Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Monsters That Could Have Used Back Support Products

With Halloween just around the corner, monsters and other Halloween-themed items are in full force. Cereals are launching spooky versions of their breakfast foods, kids are preparing their costumes, and classic movies are making their way onto the TV. And other than their ability to scare viewers with their folklore, each of these shows seems to have a main theme in common: their characters look alarmingly uncomfortable.

Whether they had a permanent crick in the neck or just needed a better mattress, we bring you our list of top five monsters that needed a spinal support upgrade.

5. Dracula

For someone who sleeps in an un-cushioned coffin each day, Dracula was surprisingly upbeat. Think how chipper he could have been with a mattress pad, or at the very least, a neck pillow to help keep his fangs in place.

4. Frankenstein’s Monster

With metal parts throughout his body, Frankenstein’s Monster likely had headaches galore. A head-shaping pillow (a large one), would have easily helped relieve pressure while he got a good night of rest. Other tall monsters, such as Lurch and Herman Munster, might have suffered from similar issues.

3. Cousin Itt

Cousin Itt, Gomez Addams’s relative, was probably one of the hottest sleepers in history. Covered in hair from head to toe, cooling pillows and mattress pads would have done wonders for his ability to rest, even in the warmest of environments. The same goes for Michael J. Fox and other werewolves.

2. Uncle Fester

Who would sleep on a bed of nails when a plush, comfortable mattress was available? It’s likely he would have opted for a back support model, had they been available back in the day.

1. Voldermort

All that flying can be hard on the spine, causing it to twist and turn in odd directions. Unless he had a great wizard bone adjuster, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named could have done wonders with a pillow-top mattress. Not to mention a seat cushion for his long Death Eater meetings.

Who are your favorite monsters? What product would have helped their health?