Thursday, January 9, 2014

5 Dance Moves that Will Ruin your Back Health

Dancing has long since been a crowd favorite. Whether skilled or just out to have a good time, it’s an activity that all levels can enjoy. It’s also kid-friendly and an added way to burn some extra calories; dancing is a great way for all ages to let loose, have a good time, and really feel the beat. But what happens when those dance moves actually hurt your level of health?

When it comes to these five more advanced moves, that may just be the case. To save your back – and everyone’s opinion of your dancing abilities – it may be best to steer clear of the following.

The Worm

This classic move is performed by essentially rolling oneself across the floor, stomach first, hands and feet on the floor, and back in motion. To save yourself some serious backaches down the line, leave the worm alone and choose something that allows you to stay upright.

Aggressive Body Rolls

A lesser version of the above, body rolls take place when the dancer “rolls” his or her body in a fluid pattern. Made famous by Michael Jackson in the 80s, this move could also stretch your back farther than it’s ready to flow.

Pretty Much Any Breakdancing

For those who actually can breakdance, it’s an immense source of talent and pride. After all they’re contorting their body into crazy patterns and rhythms while staying balanced (rarely on the feet). However, these acrobatic moves do little to promote back health and should be left to the ultra-flexible.

The Elaine

Made famous on Seinfeld, Elaine Benes’s character danced by jolting her limbs about. Seen as jerky, awkward, and embarrassing, it’s one that’s sure to cause a jarred back – even when performed as a joke.

The Back Spin

Considering this move places your weight directly on the spine, then spins it in a quick, painful fashion, nothing about it sounds bone friendly. Rather than risking bruises or sore muscles, choose a routine that offers more support, and less crowd attention.

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