Saturday, November 30, 2013

Take 6 Months to Pay on Mattress Genie and BackMax

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Best Chairs to Reduce Coccyx Pain

From reducing pressure to offering as much cushion as possible, there are several types of chairs that reduce tailbone pain. Each is designed to adjust the way you sit so weight is distributed more evenly, and doesn’t rest solely on the coccyx area. Check out these recommended chairs that offer the maximum levels of lower back relief.

Kneeling Chairs

Whether makeshift stool or actual chair, these versions place the weight on the legs and knees rather than the rear. “Sit” on this specialty-made incline to alleviate pressure where it can cause the most pain. Most are adjustable and come with ample knee padding.


With a number of available sizes and makes, these canvas-covered stools are made to fit any size. Perch on the edge to avoid tailbone pressure, or sink into the tripod model to maximize weightlessness.

Director’s Chairs

Made to sag, the director’s chair is great for all levels of coccyx pain. Find a traditional model, or a lowered version (such as a lawn chair or office version) for a gentle sitting option, no matter where you’re headed.

Medicine Ball

Because it’s inflatable and “gives,” a medicine ball is a great option to help combat tailbone pain. Adjust your posture as you go, and roll the ball to find a comfortable lower back position.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Though this option may be hard to use at a desk, it’s great for relaxing after a long day of back pain. Use it to remove the strain and pull from the lower back, which is a direct cause of coccyx inflammation.

The Toilet

Believe it or not, coccyx sufferers agree that the toilet is one of the most comfortable places to sit. The cutout middle provides relief exactly where it’s needed most. Consider taking an extra rest in the bathroom, or as some have done, find a new model solely for sitting purposes.

To learn more about your sitting options, head to

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Hazards of Wearing High Heels

High-heeled shoes of all shapes and heights can cause ongoing damage to the body. Depending on frequency and length of wear, these side effects can vary from minor pain to irreversible damage. Before strapping on those stylish shoes this holiday season, consider the specifics as to what’s taking place with each step.

Calf Muscles Can Shorten

Over time, the calf muscles can shrink and shorten due to improper usage. When wearing high heels, the rear of the foot is elevated, using less of this important muscle with each step.

Shortened Achilles Tendon

Also in danger of minimizing in length is the Achilles tendon. When walking on an angle vs. flat-footed, the tendon becomes compromised and is used in an unsafe position.

Knee Pain

When wearing high heels, thigh muscles are made to work harder, which means more impact on the knee (knee cap pressure alone increases by 26%). Over time this leads to aches or injuries.

Bad Posture

Because of the way one’s weight is displaced in high heels, the rest of the body’s posture suffers. The stomach is pushed forward (as well as the chest), the rear is pushed back, tilting the lower back, and knees and ankles are bent at awkward ankles, while the toes take the brunt of the weight. This is a recipe for pain and poor circulation in all areas of the body.

Ankle Sprain

Without proper footing, ankle sprains are far more likely to take place. In heightened shoes, wearers are more likely to lose balance, slip, or misstep, which can often cause ankle injuries.

Weight Displacement

Feet were made to hold one’s weight evenly, not all on the ball or toes. And the higher the heel, the more pressure that’s put onto the front of the feet. This can cause corns, shortening of toes, hammertoes, bunions, and a number of other pain-inducing issues. [Consumer Healthcare]

Holiday or not, avoiding high heels on a regular basis can help you to avoid these unfortunate health issues. Stick to flats for comfort, and for your health.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Holiday Shopping Back-Saving Tips

This time of year, it’s practically tradition to get in an intense round of shopping. Stores are offering up tremendous sales, and shoppers from all around will stand in long lines to save a few extra dollars. However, no matter what’s on your list during these events, be sure to follow body-friendly routines. That means safe lifting, easy-push carts, and no diving or acrobats to reach emptying shelves – no matter how great the deal.

From staying upright to letting others push through, stick to the following:

Team Lift 

Avoid picking up heavy or large objects alone. Ask a friend (or even a stranger) for help, or wait for the next employee to bring a rolling cart. Improper lifting can cause serious back or neck strain, long-term pains, and ongoing injuries. This shopping season, save your back and wait for help instead.

Can you Find it Online?

These days, practically every item found in-store can be found online. While it may not host the same deals, a few extra funds are often worth the headache of standing in line. Before getting up at a crazy hour, check the computer to see if it’s sold through the store’s website. Many stores even offer free shipping around the holidays.

Use a Cart

Even when picking up a few items, balancing and rearranging them can make your tilt and lean in odd directions. Pick up a cart to wheel your items around with ease; it’s also a great place for the purse (so long as it’s attended), which can also cause back strain if too heavy.

