Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The MiniMax Multi-Purpose Wedge, Now in Grey!

Great news for all of our MiniMax Wedge users out there. One of your favorite cushions now comes in grey! It's a move that's as fashion-forward as it is productive. Whether you have a wedge cushion version in the traditional tan, or are just looking to lounge in comfort … on a pillow that also matches your d├ęcor, this is an upgrade you can count on. It still provides all of your favorite MiniMax classics, just in a new and updated hue. 

Use your MiniMax to alleviate pain or add support to various sections of the body. Prop, adjust, elevate, and more with one single wedge cushion. All of which can be done throughout the neck, lower back, knees and legs, and even into the torso. Or use it in the car for added rear comfort when driving (or tagging along as a passenger). With its wide range of versatility, you can fold and adjust your way to all different types of relief with one versatile product. Purchase more than one and gain dual relief at the same time, or stock up on savings and hand out as a unique (and extremely sought after) gift. There's even the full-sized Multi-Purpose Wedge available if you're looking for a larger surface area.

However, because of its mobility, many enjoy the MiniMax, especially when using in bed or in the vehicle. But no matter your wedge of choice, because it's a Contour Living product, you're sure to get some much-needed comfort. As well as the ability to adjust and conquer your individual needs. Even if they change over time – or for some long-term sufferers, by the day. 

To learn more about the MiniMax Multi-Purpose Wedge (now in grey!), head to our product page. Or start stocking up on your holiday gifts!