Thursday, December 29, 2011

CPAP Replacement Pillow Cover

Protect your Investment

“Congratulations!” you body is chanting to you, as you have made the wise decision to invest in the ultimate comfort in CPAP therapy. The CPAPMax Pillow,Contour CPAP Pillow, or any product from Contour Living, rather is certainly going to not only enhance your nightly rest and relaxation experience, but your overall health in general. This sounds wonderful, right? Right.

Now let’s take that extra step to protect your new investment with the new Replacement Pillow Cases specifically designed for the CPAP Pillows by Contour Living. These cases are available in both standard and high profile sizes, allowing them to accommodate any of the specialty pillow you have purchased. They are custom designed to fit perfectly to your CPAP pillow and will protect your investment, generating the utmost comfort and support each and every night.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pillow Praise: Raving Reviews for the CPAP Max Pillow!

The foundation here at ContourLiving is about seeking the utmost comfort and support through our specialty products.  Certainly not one to toot its own horn, but when credit is due to a job well done, well, we’ll take it! We have received some wonderful reviews from customers both near and far online from one of our most popular specialty pillows, the CPAPMax Pillow. These CPAPmax Pillow Reviews are from our own valued ContourLiving customers as well as those who have purchased our products from various other online sites. Take a read below and see how our products have benefited so many!  
Cheryl on 8/28/2011, said: 

"I didn't notice it." That's what my husband said after the first night, and that's the highest possible praise for someone with a CPAP mask. After the second night, he continues to sleep more soundly, more solidly, than in years. THANK YOU for this pillow--it's made a huge difference in his comfort and his wellbeing.

Tom on 5/17/2011, said:
I started using this pillow about 3 weeks ago - I have had the best nights of sleep since I have been using a c-pap machine for the last 5 years . It will be going with me on trips etc.
FRED on 4/25/2011, said:
Made sleeping all night much easier
Debbie on 3/16/2011, said:
"With this pillow, I am able to lay in more positions without the number of air leaks that I had with a standard pillow design."
ContourLiving Customer on 3/5/2011, said:
Just slept my first night with this pillow. Absolutely wonderful! I haven't slept that well since I've been using CPAP! The foam stinks, however, my experience with any memory foam is that it stinks when you first get it. I highly recommend.