Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is your Bed Ergonomically Sound?

For most, the idea of choosing a mattress is pretty much a no-brainer. So long as it’s comfortable, within the right price range, and fits the frame, it seems to be a good choice. Right? But there’s actually a whole new side to buying mattresses that are rarely considered – ergonomics. Just like setting up one’s office desk, driver’s seat, or cooking station, a bed can be made more ergonomically sound.

It’s frequency – after all, you sleep in it every night for multiple hours at a time – makes these adjustments even more prevalent. When purchasing or setting up a new bedroom set, consider the ergonomics a comfortable night’s sleep that will help prevent future aches and pains.

What Makes Sleeping Quarters Ergonomic?

Though it can be argued that once a person’s in the bed, few other measurements matter, that’s not to say they won’t have some type of effect. For instance, hosting a bed that is too short or too tall may not seem like a big deal. But after years of jumping or slouching onto the bed, a bodily pattern begins to emerge. This may or may not be painful, but sticking to an agronomical design is the only way to avoid symptoms altogether.

Other factors include the mattress itself – obviously it should be free from indentions, lumps, or sags – as well as reading or TV watching before sleep. If regularly used for entertainment purposes, be sure your bed offers ergonomic options. This can include reclining buttons or controls, pillows that properly support, or mattress placement. Be sure that the TV angle isn’t too severe, which can help avoid neck or vision straining.

Check with an ergonomics expert, or look to placement guides to find the best fit for your specific bedroom and mattress height/placement.

Though changing your bedroom to be more ergonomic may sound like a daunting task, knowledge is half the battle. Just being aware as to what makes a healthy location decision allows you to choose better adjustments along the way. Even when a new bedroom set and/or TV location isn’t in the works.

Now What?

Remember to keep these ergonomic tips in mind when purchasing a new pillow, lounging in the recliner, or reading before bed. Self awareness can allow for a better setup and back support without spending money or rearranging the house.

However, new supportive pillows are a happy medium. Consider them for a better ergonomic flow without breaking the bank.

And to learn more about back and bedroom health, be sure to check out our Back to Health website.