Don’t Fight a Crowd

With angry (or excited) shoppers, there’s really no telling what could take place. Instead of being pushed through a crowded area, opt for times where fewer shoppers will be present. Or let others head in first for a more relaxing, injury-free day of sales.

Whether standing in line for the greatest deals or just picking up a few holiday gifts, remember to follow the above for optimal back health in any shopping scenario.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

4 Places to Avoid Falling Asleep This Thanksgiving

With a fully belly and a warm house, nothing sounds better than a nice afternoon nap. (This comes after mounting research that turkey causes sleepiness.) Whether a short catnap or lasting for hours on end, this post-dinner pick-me-up is just what eaters need to keep them going post dessert. However, before you curl up on the couch this coming Thursday, consider your other, more back-friendly options.

To avoid a backache this Thanksgiving – along with your bellyache – avoid falling asleep in these common napping locations.

4. The Recliner

Though comfy for sitting short-term, sleeping too long in this lazy-L position can cause lower back pain. Look for a sturdier lumbar placement for a power nap that doesn’t drain spinal support.

3. The Kitchen Table

When full, sometimes it’s just too difficult to stand up and move to a cozier location. Whether slouching in your dinner chair or bent over on the table, this position could cause serious repercussions to your mid-back, neck, and circulation. For the sake of staying pain-free, move to a new area before letting the turkey settle.

2. A Sagging Couch

When visiting Grandma or Great Aunt Nell, the draw to that classic family couch can grow strong. However, a sinking center means no support and little cushion for the areas that need it most. While these retro couches can be great for checking the latest football scores, try and stay awake and seated upright.

1. The Floor

The floor can be a truly awful place to take a snooze – after all it’s hard, unforgiving, and offers zero cushioning. Though stretching out may feel great after a big meal, look for the help of a leg, neck, or lower back pillow to help ease the blow of the hardened floor.

This Thanksgiving, a nap may be a well-earned necessity. However, remember to opt for comfortable, supportive locations to keep your spine in prime working order.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stretches to Improve Lumbar Support

No matter your daily routine or level of back health, a few lumbar-focused exercises can help increase flexibility. Because these moves are specifically designed to loosen muscles and strengthen the core, their focused actions add stability right where you need it most. From the spine, to the hips, to the entire lumbar section, a few stretches and/or exercises each day can greatly improve one’s lower back.

First, start with small stretches to get your muscles loosened and warmed up. Exercising on “cold” muscles – especially within an already injured area – can greatly increase the risk for tightness and ongoing pains. This can be done by simply bending at the waist and reaching for your toes, leaning side to side, or bending sideways with an arm above your head. Start slow to see which movements ting or pull in the back; you will also increase your flexibility over time.

Bach Arch

This move is done standing, with feet placed shoulder-width apart. Palms should sit on the lower back while you bend backward and take deep breaths. Hold for five seconds and repeat multiple times.

The Pelvic Tilt

Next, try lying on your back and placing your arms flat on the floor, knees should be bent with the bottom of your shoes also on the floor. Now, press your rear into the floor so the base of the spine makes contact. Hold this for a few seconds and repeat several times.

Side Stretches

Similar to warm up movements above, the side stretch can help loosen muscles that are harder to locate in “regular” poses. Place one arm straight up into the air and bend the side toward that arm until you feel it stretch. Hold and alternate sides/arms for an even, thorough stretch. [Nismat]

Gaining flexibility throughout the lumbar and lower back is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add strength. Incorporate these moves into your daily routine for a stronger, less painful lower back.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tips for Mattress Removal/Recycling

When opting for a new mattress set, one of the hardest parts is getting rid of the old model. There may be an empty storage room down the hall, or a room in need of a guest sleeping option – but what about houses that are already up to its rafters in beds? Or what about older past-their-prime beds that just need to be pitched? From selling, to recycling, there can be several ways to make easy departure of your old friend.

The next time you decide to buy, follow this simple guide for keeping your home to the optimal mattress ratio.

Have it Hauled Away

More often than not, the furniture store will have your old model hauled away for free. Ask when shopping for the new bed, which can sweeten the pot without upping the price. Be sure to remove sheets and clear any personal items from the delivery path to ensure a quick and easy transfer.

However, if it’s not offered free of charge, you can always pay for pick up, or take your mattress to the dump (which will cost you a few dollars as well).

Sell your Old Bed

For newer models that still have several years to live, recoup some of your money with a sale. Host a garage sale, spread the word to friends, or take out an ad in the paper or online. This likely won’t pay the bill in full, but is a nice way to offset some of the sticker shock of a brand new bed.

Recycle It

Depending on the size of your city, there may be available options to recycle or repurpose your old mattress. Check city websites, local charities, recycling plants or host a Craigslist ad in the “free” section. You just may find and an artist or creative type looking for old mattresses. (Be honest about the condition so others can decide whether its worthy for sleeping or if it’s recycle-able material.)

