Tuesday, November 5, 2013

5 Interesting Facts About the Human Back

From cause to cure, every person’s back behaves a little bit differently. Whether it’s working or sitting on a regular basis, the back supports the body and many of its regular functions. Sometimes this results in pain or injuries, while other, luckier patients, live a healthy-backed life. Due to all of the different causes and potential outcomes, it’s likely that no two back life-stories are the same. However, that didn’t stop doctors from putting stats on the most unlikely of results.

From smoking-induced pains to average yearly fees, check out this list of unusual back-related facts.

5. An upwards of 85% of back pain can’t be identified. 

Though certain causes appear more likely than others, the majority of patients (and their doctors) are unsure as to what instance(s) first triggered their ongoing pain.

4. An adult has 24 spinal sections

Growing and fusing together as the body ages, adults host 24 sections in their spine, while babies are born with 33.

3. Smoking causes back pain

Regular smokers are 2.5 times more likely to develop back pains than non-smokers. This increase is due to oxygen flow within the blood, lengthened healing times, and the degeneration of vertebra discs.

2. Back pain is more common as we age

Though it can occur younger, most develop regular pains between ages 30 and 40. Intermittent aches (such as those from sleeping on a bad mattress) also occur more often and stick around for longer amounts of time.

1. Cartilage accounts for only 25% of the spine

Connecting vertebrae and protecting the spinal cord, cartilage takes up only a quarter of the adult back length. The rest is accounted for by space, ligaments, and the spinal cord itself.

The human back is full of intricacies and random facts of interest. From the areas that cause pain to the makeup of the body itself, doctors and scientists alike are working on new ways to make life more comfortable for those who suffer from regular pain.

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