Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make the Workday go Faster with an Office Chair Cushion

Sitting long hours on any surface isn’t exactly a day at the beach – unless you’re sitting on an actual beach that is, and even then squishing through sand is less than comfortable. No matter what the surface, rear ends simply weren’t made to withstand hours of repeat sitting. From office chair, to couch, to lawn chair sunk into the sand, there comes a point when everyone gets uncomfortable. Maybe numbing takes place, maybe pain, or perhaps your back even begins to hurt – no matter the results, it’s time to quit suffering from long-term sitting engagements.

One of the most common causes of sitting comes from office work. Employees of all kinds sit at a desk for hours at a time compiling paper and computer work – most of which cannot be done while standing, walking, or getting much movement of any kind. (Other than typing, that is.)

To combat these pains, consider the addition of an office chair cushion. Small, compact, and supremely comfortable, these pint-size cushions offer an added bit of spring to help relieve the all-day sitter’s pains.

Chair Cushion Options

From back support to extra padding for the rear, there are a number of different types of cushions. Test out a style or two before making a permanent decision, or see what others have to say about their specific needs. And for those with chronic or ongoing pains, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor about which chair cushion type will best fit your needs.

Medical cushions are padded and made specifically to add extra support right where it’s needed most. Some models even offer a donut or rounded area for added comfort without the bulk.

Seat back support cushions cover the back of the chair rather than the bottom. These versions work to keep the spine in place – whether through placement or cushion. Back support cushions are great for those with back pain, or when wanting to keep the spine in its proper location.

Finally, seat cushions offer comfort and padding to any sitting surface. Place them on your office chair, keep one in the car while driving, and then use it at the dinner table. No matter the cause for your pain, these seat cushions are meant to offer plush pain relief in any sitting setting.

Despite the work load placed on your desk each day, you can rest easy knowing there’s a comfortable office chair cushion waiting. Remember to keep in tow for all of your long-term sitting engagements.