Monday, January 6, 2014

Tea Tonics to Stay Healthy and Ache-free

When coming down with a cold, one of the first things you do is make a nice hot cup of soup. Or tea, or broth, or vitamin-infused nectar. Whatever the concoction, it’s slated to be healthy and soothe the throat of its painful, groggy state. Warm concoctions also relieve body aches and pains, while reducing any chills from the inside out. If these combinations can help when we’re sick, however, why not drink them all the time? Taking in a daily regimen of hot, healthy liquids can do wonders for one’s health, especially when infused with natural immune boosting abilities.

Rather than waiting for a flu to strike, nip the problem in the bud by opting for good health year-round.

Recipes for Good Health

Chamomile – Known for its calming effects, chamomile is a great option before bed. Brew a warm cup to soothe your body into a relaxing state. This will also help you get some rest – when sick or otherwise.

Peppermint – Because it comes with menthol built right in, peppermint tea helps with congestion, coughs, and sore throats. Stick to this flavor when the onset of a cold is coming on, or when looking for a fresh, yummy taste.

Ginger – Coming with an extra dose of zest, ginger tea – or spice – will help reduce nausea, an upset stomach, or dizziness. It can also be a great dessert alternative for those with a sweet tooth.

Lemon – Either brewed with lemon flavoring or a fresh lemon, this citrus option is full of vitamin C. Use it as a healthy pick-me-up any time of year.

Additional flavors can also up the wellness factor as well. Honey can cure a sore throat, while working to combat ongoing allergies. Dandelion is filled with antioxidants, and mixing in herbs can offer any number of health benefits (and flavor). [Livestrong]

No matter your cup of tea, hot beverages of all kinds offer ample health benefits. Choose a flavor today and start drinking to your health.