Friday, September 4, 2015

How Posture Can Help you Age Gracefully

Like so many others agree, a majority of the population remembers being told to "sit up straight." Whether sitting at the dinner table or working at their school desk, adults of all levels of stature were constantly reminding kids that they were tired of their slouching ways. A fact those kids wouldn't soon forget. No matter how dramatic our childhood selves might remember those interactions, however, it was actually for our own good. Posture, much like eating vegetables and getting enough sleep, is an aspect of healthy body behavior. One that kids are rarely keen to follow, and one that, when not used, can create terrible habits into adulthood. 

Being told to sit up straight wasn't a punishment, it was a way for adults to show kids they cared about their future health.

After all, good posture grows into habit over time. After reminding yourself to keep your back straight and flat so many times, the body remembers to do so all on its own. It's a step that allows for easy muscle memory. 

Good posture will also help create stronger back muscles, keeping one ready for all scenarios and growth. As well as keeping the spine in place and the back aligned. A step that can keep pains at bay, while also improving overall back health. But most importantly, it can help keep you healthy as you age. With the onset of osteoporosis or a decline in bone density, ensuring your posture is solid can lessen those side effects. Keeping you upright and with smaller chances at needing a back doctor. 

There are plenty of lifestyle changes that can help keep your body healthy, especially as it grows older. And though posture is one that's often overlooked, it can offer profound health strides to the back, and to the rest of the body.