No matter what the future holds for your bed, there are plenty of safe, environmentally safe options to explore. Consider each for a painless way to free up your bedroom floor.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Product! Contour’s Double Back Cushion

In our ever-growing repertoire of back relief products now comes a brand new revolutionary product: the Double Back Cushion. Contour’s latest release and offering two solutions in one, this new type of cushion is one we’re happy to stock our shelves with … and just in time for the holidays.

But what exactly does this “Double Back” thing have to offer?

As its name suggests, the pillow is two products in one – a stuffed leg pillow and a foam lumbar support wrap. Simply unroll for lumbar structure, or roll into its pillow form for comfort with added height.

The Double Back pillow can be used in a wide variety of combinations so patients can get the most out of their treatment options.

The “duo” works great as a supportive neck pillow; try it on the couch, in the car, or when traveling for a comfortable way to squeeze in some rest. But that’s not all the Double Back Cushion can do. When used on the back, stomach, or legs, it offers some serious relief. Place the pillow between the legs or under the ankles for cushioned relaxation, while the lumbar foam section offers mid and lower back alignment.

For those with ongoing discomfort, the duo is made to offer relief in specific pressure point areas.

Added features:

Sleepers in all positions can use the pillow, whether sleeping on their side, back, or stomach.
The Double Back is made to support both the cervical spine and the lumbar areas.
With this product, spines receive cushioned alignment, along with the hips and knees. No more twisting or pressure during sleep.
In its lumbar position, the pillow is 27 inches long, while its pillow counterpart measures 10.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

From holiday shopping to personalized back support, Contour’s new Double Back Cushion has something to offer everyone.

Shop today to receive our special intro sale price.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Mattresses: Why Now’s the Time to Buy

When it comes to big purchases, tomorrow, next month, or even next year is always “the best time to buy.” Because these items are expensive and bulky, we rarely make purchase until it’s a necessity. But when it comes to your mattress, the surface you sleep on every single night, buying now just may be the best bet.

Thanks to a waning market, mattress companies are offering amazing deals and incentives. And so far, their price cuts haven’t seen end in sight. For instance, on top of already great deals, mattress shops are offering buy-one-get-one-free offers – essentially a 50% discount. You may not need dual mattress sets, but maybe you have a friend or family member who’s also looking to buy. Or, take home the free model and sell it at a ridiculous discount. Since the model you already got was such a great deal, any sales profit is just an added bonus.

Other incentives are coming in the form of electronics, like free iPads or TVs (Some of which offset the price of the bed itself.) And of course, all of this comes on top of free deliveries, warranties, and a great price.

Should You Replace Your Mattress?

Even with models only a few years old, many are still opting to take advantage of these ongoing deals. Rather than paying full price once their current bed runs out of comfort power, they’re nipping the problem in the bud. Older models can then be sold or put in storage for safekeeping.

No matter the scenario, however, there is no denying that it’s a great time to purchase your next mattress. From a fancy pillow top to even the most basic of models, companies are offering ongoing deals that are almost impossible to resist.

Consider finding your next bed today and use the slow market to your advantage.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 Interesting Facts About the Human Back

From cause to cure, every person’s back behaves a little bit differently. Whether it’s working or sitting on a regular basis, the back supports the body and many of its regular functions. Sometimes this results in pain or injuries, while other, luckier patients, live a healthy-backed life. Due to all of the different causes and potential outcomes, it’s likely that no two back life-stories are the same. However, that didn’t stop doctors from putting stats on the most unlikely of results.

From smoking-induced pains to average yearly fees, check out this list of unusual back-related facts.

5. An upwards of 85% of back pain can’t be identified. 

Though certain causes appear more likely than others, the majority of patients (and their doctors) are unsure as to what instance(s) first triggered their ongoing pain.

4. An adult has 24 spinal sections

Growing and fusing together as the body ages, adults host 24 sections in their spine, while babies are born with 33.

3. Smoking causes back pain

Regular smokers are 2.5 times more likely to develop back pains than non-smokers. This increase is due to oxygen flow within the blood, lengthened healing times, and the degeneration of vertebra discs.

2. Back pain is more common as we age

Though it can occur younger, most develop regular pains between ages 30 and 40. Intermittent aches (such as those from sleeping on a bad mattress) also occur more often and stick around for longer amounts of time.

1. Cartilage accounts for only 25% of the spine

Connecting vertebrae and protecting the spinal cord, cartilage takes up only a quarter of the adult back length. The rest is accounted for by space, ligaments, and the spinal cord itself.

The human back is full of intricacies and random facts of interest. From the areas that cause pain to the makeup of the body itself, doctors and scientists alike are working on new ways to make life more comfortable for those who suffer from regular pain.

To learn more about the back and ways to keep it healthy, head to