Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Benefits of the Folding Wedge Cushion

When reading, watching TV, or just trying to get comfortable, almost everyone has stacked their pillows into a propped position. Using one or more pillows, this toppling method helps raise the head while letting its creator lounge in the process. It may take consecutive minutes to achieve, but once in place, it’s a great way to hang out.

But what if there were a product that took care of the stacking on its own?

With the Folding Wedge Cushion, there’s no need to adjust and poke into place. Made for gradual inclines, this pillow allows sleepers to gain extra support without the effort. This bed wedge is great for sleeping, breathing patterns, and can help reduce various medical issues. Because the rise is gradual, it’s perfectly comfortable to sleep on all night – or fold it for reading or TV watching. This wedge pillow can morph into a number of different positions to meet your comfort and health needs.

What’s the Wedge?

The Contour Folding Wedge Cushion acts as a gentle support model, so sleepers can remain on an incline without feeling direct or sudden effects. This is ideal for natural sleeping habits, as it doesn’t interrupt comfort or body placement. Simply use the rising wedge underneath a traditional pillow (which gives important neck support), and feel the benefits of sleeping on a soft incline. 

 With the Folding Wedge, the head and upper body is slightly raised during sleep, which can help breathing patterns, especially during allergy or cold season. Choose the right height for you, or fold to gain extra lounging abilities before bed. It even comes with a removable velour pillowcase so your wedge is fresh and clean year-round. Zip it on for maximum staying power, or throw in the washer when it’s time to freshen up.

Other Benefits:

·       Encourages digestive comfort by slightlyelevating the upper body, which is great for reducing heartburn, GERD, and acid reflux.
·       Reduces muscle tension
·       Offers head and upper body support in a subtle manner. (No sharp turns or stiff boards here!)
·       Helps align the spine

The Folding Wedge pillow even comes in a variety of sizes – 7 inch, 10 inch, and 12-inch heights, to find the perfect fit.

Whether for medical use or just plain comfort, the Folding Wedge Cushion offers a great, universal fit to fulfill needs of all shapes and sizes.

Find out more about the FoldingWedge Cushion today.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Achieve Better Sleep with the Right Temperature

Temperature Tune-Up (or Down!)

Much like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, the temperature must be “just right.” The air temperature of your bedroom, that is. Not too hot and certainly not too cold. Finding a comfortable environment is one key to a better night’s sleep.

 As you’re turning in for the evening, your body ideally has reached  a comfortable equilibrium or middle ground, so when the air is too warm or too cool, the body is then made to work to achieve that “happy medium” it started out with.  Dr. H. Craig Heller, professor of biology at Stanford University says “A mild drop in body temperature induces sleep. Generally, if your are in a cooler room, it is easier for that to happen. But if the room becomes uncomfortably hot or cold, your are more likely to wake up which can also affect the quality dream state of REM sleep."

Recommending a universal room temperature for quality rest sounds simple enough, but realistically, experts find it more difficult as what may be a comfortable temperature for one is not necessarily comfortable for another.  Experts from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine advise thinking “cave-like: cool, quiet and dark, an ideal setting for bats who are known for sleeping 16 hours at a time. They also suggest limit the layers of clothing you sleep in, including socks on your feet as they tend to increase body temperature. 

If your house or bedroom tends to be on the cool, drafty side, trapping cold air, perhaps a personal space heater would warm the room just enough to keep the thermostat bill from creeping too high. Consequently if the room tends to trap heat, keep the ceiling fan running at a constant speed to allow cooler air to circulate at a more comfortable rate. With more than 70 million Americans suffering from chronic sleep disorders and sleep problems, seeking relief from these tips are seemingly necessary and will help increase energy, health and safety.