Monday, September 9, 2013

Achieve Better Pregnancy Back Support with Proper Pillows

During pregnancy, the body goes through an almost infinite amount of changes. There are obvious ones, like weight gain, stomach growth, and the swelling it can cause. But there are also unseen changes within the body, such as hormone levels and back pain – both of which can greatly affect one’s day. Just because these bodily adjustments aren’t obvious doesn’t mean they affect women any less.

One of the best ways to combat aches and pains associated with pregnancy is to get the proper back and stomach support. By resting, sleeping, or relaxing with a happy and sturdy back, women can increase their chances of reducing swelling or growing pains. This can be achieved by sitting on a firm, padded seat, placing a wedged pillow behind one’s back, sleeping on a slight incline, or supporting the belly with one or more pillows. These extra sleeping supplies are not only comfortable, but allow your growing body to easily adjust to its increase in size and weight.

Because of the placement of the baby, women can quickly and easily become uncomfortable. (After all, they’re gaining 20+ pounds all in one portion of their body.) This also affects everyday tasks like walking, sitting, and bending over.  Oftentimes these comfort levels are diminished at night, when the body sits still for long periods of time. And after a few weeks or even days, this can affect sleeping patterns and quality, making your growing body tired throughout the day.

Pillow Adjustments

It can be difficult to know how or when to upgrade one’s pregnancy pillows. For some women, back pain and general uncomfortable-ness is a long-term effect of being with child. However, for others, rearranging one’s pillows can greatly reduce pressure and stress.

To work toward an all-around supported body, ask yourself which body parts hold the most pain, the most pressure, and the most relief. If it’s your back, work with a wedge or rounded pillow to hoist up the lower back when sitting, and gently elevate the upper back while lying down. If it’s the stomach, lay on your side with a pillow underneath. And so on. By identifying and then alleviating the problem, you can work to create an easier, more comfortable pregnancy term.

However, please note that pillow support is only intended to help with minor aches. Intense or irregular pains should always be consulted by a doctor.

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