Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Benefits of Lumbar-Focused Exercise

No matter what type of shape your back is in, strengthening the lumbar area is a great way to improve its health. Stretching, moving, and exercise all work to get your back breathing and working correctly. Whether injured, in slight pain, or dealing with a healthy, pain-free back, making sure it’s properly supported can reduce any future or ongoing issues. Think about it – legs need to walk, arms need to move, hips need to turn – why shouldn’t the back get special treatment as well?

But that’s just a portion of the benefits that lumbar exercises have to offer.

With stretches alone, the lumbar area can loosen, relax, and even lengthen itself. This means added comfort, support, and an easy way to help gently brush away recurring pains. This goes for legs and rear stretches as well. Both muscles correlate with the back, and stretching them will travel up and into the area that needs it most. The more regularly you stretch, the more benefits that can be found from keeping a loosened back.

Another added benefit comes from removing pressure. Through chair (or bench), step, or medicine ball work, you can easily remove bodyweight and pressure from the back. This allows the body to gain some much needed relief, not to mention lessen any swelling or excess weight that may be causing additional pain.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, lumbar exercises, strengths, and conditions the entire back. This means that during new or strenuous activity, the area is ready for whatever it may encounter. Not only does this reduce the chance of an injury, it’s great motivation to stay in shape. Regular movement = healthy back.

To keep your entire lumbar area in healthy working order, consider adding back-orientated exercises into your daily routine.

Stay tuned for even more back-related strength and exercise tips.