Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 Star Review for CPAP Pillow

Here is a five star review from actual Contour CPAP Pillow customer, submitted May 18, 2011:

I received mine (Contour CPAP pillow) in the mail yesterday. Despite the reviews of it being too thin for proper support or too thick at the top I went to the web site and selected the medium model. Having read some of the negative comments prepared me for creative solutions. About the pillow being too thin, I put another older pillow underneath, it was at a perfect height and allowed me to put my arm underneath; bonus since I sleep on my side and stomach. About the top being too thick, I found that it rolled chin downward and almost forced my face to the point where the mask fit exactly in the cutout. It did it's job. I didn't spend the night with the mask shifting and breaking it's seal. Thank you Contour, for a good nights sleep.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Contour CPAP Pillow Reviews

A recent survey of sleep medicine professionals were surveyed in February, 2011 - Overwhelmingly, CPAP Patients sleep better with the Contour CPAP Pillow!

Survey results show:
  • 98% (of surveyed sleep medicine professionals) say [Sleep Apnea] patients experience reduced mask shifting and leaks
  • 97% say pillow improves patient comfort while using CPAP equipment
  • 95% say pillow increases number hours CPAP Therapy is used nightly
  • 95% say patient compliance rates improve with CPAP pillow use
  • 95% say pillow improves patient acceptance of CPAP therapy

Here are some CPAPMax Pillow specific reviews from customers:

  • "I bought the pillow for my husband. Since he has been using it he has been sleeping much more comfortably which has made his CPAP use much greater. So his health is better. And since he is sleeping better so am I. I recommended this to anyone who is a CPAP user."...7/9/13
  • "With this pillow, I am able to lay in more positions without the number of air leaks that I had with a standard pillow design." ...8/25/12
  • "Dont know how I did without thia pillow. Best nights sleep I have had in a very long time and worth every penny I paid for it!"...5/19/12
  • "I didnt notice it. Thats what my husband said after the first night, and thats the highest possible praise for someone with a CPAP mask. After the second night, he continues to sleep more soundly, more solidly, than in years. THANK YOU for this pillow--it"...6/18/2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Features for Sleep Apnea Pillow

The Contour CPAPmax Pillow has already received a facelift! - This pillow is designed to help sleep apnea patients sleep comfortably and in the proper position when using CPAP therapy.   It has been extremely well received and comments from users and respiratory therapists have been very complimentary.

The new version now has an extra foam layer in the inside of the pillow adding 3/4" of an inch to the height.  Best of all, users can remove this layer to create a smaller profile pillow.  This innovative design addition compliments the two sided pillow surface design:  one side is memory foam with a cool layers of 3-D mesh fabric designed to keep the patient cooler and reduce humidity and perspiration during sleep.  Flip the pillow over and there is a fiber filled layer that feels more like a tradition polyester-filled pillow.

See the CPAPmax Pillow video and learn more about CPAP Therapy

Here is a new image detailing the new design enhancements: