Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Stomach Strength is Important for Posture

Whether or not we host a set of six-pack abs, stomach muscles offer a great deal of body support. Between holding us upright and keeping all our organs sitting proper (along with some help from the bones), stomachs are far more important than they’re given credit for. Sure, on the inside they hold meals and start the digestive process. But on the outside, its functions are just as important.

It’s high time we start giving the mid-section a little more recognition. After all, it’s what allows us to perform hundreds of movements each day. And without a solid set of abs – even if it doesn’t look that way on the outside – the back begins to sink and slouch. Poor posture is also one of the main causes of continual back pain; it’s often the largest contributor to poor spinal health. Without proper abs strength, however, it’s easy to bend or slouch after a short period of time. Because the muscles aren’t further developed, they tire easily, leading to underlying medical issues, such as poor posture-induced pains.

Why Abs are Important

Each person’s abs connect to the spine and pelvis, allowing you to stand in a balanced position. When that connection is strained, however, stress and pressure is placed on the back, and the abs themselves. By aligning the spine, all aspects can receive the correct support that they need.

To help this natural posture improvement, strengthen abs so they are able to sustain your back throughout the day, without becoming tired or weak. This can be done through workouts, sitting on a medicine ball, or by just sitting up straight. Make a conscious effort for a certain period of time, adding minutes each day until the posture feels natural. [Boxing Scene]

Start flexing your abs for a natural, internal way to improve posture.