Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Twist Pillow: Neck Comfort While Traveling

Traveling, for any amount of distance, is bound to bring on some uncomfortable situations. Between all the waiting and the public transportation seats, which are usually foamy and made for the wrong size, rest doesn’t exactly come easily. No matter how tired you may be from the long day of traveling, it can be too uncomfortable to nap, or even relax.

But with the right travel-along product, those former fears can be put to rest. No longer are you left to crunch or squeeze your way into a comfortable position. One such product, the Twist Neck Pillow, not only travels easy, but offers an unlimited source of head and neck support. With this carry-on pillow, travelers of all ages can turn a terminal, bus station, or long car ride into a great place to take a nap.

About the Twist Pillow

Made specifically to “twist” into the perfect position, this pillow is great for those of all sizes. Simply mold it to fit your neck or head, and enjoy hours of comfortable rest. In fact, it stays so well put that travelers can even walk about with the pillow on their neck, leaving their hands free for a carry on or hand rails.

Then once you reach your destination, the pillow can even be used as a lumbar or leg pillow. Simply adjust its position, and watch it mold into the perfect supportive shape. The Twist Neck Pillow is so versatile, customers have found countless uses for this ever-changing model.

It also comes in several different versions. Purchase the original model in cream or black, or upgrade to a memory foam or massage model. The memory foam molds to create a customized fit, while the massage pillow provides soothing relief while acting out its pillow duties.

No matter how often you travel, the Twist Neck Pillow is a great option for on-the-go rest. Head to the product page to learn more.