Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What Rear Health Can Do for Your Posture

Since the dawn of the short short, the video workout, and basketball uniforms from the 80s, society has been heavily focused on rears. Working it out, tightening it up, and singing song about who wears what types of bottoms (Who wears short shorts?) – all has been on the mind of American culture. And while keeping a firm bum can never exactly hurt one’s figure, there’s plenty more the back end has to offer. Just by sitting properly on one’s backside, simple posture and blood flow functions can be improved. Behind, buttocks, one’s best feature – whatever you choose to call it – can actually have a great deal of sway toward health.

The derriere is where you sit, the mid-point as to how you stand, and it hosts more cushion than any other part of the body. So, firm or not, it’s important to keep it in good health. But aside from society’s definition, a healthy rump simply means a proper place to sit; staying seated should not be painful. You should also be able to sit with even weight on both cheeks so that the spine is properly aligned and held into place. This will increase blood flow, reduce tensions and pains, and create a more bodily friendly sitting posture. Healthy fundament muscles also reduces lower back pain and reduces the amount of effort it takes to walk.

Additionally, pants should fit comfortably; jeans that are too tight can cut off circulation, actually lowering the effects of proper posture. Through proper weight displacement and with plenty of breathing room, you can easily reduce those nasty slouching habits and work toward creating a healthier hindquarters.

Whether you’re proud of your fanny, hide your glute under layers of clothing, or are indifferent toward your haunches, a properly functioning posterior can offer great health benefits. [So Confident]

Start giving your behind the attention it deserves for an easy wellness boost.