Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Device Helps Prevent Slouching

Out of all the ways to be reminded to not slouch, this new device just might be the gentlest. Rather than back pain, an angry grandmother, or even a seat that holds strong at 90-degrees, no matter how uncomfortable, chronic slouchers can now find comfort in sitting up straight. Thanks to UpRight, a unique back placement device, users can receive a gentle, vibrating reminder each time they fail to sit or stand up straight.

The small device works by sitting on the outside of one’s spine and monitoring its curvature throughout the day. UpRight sticks to the back with an adhesive, and is small and discreet enough to wear under everyday clothing. It’s also powered by Bluetooth and battery operated. But what’s most unique is that the device doesn’t remind you of your bad posture until it reaches a “harmful” slouch. Which is to say a sitting or standing slouching at an angle that’s been proven to cause back pain. While slight bending of the spine has minimal side effects. The contrast between these two is small and virtually impossible to know of oneself. A machine that monitors specific angles and degrees through algorithms, however, can identify the exact point of change between healthy and dangerous slouching angles. 

The Theory Against Bad Posture

Creators of the device say UpRight was made to solve the “slouching epidemic” that stems from more and more workers sitting at computers for multiple hours each day. But by wearing the UpRight, the population can sit up straight and reduce back pain, even while sitting at a desk. 

To gain better posture – whether at work or out working on activities – the UpRight can provide some much needed assistance for spine alignment. Consider this up and coming device to put an end to your posture-induced pains. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rest Easy with the Contour Cloud Pillow

With the Contour Cloud Memory Foam Pillow, sleeping just got a whole lot better. Thanks to its memory foam and supportive features, those of all shapes and sizes (and sleeping preferences) can gain a customizable surface to sleep on each and every night. The more you sleep on the Cloud Pillow, the easier it will be to shape and contour your neck and head into a restful night of sleep.  

Best of all, this takes place while you’re sleeping. (An ultra comfortable, deeper, and more relaxed version of sleep.) No extra work required. Simply lay down to rest each night and work toward a better fitting pillow in the process. While also receiving the neck and bone support your spine needs in order to create proper alignment. 

Additional Cloud Pillow Features

  • Made with three layers to create a maximum level of body comfort and support
  • Stiffer bottom layer to improve the pillow’s integrity and to keep it from sinking or “bottoming out”
  • Comfort ridges that allow airflow and constant cooling abilities
  • Smart curved design that supports the neck while still leaving room for the shoulders
  • Choose from a queen or a king sized model to find the perfect fit

Customers also receive a pillow case made just for the Cloud Pillow’s dimensions so you can ensure your model is clean at all times. (Additional cases available with order.) 

Whether you suffer from a difficulty sleeping that just won’t go away or are just looking for a healthy way to improve your spine alignment, the Contour Cloud Pillow can provide just what you’re looking for. With its help you can sleep your way to better, more relaxing sleep each time you crawl into bed. 

Order yours today to receive a discount – for a limited time. Purchase two or more and receive free shipping!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Wear to Improve Circulation

As the weather heats up, it becomes more and more necessary for the clothing to cool off. From shedding layers to opting for thinner outfits to begin with, it’s a time where those living in all locations create a more weather-friendly wardrobe. And no matter your taste in comfort or style, there are plenty of ways to create a body healthy option without sacrificing personal preference.

When setting out to create your perfect summer wardrobe, remember the following in all stages of the shopping and closet organization processes. Not only will they allow for better circulation, you’ll be more comfortable and healthy all-around.

Let your Body Breathe

Clothes that are too tight or restrictive can not only be uncomfortable to wear, they can cause damage underneath the surface. Such as poor circulation or irregular oxygen flow. Instead, choose loose or less fitting clothing to create a comfortable environment that promotes better posture and regular movement.

Stick to Layers

If the day’s high temp calls for a borderline wardrobe change, bring along layers instead. Rather than being too hot or too cold, which can affect inner functions, bring along a sweatshirt or jacket so you can adjust your temperature as needed. 

Check your Fabrics

Even for those without regular allergies, it’s a good idea to check what fabric blends you’re purchasing. Synthetic versions can cause irritation or itching – even rashes or harsh reactions in severe cases. While washing certain blends in various detergents or fabric softeners can provide similar results. 

