes will provide your body with nutrients, while helping to break down all the fats.

Eat Earlier … Or Go To Bed Later – It's the holidays, you're allowed to set your own schedule. Putting more time between dinner and sleeping in particular can ensure your body has had enough time to break down the latest meal. This reduces the risk of heartburn greatly.

Take a Tummy Settler – Milk (dairy or an alternative), a glass of water, home remedies, such as apple cider vinegar and honey, peppermint tea, etc., can all ease your esophagus before bed. Use these beverages to calm down your stomach acid in a natural way.

Sleep on an Incline – If it's bedtime and you can feel the heartburn on its way, use a wedge pillow to get better sleep. This will require stomach acid to essentially climb before causing pain. 

Enjoy the holiday snacks with these easy and effective heartburn killing tricks. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wedges and Elevations for Different Conditions: Mid-Level Inclines

Last week we talked about the wedge and how sleeping or just resting on an incline can better your health. Today we take that same concept a step further and focus our attention on mid-level wedges. Slightly taller or steeper than their shorter friends, there's plenty that the mid-level wedge can do. Just like its lower counterpart, it offers pain relief, circulation increases, and all-around comfort.

But just who should use it? And what conditions are best to take on with a mid-level wedge? 

According to medical research and scientific designs, it's best for reaching the middle of the back. Pains, misalignments, as well as ongoing injuries can all be reached with this size of wedge. Its efforts then trickle down into the lower back, hips, and knees, as well as up into the shoulders and neck. Mid-height wedges are also great for surgery recovery, allowing you to elevate the chest, or to prop legs and increase circulation. Just like in the hospital, but in the comfort of your own home. 

Or, if you suffer from heartburn or GERD, mid-sized wedges can help more severe cases. Because there's more height, the wedge lets gravity do the work, keeping stomach acid suppressed by forcing a steeper climb. 

Many of our mid-height wedges come as part of an adjustable set, allowing the user to choose just how propped they'd like to be. This can be an ideal way to switch between sleeping and watching TV, as well as a supportive position for the couch. With versatility and healing all in one, you can gain multiple perks with a single incredible product.

Of course, you can always talk with your doctor about treatment options regarding your wedge pillow. Experiment to see what positions provide the best relief, and gain their medical advice to find the best outcome possible. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Perfect Last-Minute Camping Gift!

It's getting down to the wire when shopping for holiday gifts. Yet chances are you still have a person or two on your list. Those folks that just can't be shopped for – or for whom you've simply been too busy to pick out the ideal gift. But fret not! Contour Living is here to save the day. With pillows and alignment accessories that can be used for all occasions, we're the ideal stop for any hard-to-satisfy loved one. 

But today we take your shopping a step further. We're catering to die-hard campers, and providing them with an all-inclusive package. One that combines all their outdoor comfort needs and rolls it up into one easy-to-buy gift.

Pick up one for every outdoorsy person in your life and stock away for gifts that are great any time of year. Including birthdays, family get-togethers, moving fits, or just because!

The Contour camping package includes:

The Double Back and Leg Cushion – This dual use pillow can be split and used in two different ways in order for you to maximize your camping space. Support the neck and lower back at the same time, use as head support and a seat cushion, and then roll up for convenient packing.

Kabooti Seat Cushion – Get rear relief when driving or sitting around the campfire. You can even choose the camo pattern cover for an added touch of personalization for your campers. 

Cloud Mattress Pad – No matter how fun camping might be, it's still difficult to get a good night's rest on the ground. Opt instead for a Cloud mattress pad for a surface that's cushioned, proven comfortable, and comes with plenty of back support. 

Combined, these items work to create a cushy camping experience. Making the whole trip more enjoyable. 

Right now, it's even on sale. Add our holiday coupon codes to get even further savings. 

Head to the Camper Comfort Package page to order today. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wedges and Elevations for Different Conditions: Low-Level Inclines

You've heard that sleeping on an incline can help with various symptoms. Whether suffering from heartburn, recovering after a recent surgery, or just looking to reduce cold symptoms the natural way, there are an incredible number of ailments that can be helped by lounging on an incline. There's no doubt about it. The tricky part, however, is determining just how much of an incline you need, and what type of relief each level can provide.

First and foremost, talk with your doctor. After you've gotten their advice, you can work to find the best level for healing and comfort. You can also take personal preference into account – if you like a lower wedge, you might not be able to gain sleep on a more severe incline, and so on. Then it's time to look into what each height will best help solve.

Lower inclines – most often used for comfort, these short wedges are most often used for neck and back alignment. Use them to ensure your spine is settling as it should throughout the night. It's a simple move that can eliminate back pain, muscle aches, as well as headaches. 

Place these lower incline wedges under the rear to alleviate pain in the lower back and weight displacement. They can also be used for feet in order to increase blood flow back into the legs. This is most common after a knee or leg injury, and should be used with doctor approval. 

Why it works – by offering the back a proper resting surface that works with it, not against, you can keep your bones in proper alignment throughout the night. Unfortunately, when we fall asleep we can jar into all types of positions that disrupt the bones, which can then cause ongoing pains from being out of place. The wedge also works on other areas of the body by providing support at a gentle angle.

To learn more or start browsing, head to our wedge pillow page today. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

What's the Ideal Sleeping Temperature?

