Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blood Pressure Monitors now Available at Contour Living

In an ongoing effort to make your healthcare needs as simple as possible, Contour Living has added yet another aspect to its repertoire: blood pressure monitors. Check your blood pressure after a meal, when heading to the gym, or as often as the doctor prescribes. For those who need daily – or even hourly – readings, to those who want to see how the ticker is doing after a solid work out, we now have the monitor(s) to meet your needs.

Choose from manual cuff models, those that can read your stats in one touch, or a heart rate monitor watch, which provides real-time changes as they’re happening. They take the guess work out of heart-healthy planning. Each model offers a specific set of options for those off all health needs. Whether it’s a doctor-ordered necessity or just an easy way to check up on your blood pressure health, these monitors help make everyday readings a hassle-free (and pain-free) process.

The Perks of At-Home Blood Pressure Monitors

With a monitor at home – or at the office – there are plenty of perks to be had. You can easily cut back on doctor visits, and have an accurate idea as to how your blood pressure is holding up throughout the day. That way actions can be taken for you to stay in tip-top health. For peace of mind no matter what your activity or diet, consider one of our new monitors.

And best of all, they’re on sale! As an introductory offer, all our blood pressure monitors can be purchased for a fraction of the price. Take advantage of this “new guy” sale and get the medical equipment you need in the process.

To learn more about our blood pressure machines, or to find out which model will best fit your needs, click here.