Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Flip Pillow

The Flip Pillow

How wonderful does this sound: Watching television in the comfort of your own bed one minute to falling fast asleep with the simple flip of your pillow the next minute? Simplicity with versatility is the key here. You can do this when using the new Contour Flip pillow. Uniquely designed to comfort multiple positions, the Contour Flip  Pillow is the most versatile wedge and bed pillow available on the market. Accommodating the sleeping position, upright position, relaxed position and inclined position, the “flip design” allows for total comfort and support for your complete relaxation.

Not only does this pillow accurately align your neck, shoulder and lumbar region when used as a back support, it can even be used as a knee or leg wedge in an office chair or supporting the lower region for extra comfort while laying in bed. The whole notion behind this unique design is to be able to position yourself for the ultimate comfort in any of the aforementioned positions with the result ultimately accomplishing a quality night’s rest. Ordinary bed pillows certainly do not deliver the same body support and can be quite cumbersome to position. The sagging, squished position of an ordinary pillow only leaves your feeling frustrated and unsupported.

Ideal for sleeping, the smaller lobe provides great support for proper head and neck alignment, without compromising a plush, comfort feel. The Contour Flip Pillow allows for maximum back support for upright activities such as typing from a laptop or reading in bed. A built-in head rest offer great neck, shoulder and back support in a relaxed position. It also provides gradual, upward slope, ideal for those who need to sleep with their head elevated.

Embark on a wonderful night’s rest always with this pillow-to-wedge- design combination.