Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Contour Bio Pillow - Indulge in a Luxurious Bed Pillow

Just released - our brand new Contour Bio Pillow!  This pillow combines a special memory foam infused with Green Tea with a dual-sided cover! The result is a supportive pillow surrounded by an absolutely luxurious high-tech cover. Designed for both back and side sleepers, the ergonomic shape of this bed pillow supports your head, neck and spine so that muscles can relax, rest and rejuvenate - the way nature intended during sleep.
  • Enjoy comfort through all four seasons with the pillow's dual-sided cover:
    • Top layer of 3-D Mesh covered by soft jersey material produces a virtual layer of air is between your head and the pillow's foam core for coll sleeping, especially during warmer months.
    • Turn pillow for a plush microfiber cover, with soft fiber-fill for luxurious comfort
  • Sleep the way nature intended with the Contour Bio Pillow support core
    • Enjoy a fresh, invigorating sleep on the memory foam core infused with green tea foam
    • Green tea helps neutralize odors for long lasting freshness
    • Includes soy-based foam for added durability, quality and support
    • Pillow core is injection molded, and includes:
      • Crescent shaped curve for shoulder comfort, helps position head in center of pillow for maximum support
      • Breathe easily while side sleeping with the pillow's tapered pillow edges
      • Center depression offers superior head and neck accomodation when sleeping on back.
      • More layer is ventilated throughout to help minimize heat build-up

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Better Back Max

You've finally reached that wonderful time of the day; post five o’ clock. The proverbial work day has come to an end, and home is on the horizon. You've looked forward to relaxing your aching body from the stress of endless e-mails, “Yes ‘Mams” and ‘Right away, Sirs”.  Unwinding in front of mindless television sounds more like paradise, and the cherry-on-top of this relaxation sundae comes in the form of pillow; the Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Body Wedge Pillow, that is.  Still just as sweet.
Contour Living has created such a product that is able to offer the entire body total comfort and support with the added benefit of massage. The Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Body Wedge Pillow Cushion set features an ergonomic cushion design matches the natural curvature of the spine. The torso wedge flips for use in a full upright or reclining position. It features the zero-gravity position, placing your body at a 120-degree angle, one of the most relaxed positions for your heart, body and nervous system. Delivering eight different ways to offer you total body comfort, this system is perfect for reading, watching TV, or relaxing anywhere. It not only supports your head and upper body, but your knees, feet and legs are also comforted in any position as the dual massage in the torso and leg wedges soothes and relaxes. Our customers favor this pillow especially post-recovery from surgery or an accident, as it elevates to help increase circulation or assists with medical ailments.
Treat yourself to a relaxing night after work, every night. The Contour Deluxe BackMax Back and Bed Wedge system is able to provide the ultimate in rest and relaxation. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Funny As Seen On TV Infomercial for Contour Cloud Pillows

See how the Contour Cloud Pillow can improve almost every aspect of your life - It's not just for sleeping anymore!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pillow Fight!

Go beyond comfort and support and see all of the benefits of the Contour Cloud Pillows.  Parody commercial spot for Contour Cloud Pillows.

Friday, November 4, 2011

BackMax Wedge Cushions Now Extra-Wide!

The three-cushion, total body support wedge cushion system Now comes in an "Extra-Wide" version!

You asked for a wider version of our BackMax cushions and we listened! We now offer the same great cushion set in a 28" "extra-wide" version. Almost anyone can rest comfortably on these wider cushions. You will have space to rest your arms, and can relax in total support, even when using the BackMax on top of a higher bed or mattress.

We have improved our standard BackMax cushion set to offer a truly deluxe version! This set features the same ergonomic cushion design as our regular BackMax, plus the zippered design which allows the cushions to be used in multiple positions, together or individually. Now we've added a deluxe fleece cover to all surfaces of the cushions, so no matter how you position each cushion, you feel the plush comfort of this great cover. We've added a vibrating massage motor to the two largest cushions and included a convenient vinyl carry and storage bag.

  • Wider cushions are 10 inches wider than our standard deluxe version!
  • Wider design allows users to easily find total support, including space for arms on each side
  • Wider design also allows more room for all users (not just larger people) so that sleeping higher up (like on top of a mattress) feels more comfortable and stable.
  • Perfect for recovery after surgery or accidents, for elevation to help increase circulation or help with certain medical ailments, or for "power naps"
  • Constructed of high quality support foam, ergonomically contoured to comfortably support your entire body, including room for arms!
  • Unique zippered sections allows cushions to be used in multiple configurations together, or individually
  • Supports your entire body!  Elevate your head and upper body, knees, feet and/or legs in almost any recommended position for elevation
  • Use on the floor, couch or bed
  • Dual massage in torso and leg wedges soothes and relaxes
  • Super-Soft Fleece cover enhances comfort on all surfaces - looks and feels great
  • Half-roll pillow compliments wedge system by providing neck support. Can be used separately.
  • Convenient nylon carry bag for storage and travel
Note:  In use photos depict model using standard 18" wide version, NOT the larger 28" wide cushions now available.

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Recommendations for body positions post tummy-tuck surgery

    Among the various trends in our ever-changing society, plastic surgery is certainly one of them. Abdominoplasty, better known as the tummy-tuck, has held one of the top 5 most popular surgeries title since 2010, as 116,352 patients underwent the knife, according to the Report of the 2010 Plastic Surgery Statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Just as this invasive procedure is a cosmetic investment, proper care and recuperation must also accompany.
    Starting with proper body elevation and positioning, from laying down to sleeping, there are certain precautions that need to be considered for optimal healing and comfort after tummy-tuck surgery. Supportive pillows come highly recommended for comfortable rest. The BackMax back and body wedge support system is ideal for this type of post-operative healing. The benefits of this product are countless, as it can be used in bed or on the floor and making it a perfect accessory for watching television, napping or reading. The Multi-functional full body support system helps creates positions recommended for elevating all parts of the body, including upper body, legs and feet.
    However, Contour Living has highlighted the top eight most comfortable and supportive positions using the BackMax Back and Body wedge cushion.
    Comfort can be found in:
    Position 1:  An upright seated position
    Position 2: Elevated knee and calf support
    Position 3: Elevated head position
    Position 4: Reclined with leg and calf support
    Position 5: Arched position
    Position 6: Elevated knee support position
    Position 7: Reclined position with bent knees
    Position 8: Supporting head, neck, knees and calves simultaneously
    Offering your body this type of comfort and support will only enhance your results. We’ve taken the time to invest in the care of our bodies through extensive surgery, so it is just as important to invest in  top-of-the-line quality and care.