Those with ongoing reactions should check with their doctor or have a skin test done to see which substances are causing skin irritation. 

Body-Specific Clothing

Depending on your body type, there are plenty of clothing items made to specifically fit your shape and size. Such as workout wear that provides better posture or improves oxygen flow. Look to these sports or athletic versions, especially when planning physical activity. Dressier versions can even be used for everyday wear.

From choosing clothes to determining how to launder them, there are plenty of ways to improve your wardrobe’s circulation value. Remember to look toward all of the above when choosing summer clothes. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Barbecue Games to Get in Shape for

Now that barbecue season is upon us, it’s time to ponder all the outdoor activities (and delicious foods) there are to explore. From playing horseshoes after a healthy serving of chips and dip, to topping off a swimming race with cherry pie, there are any number of fair-weather combinations to enjoy. 

Whether you prefer yard-based games or would rather spend your afternoons near the snack table, consider getting in shape for your favorite summer activities. Such as:

Yard Games

Heavy favorites, such as Frisbee, washers, beanbags, horseshoes, and more, all allow you to enjoy the nice weather. And while they may not be the most strenuous of movements (depending on how serious you are about your Frisbee game), they offer the ability to get some blood pumping either before or after the food has been served.

Summer Races

Runners and walkers alike can unite with these fun-themed races. Sign up to feed your competitive side, or simply enjoy the company as you are coated in colors, decked out in neon, or create a living version of the American flag. 


No matter your level of swimming, the pool can be great place to cool off for the summer. Jump in for a few intense laps, or wade the afternoon away with the help of a supportive floatation device. 

Hauling the Gear

While this might sound like a no-brainer, items like coolers and lawn chairs are often heavier than you’d think. If you’re not ready to pack light, remember to lift safely or practice by lifting smaller weights or stretching before each main backyard event. 

Foot Races

Whether chasing kids, a rogue firework, or any other number of items, summer can be a time of impromptu races. Staying mentally and physically prepared – for all of these ventures – can ensure a safer and happier outcome all around. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Best Types of Back-Friendly Luggage

When traveling, even the most planned of trips often come with a snafu. Whether a flight was delayed, you got hung up in security, or the line for coffee was just way too long, things never seem to go as planned. When dealing with body aches, however, the annoyance level is only magnified. Which is why it’s a good idea to make the things we can control go as smoothly as possible, such as luggage.

Whether or not you deal from back pains, carrying a heavy suitcase through an airport is bound to cause a few sore muscles. Rather than toting this item from plane to plane, consider choosing luggage that’s easier to maneuver instead. 

Suitcases That Make Life Easier

First off, decide whether you’ll be checking your bag or taking it with you. While the latter might save a few funds, it can also cause more in the way of hassle and frustration. Before hauling all your belongings through the airport, consider checking it for a weight-free travel experience. While it will cost a little more, it will free you up for ease of movement and leave your back rested.

Whether carrying on or checking, however, wheels are your friend. Generally, four-wheeled suitcases are the easiest to maneuver. Two will also allow fluid motion, but with more weight resting on the arm, wrist, and shoulder. 

Next, think of your “personal item,” or purse/bag that you’re allowed on the plane. Oftentimes these are packed full of essentials and become heavy. Rather than leaving this to one shoulder, opt for a backpack, which will distribute it evenly across the back. Purses and other smaller bags can also be stored within book bags so as to not leave you without a smaller version upon landing. 

When flying, remember that suitcases can have a large (and weighted) impact on your body. Look to these ergonomic options to avoid excess weight when heading to a relaxation vacation.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Avoid Muscle Pains With Proper Skin Care

Along with summer comes a number of seasonal changes – for instance, spending more time outdoors or having to brace yourself for the impending heat each time you step outside the door. One of the biggest changes, however, comes from all the direct sunlight that comes into contact with your skin. Whether you’re making a quick run to the car or are spending hours of exposed time out in the heat, it’s important to take the necessary precautions.

Failing to do so can leave you not only with a nasty and painful sunburn, it can cause permanent damage to the skin, and even work to harm deeper layers. Whether leaving scars or just tensing muscles from healing follicles (and all the cringing), sunburns can leave you in a painful state from the very second they occur. And worst of all, it’s days – if not weeks – until the skin is completely back to normal. (Even if it’s peeled and appears to be back to its original state.)

