Tuesday, July 24, 2018

How to Buy Your Best Pillow Yet

You sleep on it every night – so why not opt for a pillow that provides comfort and support in every way imaginable? Your pillow can alleviate pain, allow you to sleep better and longer, and leave you more rested in the process. Yet so many of us stick to their standard model that they've had for years. Or worse, when it is time to buy a new pillow, they go cheap or avoid research if at all possible.

Then, over time, we're left to deal with the consequences with allergies, sweating, or even recurring pains.

Yet with just a little information you can provide yourself with your most comfortable sleeping surface yet!

Pillow Buying Guide

First things first, determine what type of attributes you're after with your pillow. Do you have neck pain? Do you prefer sleeping on a plush-like piece of cloud? Or would you rather perch your head on a flatter, thinner surface? Will you use your new pillow for lounging? Or is it strictly for sleeping purposes? All of these questions and more can help you pick the perfect pillow yet.

Next, it's time to weigh your options. Take a look at the pillow selection available on ContourLiving.com. Read reviews, look at pros for each model. Determine what assets can best meet your support needs by looking at features and guides that aligns each pillow model with ailments or potential symptom relief.

If you have been to a doctor for alignment or pain related issues, it's also a good idea to ask what they recommend in a pillow.  

Next look at cost. Though it will certainly play a factor into how you shop, you should also weigh fees against potential for relief, frequency of use (likely every night), and the sheer satisfaction of being comfortable.

Now it's decision time! Take your comfort factors to heart and look at what you can gain from each available model, what you'll be using it for, and more.

Of course, the REAL test will be the first time you lay down to sleep. Even a test run once it arrives in the mail won't truly show what your new pillow can do. (Don't act like you won't do this immediately!) Try Contour's 45-day guarantee for peace of mind that you're getting a better night's rest. If not, there's no commitment! Zero risk, and everything to gain – what are you waiting for?!

Your Pillow for Life

Considering how much use you can get out of a single pillow, it's crazy to think we don't spend more time evaluating where we will lay our head every night. With a little research and a lot of testing, you can be sure you've found your best pillow match to meet comfort needs and eliminate certain aches and pains. Why suffer from daily grievances when you can rest in pain-free peace instead?

Check out our pillow buying guide to learn more, or head to our growing selection to find the perfect pillow today!