You might have heard that it's better to sleep in a chilly room. You might even agree from personal experience. But did you know there is actually science behind this old wives' tale? And as to just how cool that room should be? The stats have been taken, the studies done, and the results are in – letting us know the absolute ideal sleeping temp each and every night. And the answer is … whatever is most comfortable, generally between 65 and 72 degrees. Much warmer or cooler and the body is more likely to wake frequently.

Due to different body types, sizes, and preferences, folks were shown to sleep deeper at different degrees. With their bodies also running at varied "norms." However, one thing remained in common: those who slept in a cooler room at night vs. what was comfortable during the day gained better rest. When your body sleeps, your core temperature actually goes down – because you're resting and working to save energy. It's a move that our body takes care of on its own. Achieving this lower temp is much easier when your house itself is chillier at night … vs. forcing the body to cool itself against your bedroom environment. 

These nighttime temps can be found by manually or auto setting a thermostat. Keep a small heater in your living space to add warmth while you're awake, or light a fire. It will raise the thermostat while you're up and aware of your degrees. Then once bedtime hits, the fire will have died down and the house will cool itself off overnight. Allowing you to rest even more soundly throughout the night. 

Look to these simple thermostat adjustments, and keep track of what range is most comfortable for you and your family, and earn access to a scientifically proven way to sleep better. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How Do CPAP Pillows Help CPAP Therapy?

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects the ability to get a good night sleep. By interrupting your body's airflow and steady breathing, it wakes you throughout the night. Keeping you from obtaining long bouts of rest, or gaining some of the deepest REM levels. Over time this can add up to some serious sleep deprivation. One of the best ways to gain sleep apnea relief, however, is through CPAP treatments, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure. By essentially forcing air through the nasal passages, patients can rest easy, without their body obstructing their own nightly airflow.

But did you know it can get even better than that? Accessories have been specifically designed to help make CPAP therapy more effective. For instance, lotions that help keep your nose moist, wipes that allow you to clean your mask with ease. And what has been voted the unofficial crowd favorite, the CPAP pillow. It works by hosting specialty cutouts that fit your CPAP mask. That way you can turn and roll throughout the night, but without fear of smashing your mask up against your pillow. No matter how well your machine is helping you sleep, plastic forced into your skin is sure to cause an unwelcome wake up call. 

The pillows also host cord cutouts on either side, allowing you to turn from left to right with ease. No crushing your own air tube, and the flexibility to sleep on whichever side is most comfortable. Even if that means switching throughout the night. 

Being more comfortable means better sleep, as well as a more efficient nighttime routine. Putting on a breathing mask for bed has never been so easy. If you're already using a CPAP machine or are in talks with your doctor about adding one to your nighttime routine, consider the help of a CPAP pillow for an additional layer of comfort, and easy equipment use.  

Thursday, December 3, 2015

How Can a Knee Pillow Help With Back Pain?

Sleeping with a knee pillow
Neck pillows support the neck. Head pillows are made to support your head while resting. And so on. It's a logic that makes sense. It would also make us think that knee pillows are made for knee health. And while that's true, there's also far more to it than that. Knee pillows aren't just for the knees. They can also help support the entire back.

By adjusting your alignment and encouraging blood to flow more efficiently, knee pillows can help put body weight where it needs to be. That means reducing pressure on the back, and therefore alleviating pain. Essentially, it helps put the legs where they need to be. Which can then reduce weight and pressure or pain that's cause by misaligned lower limbs.

More often than not, back pain is caused by something in particular. Maybe it's a pinched nerve. Or the neck turned wrong so it's causing uneven weight displacement. Slouching or causing uneven bones – even when you are standing or sitting still. By correcting this problem, you are able to in turn reduce or eliminate back pain.

If your back hurts when sitting, consider adjusting your position. This can be a minor change, or enlisting the help of a pillow that will properly align and support the body. Therefore reducing pains. The longer this practice is continued (or more often) the greater amount of relief that can be found. 

Knee pillows can do wonders for your back pain, especially when used to doctor specification, and on a regular basis. Start searching to find your ideal knee pillow today. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's the Difference Between an Adjustable and Standard Wedge?

Have you heard about seat or bed wedges? But maybe didn't know what they were all about? If so you're not alone. Though the wedge is one of our favorite products, not everyone has experienced just how wonderful it can be. But that's not all, even those who have experienced an inclined pillow don't understand the difference between standard and adjustable versions.

So just what is a wedge? And what are the perks that come with versatile models? 

A wedge is a piece of cushion or foam that's made of an inclined shape. Whether made to sit on, sleep against, or lounge upon, it helps support the body while allowing plenty of comfort on the process. They're used to add comfort while, as well as a healing prop to any number of medical conditions. Wedges help ease snoring, increase oxygen and blood flow, decrease symptoms of heartburn, GERD, etc. They can also help with pregnancy and post-surgery recovery. 

Standard Vs. Custom

With a standard wedge, the user is given a static shape and angle to use throughout the length of their cushion's usage. While pillows can be added, they won't always stay put and will offer a different texture that can become lumpy or lopsided over time. 

With a custom wedge, however, the texture is much of the same, as well as the design. However, it also comes with additional features. The pillow can be folded or moved into different shapes or positions. With some versions, pieces even zip apart or together to maximize your functions. Adjustable wedges can be switched up for size – allowing users to create a travel model, or go full-out when lounging at home. Choose one that's inflatable, memory foam that forms to your body over time, or stick with static support.

Adjustable wedges offer users more options than their standard counterparts. Head to our wedge page to check out models, or live-chat an expert on our home page to learn more today.