How to Take Care of Your Skin

Obviously, the easiest way to avoid a burn is through the use of sunscreen. No matter how tan you are, no matter how tan you want to be, sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful rays. Besides, spending enough time in the light will still allow for some color (depending on one’s complexion), while the sunscreen protects it in the process. 

It’s also a good idea to choose shade, a large-brimmed hat, or any other blockage to help shield yourself. Sitting in the shade even for a few minutes can help add some much needed relief to your skin, especially after hours in the sun. And if it’s not too hot, light layers will also add further protection. 

To save both your skin and the muscles underneath it, consider taking steps toward better sun protection today. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Contour Folding Wedge Cushion: The Reviews are in

Since it’s release, this wedge cushion has been one of our favorite products. It’s versatile, offers serious bedtime comfort, and can be adjusted to fit into a number of different positions. With all of these abilities, it’s no wonder the reviews have been coming in strong. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase a Contour Folding Wedge for yourself or a loved one, see what past and present customers have had to say about the cushion.

Customer Comments

“Cures my wife’s snoring,” John A., May 2014

LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! SO much better than using 2-3 pillows! Gives great support to both neck and back.” Sarah, May 2014

“The wedge is superior in quality. It is far better than the wedge I purchased from a different manufacturer. I am using it for nighttime GERD and have seen improvement even though I have just started using it.” Mary Ann, April 2014

“Purchased 10 inch wedge. Only using for about a week but sleeping much better! Not waking up coughing from acid reflux and really helping with neck and back problems. Used to wake up with stiff neck and headache … not this week! :)” Sue, March 2014

“A great pillow!” Chris M., February 2014

“With the contour pillow, I am now sleeping better at night, no neck aches or backache in the mornings. Sinuses are much clearer also. Sure wish I'd have thought to try this a lot sooner than I have. And, the pillow is just the right height for me (10") plus, the cover does not let me slide down when I sleep on my side.” Susie H., January 2014

“The folding bed wedge is very comfortable and helps control my GERD. Recommended.” Larry G., November 2013

“I used to try and prop up two standard pillows, or a bigger pillow with a smaller pillow... didn't help. This wedge pillow is great.” Luci, July 2013

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Are Sandals Bad for your Back?

Now that summer is approaching, it’s time to adjust your wardrobe and get it warm-weather ready. Sweaters can be pushed to the back of the closet, while shoes can get an arrangement as well. Boots can be left aside, while sandals are brought front and center. The perfect summer accessory for any outfit, while staying cool in the process. But did you know the wrong type of sandal (or any shoe for that matter) can cause serious side effects for the back?

Without proper support the entire body can be off balance, which often manifests most heavily within the back. Without aligning the arches (along with the rest of the foot), weight sits unevenly and forces weight to “hit” in the wrong places. For many, this can mean ongoing back pains or sore muscles. However, by adjusting the shoes that you wear, you can create a better landing space for the upper portions of the body.

What Shoes to Avoid

Generally, it’s best to avoid sandals that lack proper foot support, like flip-flops. Because they don’t host a back or any arch support, the feet are essentially “flopping” each time you step. And the longer you wear these types of shoes, the more likely you are to suffer from outside effects. Other sandals that have a flat bottom (no padding or support sections) can also create similar results. 

Instead, opt for sandals or other summer shoes that cradle and shape the foot with each step. These are generally a little more expensive, but offer far more in healing and pain fighting abilities. 

Those with ongoing issues should talk to a foot doctor about the proper types of shoes. While shoe specialists can also help pick out the right styles for each shape of foot and its corresponding ailment. 

To better take care of your foot – and the rest of your body – remember to avoid flip-flops and other unsupportive sandals. Your back with thank you.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Mattress Genie is Back!

Great news everyone – the Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge is back by popular demand! Our customers asked and we responded, now with a new improved motor that’s set to last longer and through more comfortable positions. We’ve also worked to eliminate any air leaks, and provided users with a sleek, easier to navigate remote. With all the returning favorites and new upgrades, it’s a mattress accessory that’s now even more functional than ever. 

