Thursday, January 2, 2014

Famous Back Pain Sufferers

Coming in all shapes and intensities, back pain is an ailment that affects thousands each day. There are those with previous injuries, regular aches, and ongoing treatment regimens to level out the discomfort. Which is why it should come as no surprise that those throughout history have commonly suffered from back aches. Famous or not, back injuries affect those of all backgrounds and professions. 

George Clooney

He may play it calm and collected on screen, but the star suffered an extreme injury when shooting 2005’s Syrinia. During a stunt scene, Clooney fell and tore his dura, which is a protective layer that holds spinal fluid. Though he’s undergone multiple surgeries, the actor still experiences ongoing pains.

Kathleen Turner

A long-term sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, actress Kathleen Turner says there was one point in her life where it hurt to do anything, including walk. She has since been in remission, after finding a new form of medicine, and continues to provide outreach about the disease.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Best known for his painting style back in the 1800s, artist Renoir also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. However, because of the time, he received little treatment for his condition. He suffered through much of his life, though he continued to paint on a daily basis.


It’s common knowledge that the late president suffered from intense back pain throughout his presidency. JFK was also diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, which is known to cause backaches via the digestive system.

Jennifer Grey

After a 20-year old accident left the Dirty Dancing star using ice and pain medication to manage her pain, she took a turn for the worse. In 2010’s season of Dancing with the Stars, she ruptured a lower back disc. The injury required surgery to correct, which worked to greatly reduce her pain. [Heritage, Prevention]

No matter the activity or task, back injuries can take place any place or time. Look to these cases as a source of hope and advancement on how far medical technology has come.