Monday, September 16, 2013

Sleep on Cloud 9 with Contour’s Cloud Memory Foam Pillow

Having “slept on a cloud” may sound line a growing cliché. Where, in the land of dreams, sleepers enter at their leisure, obtain a wonderful night of rest, and then return to their beds, fully recharged and ready to take on the day. (There may or may not be a realm of floating clouds that play harp music 24 hours a day, too.) Cheesy as that may sound, it also seems like a great way to spend the night. No one wants to toss and turn, or wake up with a crook in the neck.

So stop waking up in pain already! If it’s as easy as getting some new gear for your bed, why not take action for more restful, comfortable nights?

With the help of the Contour Cloud Memory Foam Pillow you can gain access to a pillow that fits your form every time you use it. The more nights’ sleep you’ve had with the Cloud, the better it will fit your head and neck shape -- and all while you’re catching some Zs. Simply stick to your regular nighttime routine to see immediate results in comfort, pain relief, and added support.

Build with three layers of quality materials, sleepers can rest assured this pillow will lead them to the perfect night’s sleep they’ve always wanted.

Why Three Layers?

The Cloud Memory Foam Pillow comes with multiple layers for a specific reason – each has its own duty in the process of custom head support. First comes a white, soft memory foam layer; this section molds to your head and back to provide a level of comfort we call “cloud-like.” Next, the yellow, more firm layer works to support the head and neck as you sleep. This area of the pillow helps reduce aches and pains by holding the spine steady. Both of those layers sit atop a blue “support base,” which works to keep the entire pillow in place. Without it, the Cloud’s lifespan would be significantly reduced, as it holds all the pieces together in a firm upright position.

The Cloud pillow is also created in a unique shape so that it can hold the head and neck in place at the same time, but without compromising one or the other.

With everything the Cloud Memory Foam pillow has to offer, it’s no wonder it’s our number one pillow! Try it for yourself to achieve a comfortable, cloud-like sleeping experience.