What is the Mattress Genie?

Designed to help turn your bed into the place for comfort, the Mattress Genie can be adjusted to any level of wedge. Raise it high to read or watch TV, then lower it when it’s time for bed or horizontal lounging. Simply use the remote to change your height, so there’s no need to get out of bed or manually change positions. Best of all, the Genie can be used with any mattress, just place it beneath the upper end and enjoy all the sleeping and resting benefits that can come from 0-26” of wedge height at the push of the button. 

Whether you’re looking for a cure for neck pain or acid reflux, or just need a new way to watch TV before bed, the Mattress Genie has you covered. 

Added Benefits:

Based on customer reviews and comments, we took our design and added your recommended improvements. This means a new remote control that’s better designed and offers more accessible function. A new motor to eliminate air leaks, and overall features that are made to withstand everyday use. It even comes with a full, one-year warranty so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. 

From adjusting the way you sleep to looking toward new and improved medical benefits, the Mattress Genie has plenty to offer while you’re sleeping and awake. Consider your new model today and receive our new release discount!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Give the Gift of Comfort for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to treat your mother with something she’s always wanted. This Sunday, it’s time to celebrate the important mother(s) in your life and what better way to do it than with the gift of comfortable living? Even if she didn’t know she wanted it. With a wide selection of pillow, mattress covers, and other sleeping-related products, you’re sure to find the just-right gift for Mom. No matter her interests or sleeping preferences. 

Choose from our best sellers, or opt for something more unique to create a gift that provides both comfort and support. (Not to mention better back health.) You can even pick a version up for yourself and receive free shipping with select models!

Narrowing Down the Perfect Gift

When shopping for Mom, stop and consider what type of gift will best meet her needs. Maybe she works in an office and loves a practical gift, which would make her the perfect candidate for a seat cushion or back support device. Or maybe your Mom suffers from long-term back pains but hates getting herself anything “extravagant,” here you can pick up a back cushion – large or small – to help ease her aches. No matter your final choice, it’s sure to be one that Mom is thankful for every time she uses it. Reminding her just how thoughtful her loved ones are. 

You can even give her a budget and let her choose her own gift. Shopping and a present – a win-win situation for many moms out there.

To get started picking out the perfect Mother’s Day present, head to Contour Living and browse our wide selection of sleeping related products. And remember, Mom is worth it, especially the practical gift that keeps on giving.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tips for Staying Cool During Sleep

When trying to get comfortable, almost nothing kills the mood as quickly as sweating. It makes for a sticky, hot mess that keeps sleep at bay – if not altogether impossible to reach. Which is why, rather than fighting the heat each time you lay down for bed, you should look for ways to stay cool throughout the night

From adjusting your sleeping wardrobe to strategically placing fans, remember to enlist the help of these simple tips. Not only do they allow you to keep from cranking the air, they’re far more cost effective than upping your energy usage each time the temperature rises. (Especially for hot sleepers, who experience night sweats even in the mildest of temps.) 

The next time the forecast suggests a heat wave in the near future, look to these simple, helpful solutions instead. 

Get new pajamas – Rather than lying hot in traditional garments each night, consider an upgrade that’s specifically designed to remove heat. Use silk or breathable fabrics to keep warmth from occurring through the body. Or, look for moisture-wicking versions that remove sweat as quickly as it forms.

Bedroom fans – From the smallest size (that can be pointed directly at one’s face), to a larger oscillating or ceiling one, fans can greatly reduce the temperature of a bedroom. Experiment with different types and styles to find the one that best meets your cooling needs. 

Bed cooling products – Like pajamas that remove heat and moisture, these same qualities can be found in the bed. Coat your mattress in a heat-fighting cover, sleep on a pillow that promotes cool temps, or consider sheets that remove body heat as it’s formed

Wash your sheets – For whatever reason, nothing feels quite as good (or as cool) as freshly cleaned sheets. To keep this cycle working in your favor, remember to wash often. Cold showers before bed can also cool the body’s core temp, which can act as an added bonus when settling into your freshly cleaned bed.

Monday, May 5, 2014

What Can a Massage Do For your Health?

