Thursday, October 8, 2015

Save Your Back! Halloween Costumes to Avoid

One of the holiday greats will soon be upon us, and that means candy and costumes for miles around. As well as some serious pumpkin carving. Events that, like many others, suggest a magical time of year. However, if suffering from back pain (and even if you aren't), there are certain things you should avoid. For instance, heavy lifting, sleeping on a non-supportive mattress, and so on. One more thing to add to that list – which is not considered as often – is wearing the wrong type of Halloween costume. 

As unimportant as that might sound, how you dress for All Hallows Eve can greatly affect your back health. This upcoming October 31st (and for every showing after), remember to avoid these specific types of costumes.

Anything heavy, obviously. When possible, don't dress up as any character who has a large backpack or important gear that might weigh a little too much. The same goes for wearing anything heavy, such as a thick full-body costume or transformation of sorts. It's likely uncomfortable and won't be doing your back any favors, either.

Blinders – as in a mask that takes away your peripheral vision. Who wants to be spinning on their heels all night? Rotating your entire body is likely to strain your neck, back, as well as your eyes. Choose a costume that has a more open range of motion instead. 

Uncomfortable shoes – something about Halloween almost compels folks to wear the most painful shoes around. Whether high heels, hard platforms, wooden or plastic versions – chances are they aren't going to make your feet feel good. But beware, a lack of support or weight displacement could also take the pain further up and into the spine.  

Anything too tight – this, too, might sound arbitrary, but cutting off circulation (or slowing it down) in any portion of the body will have negative effects. Rather than suffering through pain, go up a size and enlist the help of comfort.