Monday, January 13, 2014

Tips for Reducing Weather-Induced Joint Pain

This time of year, it’s easy to get bogged down with cabin fever. Ongoing wind chills make trips into the outdoors unbearable, only so many sweaters can be worn at a time, and sudden (or even gradual) weather changes can cause intense pains. A simple cold front can cause aches for days. Each person experiences these pains differently, especially those who had joint or bone injuries. Because of the way the air and subsequent atmospheric pressure adjusts during these temperature changes, pains can vary from dull to throbbing and intense.

Just by following a few easy steps, however, those side effects can be greatly reduced.

Consider Starting a Pain Medicine Regimen

When cold weather is slated to strike, consider taking medications beforehand to nip the pain in the bud. Rather than waiting for the cold temps to take place, you can be ready the next time they come around. Talk to your doctor about options, doses, and types of medications, and whether or not they fit safely within your lifestyle.

Stay Warm

Rather than venturing out into the cold every chance you get, consider indoor activities until wind chills even out. This can mean indoor gyms, activities that don’t need an unlimited amount of space, and entertaining oneself through books or games rather than Frisbees and horseshoes.

Check the Weather

Staying on top of weather predictions is one of the easiest ways to beat them. Look for temperatures as well as upcoming barometer readings, and other scientific data. This can be found on national or other advanced weather-tracking websites.

Keep Yourself Healthy

These aches are only increased during times of bad health; even the slightest cold can magnify weather-induced reactions. However, by staying well rested and full of vitamin C, you can help fight added symptoms before they have a chance to take hold.