Thursday, October 3, 2013

Align your Spine with a Cloud Mattress Topper

A few weeks ago, we talked about the benefits of the Cloud Bed Pillow, how its unique design helps align the neck while sleeping. And, just how many perks can be had from a comfortable, ergonomic night’s sleep – all from a single customizable pillow. But did you know there’s more to the Cloud line? In addition to this unique pillow, there’s a Cloud- issue mattress topper, which works to align the spine.

Just stretch the material over your bed (and under the sheets), and sleep like you would on your original mattress. Over time, the topper will adjust and conform to each sleeper’s individual shape and weight, providing an entire new level of nighttime sleeping support. Not only is the Cloud Mattress Topper a great addition of comfort, it has multiple alignment benefits as well. Like its pillow cohort, the topper is made of three levels for maximum support retention. The foam allows for multiple layers of softness, which molds to the sleeper’s body, but won’t break down or wear in the process.

Additionally, the Cloud Mattress Topper:

• Has an ergonomic, orthopedic design to help maximize spinal health
• Can reduce back or hip pain
• Can reduce tossing and turning throughout the night
• Can improve comfort levels
• Works to cradle the body through spinal and lumbar support
• Can lengthen the lifespan of your mattress, or improve the quality of cheaper models

Though the topper is great for any sleeper, it’s ideal for those with all over back aches, as it’s specifically designed to provide relief to the entire spine. Use it along with your Cloud pillow, leg cushion, or test out the topper on its own for pinpointed relief. Or, give it a try to improve one’s sleeping patterns.

Because it helps reduce movement while increasing comfort levels, sleepers are able to achieve longer, deeper sessions of rest. Sleep efficiency studies even showed that test customers received more restorative sleeping cycles than with their original mattresses.

The topper is also built for maximum airflow and cooling abilities. That way hot sleepers don’t sweat or overheat throughout the night because of the extra mattress layer. Or, to receive even more cooling comfort, consider the addition of moisture-wicking pajamas, cooling blankets, or a good old fashioned chilly bedroom. No matter the use – for sleep assistance or for spinal health – it’s sure to offer cloud-like comfort throughout the night.

Find out more about the Cloud Mattress topper on our products page.