Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Benefits of the Contour Leg Pillow

Necks, heads, and feet are often home to a soft, fluffy pillow. Whether sleeping, traveling, or just looking for some extra support, these pillows come ready-made and with all types of materials in tow. You can even choose different colors or levels of softness, so you’re sure to have the perfect comfort level in any location.

But what about the legs? With all of these specialized pillows, few seem to remember that legs need just as much support as the other guys. After all, they’re the gateway to back support; leg pillows can provide some much needed pain relief, as well as making for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

It’s time to stop overlook the leg pillow and see just what it has to offer.

How it Works

The Contour Leg Pillow is naturally shaped to fit the curve of your legs. With its rounded mold and ability to form to each individual’s unique body shape, the pillow acts as a customized sleeping tool. Simply place it between your upper or lower legs to achieve leg, back, knee, and hip support throughout the night. You can even use it while watching TV or sitting at a desk for added comfort. And since it’s made with memory foam, the more you use it, the better it will fit your specific mold.

The Contour Leg Pillow is ideal for anyone who has backpains, regularly sleeps on their side, or is just looking for a little extrasleeping support. All ages can take comfort in knowing that their bodies have gained a little extra overnight support. Thanks to its shaped design and ability to mold, the Contour Leg Pillow is great for virtually any shape and size.

With the Contour Leg Pillow you can:

·      Reduce back pressure
·      Increase leg and back comfort levels, as well as the hips and knees
·      Comfortably sleep on your side or back
·      Achieve natural alignment
·      Help alleviate sore muscles and pain
·      Create a one-of-a-kind, customized fitting pillow

The pillow also comes with a removable pillowcase, so you can be sure to keep it clean at all times. And for hot sleepers, there’s even a “cool” leg pillow to pull body heat and cool while providing the same legsupporting results.

For support without the fuss, remember that legs need a pillow too. To learn more or order yours today, head to our products page.