Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Sale at Contour Living

Do you have the post-holiday blues? What about the cold month doldrums, or the is-winter-over-yet wonderings? No matter what your feelings toward the time of year, we’re here to get you through the home stretch of cold weather. With sales on pillows, seat cushions, and other back-related products, you can get through anything Jack Frost throws your way. And at a fraction of the cost.

Look to a neck-supporting pillow to improve blood flow and reduce headaches. Consider a new office cushion to increase one’s posture and relieve pressure on the rear. Or, pick up a pillow that creates better lumbar support whether sleeping, lounging, or traveling. No matter your sleeping or sitting needs, you can find the solution in Contour Living’s ongoing winter sale.

Available Back and Neck Products

Listed in the sale are some of our best sellers, including the Double Back Leg Pillow, the Contour Cloud Memory Foam Pillow, the Cooling Leg Pillow, the Kabooti Donut Coccyx Cushion, and more. Each made of high quality materials and to provide the highest levels of comfort and support, customers have been finding relief in Contour’s products for years.

There’s even free shipping when you buy two or more pillow or cushion products. This allows the flexibility to mix and match to meet personal needs, or pick up a much-needed gift. Whether shopping for yourself or a loved one’s upcoming birthday, there are plenty of pain relief solutions to be found in this massive winter sale.

And for a limited time you can even earn an extra 5% off. Just look for the coupon code at checkout and you’ll be on your way to even more savings on your favorite Contour products.

Ready to find out more? Have questions about individual products – or wanting to know which items quality? Head to our sales page today to learn more.