Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What is the BackMax and How Can it Help?

With a name like “BackMax” is pretty easy to tell this product was specifically designed for spinal health. But other than claiming the maximum amount of comfort, size, and whatever it is this product holds, the name doesn’t give justice to what it can do. Just as it promised, the BackMax offers the highest amount of functions possible. With a single product, users can relax, relieve pain, sleep, lounge, or perform any other number of sitting options.

So, what exactly is this miracle product? The BackMax Body Wedge is a large folding cushion that has the ability to mold and form into several different positions. Users simply adjust for the best setup, then sink into the wedged cushion to receive back support and relief from all angles. There’s even a BackMax Plus, which is a wider version of the original. The Plus also comes with a fleece cover for extra cleanliness and textural appeal.

How the Back Support Product Works

Folding into eight different position, the BackMax works to alleviate pain by removing excess pressure on the back. From its standard zero gravity make up to its stomach-friendly holds, the BackMax allows each user to sit or lay in a way that feels most comfortable. Best of all, it’s easy to change position without purchasing another product or pillow. Just fold and move to find your new favorite back position. Use the entire Max, or unzip and remove different sections to best support the legs, lower back, or neck.

Use the BackMax while lounging on the floor, in bed, or on the couch – its versatility allows the product to move almost anywhere.

BackMax’s Benefits

With the BackMax, users can:

Watch TV, read, nap, or sit and relax
Elevate legs for circulation
Reduce pressure or strains along the entire spine
Easily lay on one’s stomach
Eliminate gravity for relaxed, pain-free back relief
Recover from knee or hip surgery without adding excessive weight or stress to the injured area.

Made of supportive foam, the wedge is able to uphold the body without wearing or sinking in the process. You can even wash its plush cover for an extra clean section each time you use it.

From back pain, to surgery relief, to a comfortable place to relax, the BackMax (and its Plus counterpart) offers a unique, proven way to cradle the back. Consider this one-of-a-kind product for all your back health needs.

Ready to see more, head to the BackMax page at Contour Living.