Monday, October 14, 2013

Four Yoga Poses to Reduce Back Pain

Whether or not you’re an active yoga master, it’s an exercise that’s known to relax and strengthen the body. From everyday yoga posers to those who have yet to try it, this exercise has something to offer everyone. Beginners can start out slow, while pros can work toward more challenging balances.

To receive the most back relieve out of your yoga routine, try these proven poses. Designed specifically to stretch and heal the back, these exercises will have you feeling better in no time. Best of all, they’re great for those of all yoga backgrounds.

4. Fists Forward Bend

Performed by bending the knees and bending until your torso meets your thighs, this pose allows the back to deeply exhale and reduce tension. You should also place your fists in opposite elbow bends to create a cohesive motion with the arms.

3. Downward-Facing Dog

Perhaps one of the most popular yoga poses, downward-facing dog takes place by planting the balls of your feet, and bending until your arms touch the ground. The body should bend at a 45-degree angle, creating a relaxing, yet stable pose. Keep your head down to avoid a neck strain during this pose.

2. Wall Plank

With the wall plank, you can get extra help (yes, from the wall) during your exercise. Stand arm length away, then place your hands flat on the wall, fingers up. Legs should be straight, while the hips and stomach bend at a 90-degree angle.

1. Pigeon Pose

Generally for the flexible, the pigeon pose takes place when one leg is bent, and the other left straight to stretch and reduce back pressure. Here, the right knee should touch the right wrist (as if from downward-facing dog), with the tops of your feet touching the floor. Hips can then be centered and pushed down for added relief.

Start practicing these poses today for an easy at-home cure for back pain.

And if you need more instruction (or pictures), head to MindBodyGreen.