Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snuggle Up with Contour’s New L-Pillow

How often do you toss and turn looking for that perfect side sleeping position? A few times a month? A few times a week? A night? No matter the frequency, it just seems that sometimes, it’s practically impossible to stay comfortable while sleeping on your side.

Until now. With the help of Contour Living’s brand new L-Shaped pillow, sleepers of all ages and sizes can get the side support they’ve been waiting for. As its name suggests, this pillow takes the shape of a literal L, leaving a section for one’s head and neck, and another for the side, knees, or arms. Turn it around to flip over, or adjust as needed to achieve optimal side-sleeping comfort.

Who Should Use the L-Shaped Pillow

The L-Pillow is great for anyone looking for a relaxing, supportive way to sleep. As well as those suffering from ongoing aches and pains caused from improper alignment, recent surgery patients, or those looking for a better way to rest each night.

Also made for anyone who’s looking for a little extra body support, this pillow offers a plush resting space for the spinal system. Lay down your neck and head for an added bit of comfort – also keeping it steadily in place – while simultaneously aligning the spine, hips, and back. The pillow is also great for properly adjusting shoulders without adding extra weight or pressure.

Sleepers can “hug” their pillow to reduce resting weight on the arms, or just adjust to find the proper position – no matter how your prefer to sleep.

Additional Features

The L-Pillow also comes with:

Premium fabric – let the microfiber feel help soothe you into sleep.
Quality construction – durable and made to last, each pillow is made with the utmost precision and care.
Support for nursing or holding your baby – adjust the pillow to achieve maximum comfort while giving baby the care he or she needs.

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