Tuesday, October 13, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Be Eating Honey

It's known as nature's candy. Sweet, flavorful, and as natural as foods can come. And perhaps most surprisingly, considering all of its benefits, honey is also delicious. A substance made entirely by insects, we can't get enough of it. It can be eaten as a spread, in salad dressings, mixed within baked goods, as a tea or coffee flavor. (Yes, we hear honey in coffee is delicious.) Or, its comb can be munched on for a dessert with crunch, as well as flavor. 

Yet there's plenty more that honey has to offer. If the taste alone isn't enough incentive, here are five additional reasons you should be eating honey.

5. It's Healthy

As in, natural sugar and low in calories. With no chemicals or outside preservatives. Honey can seriously last forever. Just be sure that you're eating natural honey, not a flavored spread. 

4. It Helps With Allergies

Eating local honey can help those with all types of outdoor allergies. By ingesting the very triggers that cause them (in small doses), you can work to build up immunities against these allergens.

3. It's a Healthy Sweet Alternative

Consider using honey in a number of different scenarios for added health benefits. It's great in hot beverages, iced tea, on desserts, etc. If you would normally use a sweetener (even when baking), replace with honey for a new take on sweeter dishes.

2. They Can Help Provide Energy

Honey has natural energy boosting properties, but with very few carbs or additional calories. (In comparison to its counterparts.) Try a teaspoon with your meal or snack the next time you're low on energy.

1. Sore Throat Miracle

In cold season, it's best to keep a steady supply of honey on hand. Because it's thick and coats the throat, honey can settle in and soothe aches. It can also keep you from coughing and combat that dry feeling that's often associated with colds.