Oftentimes, when people thing of massages, they think of something that is extravagant or unnecessary. That it’s simply a pampering day at the spa and a prime way to spend time off work. And while that can sometimes be true, that’s not to say there are only superficial benefits to getting a massage. From health perks to gaining some much needed relaxation, it’s a practice that’s actually healthier than you might think. 

Just taking the time to lie down and rest your muscles is step one. This time allows the body to relax and redistribute weight to areas of the body that aren’t normally under pressure. (While the ones that are can get a break.) Those with back pain can also take this time to find a position that best treats their aches. For instance, with a zero gravity table, or one that dips the legs or shoulders for maximum weightless-ness.

Massage Health Benefits

Adding a massage, however, brings on an even bigger bout of rest and relaxation. During the process, your muscles will be contracted and turned into a properly recuperating machine. Toxins will be gently removed from the body, while circulation will be increased. Both from the toxin removal, and from the various pressure points that are massaged during the process.

After a massage, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water. That way the body can fully flush out excess chemicals, while providing for plenty of hydration for healing muscles. However, you should always talk with your masseuse about proper post-massage rituals. (Your doctor will also be a good source of guidance, especially for those suffering from long-term pains.) 

Whether looking to relax or for a way to help your muscles heal, a massage can be a great way to tackle them both. Talk to your local masseuse today about getting started.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Avoid These Clothing Mistakes to Improve Circulation

It’s no secret that proper circulation leads to an infinite number of health perks. When the blood is flowing, the body has better access to all its nutrients, as well as oxygen, which, when in heavy supply, allows you to breathe and move more fluidly. In contrast, when circulation is slowed, we can feel tired and weak, and virtually every organ function is slowed down in the process. Leading to sulky, inefficient bodily behavior. 

But did you know you can actually hinder proper circulation by wearing the wrong clothes? Pieces that are too restrictive or badly sized can actually cut off the blood (or air) flow, leaving you in serious need of a pair of sweats. Which offer about as much in comfort as they do in ease of circulation flow. 

How to Keep Circulation Flow on the Rise

The next time you’re choosing an outfit, opt for something that is both comfortable and flattering. There is a difference between wearing something that looks good and something that will better benefit your body. But compromises can be found in natural or cotton blends that allow for air flow (which won’t keep you from overheating) throughout the day. Also consider waist or sleeve sizes. Edges that are too tight will dig into the skin and obscure the amount of space there is for veins and muscles to remain under the skin. This is also true for undergarments, which can often do the most amount of damage because they sit tightly over a larger portion of the body.

Instead, choose clothes that actually fit. That way the body isn’t squeezed, while clothes still look flattering. 

When it comes to choosing your clothes, remember that an improper fit can do far worse than hamper your look. Consider an upgrade to keep body fluids flowing natural and healthy.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tips for Working Out During the Rainy Season

It’s springtime – and that means the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. But what it also means is that more often than not, Mother Nature is working to replenish her water supply. But what’s good for the earth isn’t always good for the population. Especially when that means interrupted work out schedules. While some of the most hardcore of exercisers aren’t thwarted by a little bit of rain, the dabblers (such as walkers or sometime joggers) would rather stay inside and dry than risk a session under the drops.

The next time heavy rain is in the forecast, however, consider alternate methods to keeping the blood flowing. 

Join a Gym

Though this isn’t always the most budget friendly option, it does allow a space to stay in shape, no matter what the weather is doing. Depending on the gym, it can also provide group workout options, such as classes, support systems, or even personal trainers. But the best part is, you can go as often as you want and work out as rigorously as you want. Obviously the more dedicated get a better value, but anyone can get as much or as little exercise as they desire.

Stretch Indoors

When the raindrops are falling, consider working the muscles indoors. Whether you have a defined space or just stretch on the living room floor, this can be a great way to encourage blood flow. Work up a regular routine, or just stretch out the muscles that feel the most tight to tide you over until warmer weather.

Dress Warm

Heavy downpours are no time for an outdoor workout, but when the sprinkling is mild, all it takes is an added layer. Wear a hat to protect your eyes from rogue drops, and a waterproof layer to keep your clothes from soaking through. Moisture wicking blends are also great for humid days, working to keep you dry, no matter which direction the moisture is coming from.