Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Non-Beachy Ways to Utilize Your LA Wedge Headrest Pillow

A few months ago Contour Living came out with a brand new summer-friendly product. A foamy wedge that could support the head (even in the sand or water), keep drinks cold, and tote around belongings – in whatever order the user saw fit. We call it the LA Wedge Headrest Pillow. Now that it's not exactly pool season, however, those same uses have been put on hold. But that doesn't mean you can't still find some great functions from your pillow.

Whether you already have one (or more) or are considering buying, check out these top five off-season tasks it's ready to take on. 

5. Road Trip Companions

Load 'em up and pack 'em in the car. Your LA Wedge can double as both a place to store belongings, and as a comfortable trip pillow. Use for yourself, or grab one for each of the kids – they can bring whatever activities can fit inside. And because the Wedge comes in six neon colors, it's always easy to tell whose is whose.

4. Hot Tub Head Support

Sitting in a bath of hot swirling water can be relaxing, but the facilities don't usually count for individual heights. Pack along your LA Headrest and gain access to some serious head support that you can adjust as you soak. The same goes for the bathtub too! You can even pack its pouch full of belongings to keep them nearby (though it's best to remove anything that isn't waterproof before getting in.) 

3. Stargazing

Traditional pillows obstruct your view, and can get bogged down with some of Mother Nature's finest, like leaves or dirt. Opt for your foam headrest instead for a comfortable way to take in the sights. 

2. Carryon Item

Much like in the car, the wedge offers great head support on a plane. And because you can store things inside it, the LA Headrest helps combine luggage, streamlining the travel process.

1. Tailgating Gear

Walking to your favorite sporting event, or even just navigating the pre-game parties, often means lots of outdoors time. Stock your LA Wedge with some beverages to keep cold (maybe a snack or two), and get ready to enjoy the game.

Learn more about the LA Wedge Headrest Pillow here