Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why Do You Need a Wedge Cushion?

Sleeping with a wedge pillow
If you've never heard or a wedge cushion, or never experienced its magic, it can be hard to get hyped up about this little miracle. Sure it's a pillow, so it's obviously comfortable, but why does it need to be in a wedge shape? And what's so great about sleeping on an incline, anyway?

The wedge design, however, is actually a structural dream come true. Because the slope is gradual, it allows for as much comfort as possible. Yet without causing you to lounge on an extreme angle. This comes especially handy when you need to sleep on a wedge after surgery, with breathing issues, acid reflux, etc. Those who snore have found relief (or rather their sleeping partners have found relief) with a wedge pillow, as have folks suffering from a cold or allergies. Doctors often recommend this type of sleeping arrangement, allowing gravity to work with the body, yet many patients find it so comfortable that they never look back. 

Incline pillows can also be paired with additional head support when reading or watching TV. Or simply sleep on your incline for a comfortable way to rest each night. 

So why do you need one? 

They're versatile, help add cushion and alignment to the bed, and more. They help alleviate a number of symptoms, such as heartburn or discomfort that's associated with GERD or acid reflux. Wedge pillows can also aid in sinus drainage and clearing your throat when sick, as well as helping to reduce snoring. Besides, they're just plain comfortable. 

Convinced yet? Head to our wedge pillow page for our large selection of wedge solutions.. Or check out the reviews and see what praises others have for this cure-all pillow. It will revolutionize the way you're able to sleep and gain comfort, no matter what your resting needs might be.