Monday, October 28, 2013

Can Too Much Sugar Affect Everyday Pains?

Whether you’re stocking up on Halloween goodies or just have an everyday sweet tooth, there’s no denying that too much sugar is bad for one’s health. A fact that dentists have been proclaiming for years, others are also beginning realizing the harsh dangers of sugar-based meals.

But what exactly can too much sugar do?

In extreme cases, patients can develop a life-long condition, such as obesity or diabetes. Both come with their own long-term problems. For instance obesity can make movement harder and takes a toll on one’s posture and circulation, while diabetes affects diet, wellness, and requires proper foot care. While both of these are worst case scenarios (from eating too much candy, anyway), they’re some of the biggest issues to look out for. Those with family history should be on extra high alert, as they’re the most susceptible to the disease’s grasp.

Other Side Effects of Sugar

High sugar intakes have also been shown to increase acne, one’s risk of depression, and even cause folks to become “addicted” to the substance. Much like salt, the more sugar that’s consumed, the more a body craves its sweetness. Obviously this is a recipe for disaster, especially considering all the negative side effects it can bring.

As for everyday pains, these uncomfortable bouts can be increased by poor circulation and digestion – both of which can arise from heavy sugar ingestion. When repeated over time – such as someone taking in multiple sodas or pieces of candy each day – their circulation and digestion will see a direct hit. This could lead to stomach pains, cold appendages, or increased aches in the back, legs, and arms, as they aren’t getting regular blood flow. [Fitbie]

While some sugar is deemed ok (especially if it’s real sugar and not a sweetener substitute), it’s best when not eaten excessively. Keep the sweets at a minimum to avoid pains and other health problems that the substance can trigger.